Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sorry American Idol

Must we have the Grammys, American Idol, and Lost on television on the same night? Don't the Television Programming Executives know that it could potentially drive people like me into a remote control induced seizure? The Hubby is going to hate me when this night is over.

There's something you must know about me... I am the Queen of the Remote. I love flipping through channels and I challenge any man to do it better than me. Yes the Hubby will say that from time to time I get too involved in a certain program and forget to flip back to the first show I was watching. But, honestly, that does not happen that often.

I wanted to do a commentary on the Grammy's for tomorrow's post 'cause I love me the MoFo Grammy's. I do wish they were a little less stiff and scripted but, from time to time, there's a monumental moment that goes down in Music History. Like Jethro Tull winning Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Performance over Metallica in '89. Helloooo? I'm just glad I was there in front of my television to see the stunned faces of the people in the audience.

Well, Idol is going to lose at least one viewer tonight. But I will not give up my Lost!

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Anonymous said...

in the early rounds I always choose Lost over Idol if it conflicts. I just saw the lost celebs on though, had fun messing up John Locke's face. Can't wait to get the new idols up there!