Thursday, September 07, 2006

Advice please!

Wow, it's gotten so heavy around these parts lately. What, with the stories of dogs biting babies, dogs possibly attacking children, dogs jumping out of bushes and stealing old ladies purses, dogs taking advantage of unsuspecting, needy teenagers and making them join cults... It's amazing you guys come back here at all. Why do you come here?

Oh yeah, cute Chicky pictures.

Born to be mild, uh, wild.
(Sigh, so much for that cute haircut)

It was never my purpose to make this a dog blog. Or a dawg blawg. Whatever. But we write about what we know and since my life has left me with little in the fodder department lately I write about dogs. But no one wants to listen (or read) someone go on and on about their job and frankly the whole dog biting thing has been a total downer for me, so I'm going to keep the doggie stuff to a minimum on this site.

But where will you put all that fantastic and important information that you have regarding dogs and everything that goes along with them, Mrs. Chicky? More, more! cried the angry mob. More!

I'm glad you asked.


It was brought up by two of my fabulous blogging buds in the comments of my last post that, perhaps, I should start a blog dedicated to all things canine. It's an idea that I have been toying with for some time now but I've been on the fence about it. I still am and let me tell you it is not comfortable on the fence. Do I want to maintain two sites? Would people read it? Do they care? Will I still have enough energy after writing another blog and keeping the dogs' chew toys out of Chicky Baby's mouth to still devote time to my personal site? Don't I have anything better to do?

(the answer to that last question, sadly, is no.)

I posed these questions to my husband, who responded with "You barely have enough to write about on your own blog, never mind two." Thanks hon. You know how to kick a woman when she's down. Since he was little help - really, who wants input like that? - I ask you, dear people in my computer...

Would you read a dog specific blog?

I have visions of this blog being for real dog owners: Product reviews and recommendations, places to recreate with your dog, some training tips, and a forum where people can share stories of their experiences. Not the oh-so-precious, sappy stories of little Muffin the Maltese who finally learned how to go pee-pee outside instead of on the Persian rug, but stories of real people and their real dogs. This site will not, I repeat, WILL NOT be for the person who believes Princess the Pekingese needs that $200 fur trimmed coat and matching designer handbag to be carried around in.

(Okay, before the toy owners start throwing wee rhinestone collars at me let me tell you that I love all dogs regardless of their size, and I don't care if your dog is a 10lb toy or a 100lb rottie, the dog is not a doll. Treat it with respect. And, yes, I know that some breeds need outerwear. Buy them a coat, a cute coat, but if you're spending thousands on doggie couture while you're shopping at Wal-Mart something is seriously wrong. Seek help immediately.)

Oh, and did I mention pictures? Yes! Pictures of you and your dog will be accepted and posted. I love bragging about my dogs so I would love to give people a place where they could brag, too. Did your dog just pass the CGC test? Did little Ginger graduate first in her puppy kindergarten class? Brag away.

Who wouldn't want to brag about me?

I'm totally making this up as I go along. I am in so much trouble. Still with me? Good. Have a cookie.

Here's the negative side (sides) of having this site, beside the time and effort needed I'd also have to "out" myself. If I'm offering training tips I feel, as a professional, that going by my pseudonym would belittle my cred. That makes me a bit nervous. Plus, I'd have to be very careful about what I offer up as advice. Not only am I not paid for this some-day blog, but I don't know the legal ramifications of offering tips to strangers would be. Any lawyers, or spouses of lawyers out there who would like to give me some advice? Anyone? Helloo? And I would need companies to eventually offer products to review. I'm not made of money, dog training doesn't pay that well. How do I get companies to give me stuff for free?

I'm also looking for advice from others who are currently, or have prior experience, running multiple blogs, specifically service-oriented ones. I'll be emailing some of you directly but if there is anyone I don't know about - perhaps you stumbled across this in your google searching - I would love an email telling me about your experience. If you have the time. Ha, time. You run more than one blog and probably have a life outside of it. Sure, you'll have time.

What am I getting myself into?

I really need your help, internets. Is this a good idea or am I completely out of my tree? Is this idea something you, as dog owners or potential dog owners, would be interested in? More importantly, is this something you would plug on your sites?

Shameless. Sorry. I get that way when I'm nervous.

I'm going to go lie down now and eat cookies. I also do that when I'm nervous. Much thanks in advance for your advice.

I think I'll lie down and cover myself with grass. I do that when I'm nervous. Can I have some cookies, too?


CPA Mom said...

I'm eating a cookie right now anyway so...

I'd read it, I'd plug it. I'd hook you up with my wonderful trainer/kennel owner for sharing ideas. I'd give you pics of my dog. I'd shamelessly beg you for advice on how to get him to Ahem...

other bloggers to ask about the other stuff, Mir comes to mind, so does troll-baby.

