Monday, January 21, 2008

How do you title a post like this?

You guys. Your recommendations for meals have been really great. I'm really looking forward to trying them and like promised I'll post the results. We made those chicken bacon roulades last night so I'll write about that soon and include the pictures of the debacle yummy outcome.

If you haven't added your favorite family meal - and I really don't know what you're waiting for, ahem, it's just my families health at stake here - go here and leave it for me.


Today is MotherGooseMouse's virtual baby shower! Julie is about to add a little man baby to her family that already includes two girls so if you have any advice on raising boys for her, today is the day to offer it. I wish I had some words of wisdom but I have very little experience with boys... Except to date them.

So, Julie, the only thing I can say is raise a boy who respects women. I've met some real winners in my life and very few of them had any idea how to treat a woman with kindness and respect. With Tacy and CJ around I don't think that little boy of yours will have a choice but it's worth mentioning!

Oh, and teach him about romance. So few men know how to romance a woman. I know this is making you all squeamish since we're talking about your baby boy but someday that baby will be a man. Hard to believe, I know. Teach him the fundamental ways to a woman's heart: Teach him how to cook, how to play an instrument, how to clean up after himself, how to have a conversation and how to fight - the right way. Basically, raise the perfect man. You can do that, right? Sure, no problem.


And last but not least, I have a new review up at my other blog. I was asked to review the really cool Comfy Easy PC Learning System for toddlers and pre-schoolers. We're obsessed with our computers here in the Chicky household and our little Chicky is no exception. We looked long and hard at different toddler-friendly PCs since we were trying to find the right combination of fun, learning and ease of use. Did we find it in the Comfy Easy PC? Please click here to find out.

(Please? Pretty please?)


ms blue said...

It's true. Boys that respect girls really make a girl swoon, especially if he plays the guitar.

motherbumper said...

Or the tuba....

I love me a tuba playin' man.

kittenpie said...

OH god yes please on the romance. Even a guy who is great in many other ways but could use a tweak in the romance department can be ... well... beloved, but it leaves a little yearning spot, you know?

FENICLE said...

I'm a bit behind, but I just left you my fun casserole dish recipe. It's a great family meal kids LOVE!!

Mayberry said...

He does sound perfect. When you're done with him, Julie, you should also clone him. OK?

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Amen, Amen!

Moments Of Mom said...

So glad you are enjoying all those recipes. I enjoyed reading them... I hope to come up with a nice one for you soon!

*You are so right about raising a boy who respects women. Damn Right!

Fratzels said...

yes - there is no title appropriate for all you covered in your post today. I'm so lazy, I would have done 3 seperate posts on 3 seperate days.

let's not forget to teach him to put the seat down after he pees. My little man and I had that discussion the other day and I plan to continue it everytime we see a seat up.

Julie Marsh said...

Not squeamish at all - those are wise words. Kyle's got the respect and romance down pat. He'll set a great example.

Plus, you're right - Tacy and CJ will keep him in line. ;)

Thanks Mrs. C!