Sunday, September 10, 2006

Okay, I'll do it...

I'm going to start a dog blog.

Cookies for everyone!

My sincerest thanks to everyone who gave me their two cents on the dog blog topic, and when I say everyone I mean everyone. Even those of you who said "Uh, yeah, thanks but no thanks. I have cats. I wouldn't touch a dog blog with a ten foot pole with a fuzzy pink ball of catnip at the end." I especially thank you for your truthfulness. It would have been very easy to say "Sure, I'll read it. I hate dogs but I am so there. " But you didn't. However, you did say you'd send readers my way so how could I not love you?

Mwah. Big, wet, sloppy dog kisses just for you.

Thank you, also, to the people who gave me some great recommendations about this new, yet to be written, still stuck in my head just ready to be expelled blog as well as for the legal advice. Don't think I won't be sending you more emails in the future about this. You don't mind, right? Did I mention cookies and wet dog kisses?

Now I just have to set about starting it. Yeah. That's the easy part, right? Okay, not so much.

I'm sorry to say the advice begging is not over (I'm getting out my knee pads. Begging is not pretty and it's hard on the knees.)

First, I'd like to know which blog platform do you prefer? As much as I've learned to deal with Blogger's cute little idiosyncrasies and 12 hour downtimes I think I'd like this new site to be hosted somewhere other than a place that shuts down every time the toilet is plugged up. I'm thinking WordPress. Any thoughts?

Second, I'd like to hear from you, my possible reader, about what you would like to see specifically on that new site. Beside dog pictures, which I will post every week. However, cute pet pictures are great but they're not everything. Unless you're this site. Or this one. My point is, it's been done and I don't want my blog to become all about pictures. What other things would you like to see or read about when it comes to dogs? Responses from cat owners suggesting ways to rid themselves of their neighbor's barking Cujo will be laughed at but not taken into consideration.

And third, the ever astute Sandra (who was one of the first people to suggest that I start a canine-specific site) said, and I quote, "Can't wait to hear what you'll call the dawg blawg."

(cue crickets)





Wow. I have no idea. I thought about it and I have some ideas kicking around my head with the rest of the mirth and merriment I keep stored up there, but I don't know if I like any of my ideas. So, do you know what that means? Huh, huh, do ya?


Since I apparently can't think for myself these days I am asking even more of you, dear internets. Along with any specific topics you'd like to see covered on my new site I'd also like you to name it. Name that Blog! Or, at least help me name it. Please leave me a comment or send an email to ChickyChickyBaby at Hotmail dot com with your name suggestions for my new blog. It's like asking strangers to help name my baby but, strangely, I'm okay with that. And the lucky winner will receive...


I haven't gotten that far yet. The last few posts have been completely made up on the fly and I haven't given any thought as to what you could win. However, I promise you it will be something you will like. How's that for non-committal? Oh, and I'll plug you like nobody's plugged you. Come rain or come shine.

*Added: I have found that "Dawg Blawg" or "Dog Blog" or some form of those names have been used extensively in the pet blog world, so I need something a little more original . I'm also looking for taglines (yeah, asking for much there, Mrs. C? Jeez.). The winner will receive either a $10 gift card from Target or from Barnes and Noble, winners choice. If I get two winners, one for the blog name and one for the tagline then one person will win the Target card and one will win the B and N card. As well as my ever-lasting admiration and love. And compliments on how thin you look.

Once again, I thank you for your consideration on this matter. I don't care what anyone says about you, I think you are the best. I also don't care if this sounds like sucking up because, strangely, I'm okay with that too.

(removing knee pads)


A few of you asked where I got chicks Baby's AB/CD t-shirt. I bought it online from We get more comments and compliments on that t-shirt than all of her cute clothes put together.


Lastly, thank you for the compliments on my two dogs, Fisher (the yellow lab) and Lana (the black lab). They were touched and I think they may have blushed a little. They said you can splash in their water bowl anytime.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy. This is going to be fun. I was going to ask you the name.

I'll be thinking and will return later.

carrie said...

