Monday, February 20, 2006


The Hubby and I were watching PBS this morning with the Child(Could have been afternoon. Its a holiday so the whole day is a blur) . I love most of the PBS for Children programs like "Sesame Street" and "Its a Big, Big World" (a stoner Giant Sloth - Ha!). Having grown up on PBS as a kid I am 100% behind their programming. One program does trouble me, however. Boobah. What the hell is this? We sat there, slack-jawed, watching the brightly colored "Boobahs" dance their little Boobah dance - side, side, across. side, side, up. side, side, across. side, side, up.

(I'm sorry, but to me they look a bit like un-circumcised penises. I know its wrong to think that way, but at least I'm not accusing them of being gay.)

I can handle Teletubies, but I cannot handle this show. The problem: the Child loves it. Loves with a capital L-O-V-E. There is much pointing and smiling on her part when its on while I grimace in pain. Hell, thy name is Boobah.

So if she's going to continue to watch this show - and being the informed parent that I like to think I am - I went to the PBS for Kids website to find out what all the fuss is about. Apparently there is much thought behind this show. Who knew? On the Boobah parents and teachers page they've outlined, quite nicely in fact, the philosophy and the secret of learning with Boobah. I'm sorry I ever doubted PBS. They wouldn't put anything on their channel that wasn't in my child's best interest. I haven't gone through all of the links just yet, but I plan on it. If I'm going to let my kid watch television, especially television that makes me want to gouge my eyes out, I'd like to know what she should be getting out of it. Except the Today show, she can smile at Al Roker all she wants as long as I get my fix of fluffy, morning news.

And, please, if you have a problem with my kid watching television keep it to yourself. But if you, like me, let the television occasionally babysit so you can us the bathroom by yourself, feel free to share!

Its not like I let her watch "Lost".



Christina said...

No judgement from me. My daughter watches lots of TV, especially Playhouse Disney and Noggin. She's learned to count to 6 from them, so I won't condemn TV.

And Boobah is scary. My first thought when I saw them was the same as yours: they look like little uncircumscised penises.

Anonymous said...

Before I had kids, I used to say, "Oh, TV's bad! My kids will watch only 2.5 hours of TV a week. No mushy brains here!" Blah Blah Blah.

Now, my daughters are 7 and 9. And TV? Greatest invention. EVER.

Anonymous said...

I homeschool and my kids 8 & 3 watch tv. I'd never get a minute to myself if they didn't and I think most moms would agree that minutes are good--especially if you can get at least 30 in a row. I'm pretty selective, though. One suggestion--don't get your kid started on Caillou. That kid is so whiny and demanding and is always getting his own way. I'd much rather let the kids watch bright, obese, farting things than that garbage. They don't like it, though. Maybe they're too old.

Unknown said...

I'm a work at home dad and everyday I sit down with my kids to watch "Its a Big Big World". The kids love it, and I get a kick out of it because Snook (the sloth) reminds me of a roommate I have in college (if you know what I mean).