Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Beautiful girl.

The Child and I just had a lovely lunch with my Gram, my Aunt and my Sister at a local Pub. Julia was adored, which she loves more than just about anything, and I had a few minutes to eat a meal without having little fingers poking into it.

Now, when I say she was adored what I really mean is she was adored and admired and kissed and tickled. Strange people played Peek-a-Boo with her. Random waitresses came over to inquire how old she was and marvel over her beautiful, blue eyes, her dimple, and her mega-watt smile. I had to say "Thank You" over and over with food in my mouth. All in all, a good outing.

I know I'm going to really miss this stage in Chicky Baby's life when she enters the Toddler years. I know I will look back at these few months fondly. There are few things better than having people tell you how beautiful your baby is and seem like they really mean it, instead of saying it because you caught them looking at your child and they caught you catching them looking and had to say something. Women (usually over the age of 60) have come from across a crowded mall to fawn over The Child while I, the dutiful Mother, stand smiling and nodding with very little else to say except "Thanks". Its a little uncomfortable when its happening but it always makes me smile a little more when its over.

Now, before I am misunderstood this is not a "My baby is prettier than your Baby" post. Every Mother thinks their baby is the most beautiful child. Ever. Its just nice to have your feelings validated by perfect strangers. Even if they are pinching your baby's cheeks without asking permission first.

The downside of all this adoration is that it takes me hours to go grocery shopping. No, seriously... HOURS. I never get everything I went to the mall to get because we're there for so long that it interferes with Naptime. And eating at restaurants is so difficult because I'm always stopped mid-bite to answer questions about the Child that before I know it my food is cold. It takes me so long to get the most mundane tasks done outside the house that I have to leave Julia with the Hubby and do them by myself. The downside to the solution of the downside is I miss her and all the attention we get. I just can't win.

Is it wrong to think your baby is the cutest thing to ever come out of a woman's uterus? Of course I don't want a kid who grows up to say things like "I'm so pretty! Everybody tells me so all the time!" as she twirls away in her little, pink tutu. But its not damaging her if she can't understand yet. Right?

In case you've never seen the pictures on my blog, this is what all the fuss is about.

And, no, you cannot eat her cheeks. I'm saving them for later.

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