Doggie Breath -

the blog for people who think doggie breath is just as wonderful as baby breath.

Yeah, I'm a dork!

Good luck Chicky!


metro mama said...

Hmmm...I have my thinking cap on. Will get back to you.

mo-wo said...

yep good - I have already had two occassions to refer folks to you as a blog source for all things dawg.

Will there be a contest to name that blog?

Cristina said...

How about The Dog Blog? I'm guessing that one's taken, but if not, maybe it would work. It's simple and it's well, descriptive, and hey, it rhymes!

If I were to start a new blog, I'd try word press. I'm on blogger now so I know how yucky it is and I like the look of the word press templates and categorizing.

And to your question on topics, I think it'd be neat if you did an "Ask Mrs. Chicky" feature like "Dear Abby" or something where people could e-mail you questions and then you'd respond with advice.

Kristin said...

Did I mention that Eva has that AB/CD shirt as well? And, like Julia, she gets tons of compliments on it... she wore it for about 6 weeks straight before Hugh realized it wasn't AC/DC.

I am up for the Dawg Blawg... especially since my dad's dog nipped Eva today (in fairness, she was trying to take a ball out of the dog's mouth and the skin wasn't broken) but I am worried that the dog thinks Eva is a dog too... my first question to you is going to be about resocializing animals as a child gets older and their (child's) behavior changes.

For now we have implemented the "stay-away-from-Darla's-mouth" rule and are relieved that it wasn't the problem it could have been.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so excited (panting) and my dogs are just chasing their tails in anticipation.

The blog names that came to mind are, as written in your post, The Dawg Blawg and since I'm a fool for alliteration -- Kanine Kapers (I know it's a "C"); Paw Prints...A place for people who love their dogs.

Oh I'm bad at this but I will welcome the opportunity to read all about dogs and even contribute my own two cents. As for format, I like easy to read blogs without too much fanfare in the sidebars, my preference would be no blinking dogbones, but clickable links would be a good thing (I'm starting a new site of my own with that idea in my head).


Oooh, how about exactly what you said? "Cookies for everyone!" A blog treat for you and your dog! (I"m liking it, Mrs. Chicky.)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I really like Kvetch's suggestion. That's a good one -- name and tagline.

As far as blog platforms go I made the switch to WordPress and I LOVE IT. I only wish I'd done it sooner. It's super easy to use and navigate and it has neat little features that Blogger doesn't have. So I'd check WP out.

Anonymous said...

I have a few-

First, in honor of the Butch the Dog cartoon- you may remember this one...

What? No Gravy?
Tagline: This time we didn't forget the gravy!


Gravy Train
No tagline- maybe the above tagline?

Kibbles & Wits

Kibbles & Writs

Kibbles & Sits

And you can use your comment counter "sit, stay, speak" as your tagline!

Ruth Dynamite said...

I'm psyched for you! What about your comment line: Sit, Stay, and Speak? I like it.

Mama en Fuego said...

"Sniffin' Butts and Takin' Names"

Yea, I'm sick that way.

Although it might be a lot of work I would love to be able to submit some questions. Like a weekly Q&A. Product reviews would be great too, there's lots of crap out there for your dog and who knows what works.

Christina said...

How about Doggie Dos and Don'ts?

Or The Canine Connection?

I'll keep thinking...

Anonymous said...

If I think of any good names, I'll let you know! I'm very excited about the dog blog! We are adoring parents of an eleven month old baby and two Boston Terriers! In the dog blog, I would love to see lots of pictures, training tips, and health advice.

Amy said...

Yippee! Good for you for moving ahead with this idea! You've gotten some good name suggestions so far....I like Kibbles & Wits.

MrsFortune said...

The scoop on poop . com?
(gittn down wit my bitches)

the baby and the bitch . com?

I dunno, but I'll be thinking, and you know I'll read it! Daily training tips would be excellent. Maybe also pictures of dogs up for adoption through shelters in various locales? Can't wait.

