Monday, January 07, 2008

Me blogger, you read - and get food for my belly

They say pregnancy makes a woman's brain dry up and blow away like fine powder, leaving her stupid, stumbling and drooling on herself.

Okay I said that. But it's true! I have so much to write about and no brain power to help me harness all the thoughts. The only constant thought in my head that doesn't buzz around like a fruit fly is "Sleep, sleeep, sleep. Poppies, poppppies, poppies. Sleeeeep."


I wrote something about politics over at New England Mamas today. That should tell you something about the state of my brain since politics is not my forte. But the New Hampshire primary is tomorrow and I felt it was important to try to get some words down into some semblance of a sentence or paragraph about it. Because these days the only coherent words that come out of my mouth are,

"Pregnant woman hungry. Must have barbecue NOW. Need to eat. Get out of way" And then there's some grunting and burping.

And that's important and all but soon no one will want to make small talk with me.

So please, go check it out.


The Domesticator said...

"Pregnant woman hungry. Must have barbecue NOW. Need to eat. Get out of way" And then there's some grunting and burping.

Ahhhhhahahahahaha.....that line was so freakin' funny you cavewoman, you!

flutter said...

how great is it that you can eat? Amen!

Loralee Choate said...

I'm not pregnant and I want barbecue so much right now that I may have to hold up a Tony Roma's and force it to make out with me for a couple of hours.


Moments Of Mom said...

You completely deserve to eat, eat eat.

And get lots of sleep!

EUC said...

Ah I have so much to look forward to! After all you went through with morning (hah!) sickness you probably should have a steady supply of BBQ.

Julie Pippert said...

You know...there's so much about pregnancy and newborn, as if it's a cakewalk from that point on.

It might be necessary to keep up the sham but let's be honest: the stupidity, forgetfulness, distraction, sleeplessness, sleepiness, and so on CARRY ON FOR THE NEXT 21 YEARS.

I mean, I'm as close to normal as I've been since having kids, six years later (nine parenting years) and I find myself a pretty sad state of affairs most of the time, LOL.

Wait...was that just the REALLY WRONG thing to say to a pregnant woman?

Fratzels said...

My pregnancy brain gets dubbed the inner blonde now - she's just so darn stupid sometimes. In short, I feel your pain.

Rusti said...

At least you have the excuse of pregnancy... I have no excuses!! I am hungry all the time though... and ornery when I haven't eaten in a while... no-one likes to be around me if I'm hungry... when I'm PG I can only imagine how bad I will be... ugh! I feel bad for the hubs! :)

Major Bedhead said...

What's my excuse?

Firefly is just down the road from you, isn't it? They have good bbq. Not quite as good as Redbones, but it's a lot closer.