Major Bedhead said...

I don't know anything about the legal ramifications, but I'd read a dog blog. We have a border collie and while I haven't had any problems with her, I'd still be interested in a dog-specific blog, just in case.

It'd be brilliant if you could include in your blog methods to get OTHER people in the house to feed and water the damned dog, but that might be asking too much.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a wonderful idea. Absolutely positively.

You might check on - I think they were starting a new category for Pets. You might be able to write as a contributor, or at the very least, get some good feedback on starting your own endeavor.

E-mail me if you want me to "introduce" you to the BlogHer powers that be.

Mama en Fuego said...

I would totally read a blog about dogs. I am a dog lover, having two labs of my own. Besides some of the funniest stories I read are about dogs and the crazy, zany, cute things they do to keep our life interesting.

Amy said...

I would definitely plug you on my site. I don't have a dog right now but I grew up with them and my mom and my sis both still have labs. I'd like to get one someday, but it isn't fair now when we have to travel so often b/c we are far from home.

But yes! I think it is an awesome idea! Especially if you do a kid/dog thing.

Love the new look, BTW.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big dog person and I'd read a dog blog. That has to say something.

Anonymous said...

I'd plug it AND read it. But ... I'd be hesitant about coming out of the closet. I'm in the closet and me likey the closet , so I'm biased.

Anonymous said...

by the way, this new beta blogger thing sucks

Amy said...

I think it's a great idea!!! Have you looked around to see if there are other dog blogs? You'd want to be sure to differentiate yourself somehow - maybe talk about dogs for families as an area of expertise.

I could give you tons of assvice on getting products for review. Also, I have some ideas on protecting your identity/privacy while still using your name. Lemme know if you want to chat.

Heather said...

All three are adorable! I'd read a blog about dogs and send you pictures or ours running into each other at ridiculous speeds at the park.

As for legal advice, I'd tell you to just put a disclaimer up saying it isn't meant to be advice to follow or a substitute to talking to a professional or vet in your area who can properly get to know you and your dog, it's just suggestions and your opinon, etc on dogs, nothing more. But that, of course, isn't my official legal advice to you as a lawyer since I'm only insured to practice criminal law where I live, so unless you move and take a turn for the worst and start a life of crime I can't give you any advice.

As for stuff? I say just ask. And Mmmmm I want cookies now!

halloweenlover said...

I agree with Heather that if you put a disclaimer it should be fine. And then just hem and haw a little if you do give advice ; )

I'd totally read it though! And send in pooch pics, even though mine are toy dogs and they wear clothing occasionally.

Mama en Fuego said...

Oh, did I mention that both of my dogs are psycho and if I don't get some help soon we could be have dog taco's some night soon at my house??

Mama of 2 said...

I think it's a great idea. It will be time consuming but I know I would visit, read and respond seeing as how I have a crazy sibe and if you know that breed at all you know I need all the help I can get. LOL!

Self-Proclaimed Supermom said...

First and foremost, I LURVE that AB CD shirt, hilarious.

Second, I would read a dog blog, for sure :)

Anonymous said...

I would absolutely read your dog blog. Go for it. Juggling takes practice, that's all. I am currently writing for multiple sites and starting another one of my own soon. I think that if each one takes a portion of your time - you will be OK. If you're not, you pull back.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, go for it! I've separated my blog into a few different blogs for separate interests: one for baby stuff, another to talk about my running, and a third where I post my private journal. It hasn't really been much of a juggling act for me at all.

Good luck if you do decide to go for it!

Anonymous said...

I think I'd go out and get a dog just so that I could feel like I belong. But first I'd start with cookies.

Seriously Mrs. Chicky, you'd write an excellent dog blog. Go for it!

carrie said...

I say go for it! I think it's a brilliant idea and I'd refer anyone with a dog to it!

Can I still send in cute pictures of my grand-doggy though?


ps. sorry for the doggy story diarrhea yesterday, obviously hit a chord with me, many apologies!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a dog so I'm 50/50 on it. I read Natalie Dee's dog blog because it cracks me so I bet I'd read yours too. Sounds like you could get a good sponsor and make some money off that type of blog. Go for it!

And more importantly...Chicky is so dang cute! And where did you get the AB/CD shirt? LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

I'd read a dog blog! Especially if it were someone I read already. I actually HAD a dog blog several months ago, but quickly found out I don't know enough to keep it going. Heh. You, on the other hand, could easily do it.

I do have 3 blogs I publish on, though...and it's really not as bad as it sounds. Just one post every couple of days - you can spread it out as much as you'd like.