Debbie said...

a) I'm PSYCHED about the dawg blawg. dawgs rule!

b) I got nothin' on the name game. but I'll heavily support the new blog when it's up and running. dog blog links rule!

c) this is so perfect.

Debbie said...

and b/c I'm the biggest dork walking, I have to throw this out:

hi. I *said* I was a dork.

Anonymous said...

Why do I want some sort of spinoff of:

Dog Day Afternoon
Master (Mistress) of Her Domain
Dogs Gone Blog/ DoggoneBlog

Because I'm so not right.

Binky said...

Wow, your readers are too damn creative. I've got nothin'. Although I do have a subject I'd love to see tackled: What is the proper etiquette when your neighbor's cat jumps your fence and gets into a fight with the dog of the house? How do you prevent further altercations when the dumb feline refuses to stay off your property and his owners won't force him to, either? Best wishes on your new blogging endeavor!

Anonymous said...

Life's a Bitch

I Like Kibbles and Wits

The Dog Log


The Dog Diva

Dishing it out one can of food at a time heh


The Daily Dog


Who's Your Master?

An online dog owner's guide to their favorite pooch ...

Who Let the Dogs Out?


Okay. There you go. Tags? I'll think.

Liberal Banana said...

A dog blog! How exciting! I am going to a dog behavior class at the shelter where I volunteer on Saturday! Should be interesting... How about:

The Canine Companion
Tips on becoming your pooch's best friend

I'd love to get some dog behavior advice. ("Don't let your kids beat the crap out of the dog" is always a good one. Hee hee...) Maybe a post on reasons why you should and maybe should NOT get a dog? (Like if you want a pup "for your kids" and honestly don't want anything to do with the pup? Not good.) Stuff like that.

I can't wait!

Sandra said...

Yay you are doing it!

But I am much better at asking the astute (? he he?) questions than providing the stellar answers ... look at the lame name I picked for my own blog.

Not a credible contest participant :)

But if I get a brain wave ... I'll send it right on over.

I just asked my 5 year old and here are his ideas:
- Doggies
- Dog Website
Ya, creativity clearly runs in the family.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Dogs Town
-- There's no such thing as a bad dog.

Get it? Huh? Huh? Do ya?

And then there's always The Pooch Professor ... or Pup Professor
-- School is in, sit and stay.

Or a nice combo in The Dog Chicky
-- You have to earn your cookies here.

Or ... The Dogosphere
-- All things dog

I have to stop this silliness ...

Jenny said...

I love Doggie Breath!

Bea said...

I so totally suck at coming up with names and taglines, so I'll just vote:

Title: The Dogosphere
Tagline: Cookies for Everyone!

Jess Riley said...

I love "The Scoop on Poop." Then again, I really am still just in third grade.

I am embarrassed to admit that a character in my novel works at a Doggie Daycare named "Fuzzy Navels." Gah. I guess you file that under "Seemed like a good idea at the time!"

Can't wait to read it, seeing as I'm obsessed with dog-related things. ;)

Heather said...

I dunno, I'd use Unleashed with a leash as a lasso on the header, though I definitely like the kibbles & Wits as well.

BlondeBrony said...

Names: End of my leash, Sag and Wag, Better Bones, Say it with a Bark, Doggie Dews

Hum I guess it depends on what you want to write about.

What I'd love to see his tips and tricks on how to get my puppy behave. She diggs, she barks at strangers on walks...

Great idea. Have fun with it. Given your great writing skills, It'll be fantastic. I'll be sure to link to it from my Worthless Trivia (

Anonymous said...

I like a spinoff on IAI's idea

"Dog Gone It"
with a tagline
Cookies for everyone!
(which of course was already mentioned too.)

There are so many awesome ideas mentioned by lots creative people!

Anonymous said...

OK not my area of expertise but years ago when I was was dying to open a dog cafe (before they were on every corner) I had some names like Cafe Terrier (cafeteria, get it?) and uh, that's all I can remember right now. But my tag line was going to be the "come, sit, stay cafe" which I still love. I know you don't have a cafe but maybe it'll inspire something. Or not.