Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wednesday Wist

I've never done one of these before. But since I'm an ex-DJ I'm intrigued at what I'll find, and a little horrified that my dirty little music secrets will be exposed.

If you decide to participate in The Wednesday Wist (even if its posted on Thursday - Procrastinators unite!) please drop me a comment and let me know. This means you, you lurkers you.

I'm shuffling the ol' iPod. No whammies, no whammies, no whammies. Stop!

Wist 2/1/06

1. Mrs Robinson - The Lemonheads
And here's to you Mrs. Robinson
Jesus loves you more than you will know
God bless you please Mrs. Robinson
Heaven holds a place for those who pray

I very rarely enjoy a cover. Especially a cover of such an iconic song. But The Lemonheads were very big to me during the College Years. This song transcends the hotness of Evan Dando, though. Maybe its the frenetic tempo. Or possibly the coo coo cachoo. I still love this song and I turn the volume way up when I hear it.

2. Pump It Up - Elvis Costello
Down in the pleasure centre,
hell bent or heaven sent,
listen to the propaganda,
listen to the latest slander.
There's nothing underhand
that she wouldn't understand.
Pump it up until you can feel it.
Pump it up when you don't really need it.

Helloooo. Its Elvis Costello. This needs no explanation.

3. Wendy Time - The Cure
you look like you could do with a friend she said
you look like you could use a hand
someone to make you smile she said
someone who can understand
share your trouble
comfort you
hold you close
and i can do all of these
i think you need me here with you

sophomore year in College. The best non-hubby related year I ever had. Hanging out with all my media-geek friends, staying up late at my friend Tony's apartment talking about music and movies and... I can't really remember everything now. Its all a beautiful, warm, pink haze. I do remember listening to Wish over and over and seeing the Cure in the front row at the Worcester Centrum. Robert Smith is a strange little man but his music haunts me to this day.

4. Lets Go Out Tonight - Blue Nile
Where the lights all shine
Like I knew they would
Be mine all mine
Baby I'll be good
Pray for me
Praying for the light
Baby, Baby, let's go out tonight

In the Napster days I was downloading all this music I had never gotten around to buying at a store. Hey, it was free! And when you work in a multi-media department of a computer storage company people think your "artsy" and they leave you alone when you spend time pirating songs. I sort of stumbled upon Blue Nile. Glad I did. This is the most heartbreaking song.

5. Time After Time - Chet Baker
I only know what I know, the passing years will show
You've kept my love so young, so new
And time after time, you'll hear me say that I'm
So lucky to be loving you

Chet Baker Sings. The album I fell in love with my husband to.

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