And, honestly, if you're going to do a specific topic, I'd look into getting ads from the beginning. It doesn't pay well at first, but eventually, it can. Even if you want basic tips on making money/getting sponsors, check out Good info there. :)

And two blogs is nothing - Arieanna Foley ( has close to 30, from what I hear! *gasp*

Crunchy Carpets said...

Speakin of dawgs...


I did it.

Now the fun YES a doggie website would help me out LOTS!!!

Cristina said...

I probably wouldn't read just any dog blog, but I would read YOUR dog blog. Totally! You should do it!

I know how hard it is to fit blogging into one's life though, and certainly maintaining two blogs would be double the time and effort. However, you sound really passionate about this so I think you should go for it. What might happen is that you spend a little less time posting over here and/or a little less time reading blogs, but maybe that would be worth it to get to do the new blog.

Looking forward to hearing all about it. You have my vote!

moplans said...

Where is Chicky's T from? I love it.

As for the dog blog since I don't have a dog I am not sure if I would read. That said I have been absolutely loving the advice you have been giving on the topic of dogs. I hate negligent owners, parents etc so that topic really grabbed me.
I have a friend who is pregnant and has two dogs so I am going to send her here or to your new blog to read up.

kittenpie said...

well, I'm not a dog person, so I wouldn't be there, but I will tell you I don't mind that you put dog stuff on this site and I doubt the other readers do either, so I don't think it's *necessary* to banish it to another site.

motherbumper said...

I'm actually a cat person but I have toyed with adding a dog to my life for many years now. What prevents me is I've been apartment living for years and I'd like to get a larger breed dog. Husband grew up with parents who were breeders for many years on their farm so he would love to see a dog in our lives soon. I swear, it's the first thing when we get a house (screw the major appliances ;). So short of my long-winded comment: I'd actually be interested in reading a dog blog and you would be the #1 person I'd read.

Lisa said...

I would TOTALLY read a dog blog! Especially if it was written by you, lady!

motherbumper said...

OMG - I just scrolled up and saw that pic of Chicky for the second time and I just exploded. Again. That's why I forgot to say this the first time 'round. She is the cutest and coolest on her 'cycle. She can join the TO blogger biker's gang anytime.

Her Bad Mother said...

1) Chicky is mega-super-jumbo cute.

2) I would totally read a dog blog. And I would totally send dog-lovin' friends and dog-owning family to it.

Kristin said...

i am too lazy to read the 28 previous comments (btw: chicky baby looks v.v. cute!) but here is my 2 cents:

dog blog but no comments... just accept email from people with questions and only update weekly... that way you can address specific issues w/o having to reply to a multitude of bloggers.

you could also have monthly guest posts from bloggers' dogs...

Kristin said...

& can i just throw in my personal dog issue? people who don't leash their dog when they are walking them... it PISSES me off... SOOOOOO irresponsible! don't tell me the dog is just so fabulous it would never: attack/bite/run in front of a car/in my yard/at my dog etc...

are you reading this "leashes-are-so-cruel" person? cuz i am talking to you!!!

thank you mrs. chicky, i feel better now. probably, you should do that dog-blog.

Will said...

Not a dog girl myself. But sometimes I'm not a people girl depending on the people. So do what makes you happy, girl.

People who like dogs are going to like people who write blogs about dogs.

Or blogs about frogs. Sitting on logs. Blogs about jog (ging). And we're all so agog...

I should stop.

mo-wo said...

You should do it.

But I wouldn't read it. The cats would kill me.

Blogs are a really great information tool for tons of "subjects".

Anonymous said...

Dog Blog what a great idea! I love reading your blog now cause you have such a wonderful way with words. I myself don't have a blog and actually have blogger envy. I love reading blogs but can't imagine someone reading my ramblings. LOL

I would love to read your dog blog so please try to squeeze out another hour of your day for us.

Christina said...

That's a great idea! I may not read it, since we have cats and no dog (mainly because we don't have the time for a dog right now), but I'll send my friends with dogs your way for sure.

And I like the idea about talking to BlogHer about writing for their new Pets column.

Sandra said...

Oh I am a little late to this party ... but you already know what I think ... DO IT!

I'd read it, link to it and send my doggy lovin pals to read it to.

I think Heather's suggestion about a disclaimer should cover you. As far as getting stuff to review ... you pitch it as a way for them to be promoted. You can link to their site and plug their product and all they have to do is give ya some stuff.

Some of the suggestions to write for other sites as a dog column is a good one too if you are nervous about outing yourself too much.

Can't wait to hear what you'll call the dawg blawg.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Whatever will make you happy, you should do. I for one, would show up just to look at dog photos. As a loving dog parent, I take many and ooh and ahh over everyone elses..

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