Friday, September 01, 2006

I feel random. Oh so random

So, I spruced up da blawg and then I had a couple of days when the hours went by like minutes and I haven't posted anything since then and I'm left here on Friday, scratching my head (better than scratching my ass) thinking um, wha' happened to Wednesday and Thursday?

(And apparently left with a new found fondness for run-on sentences and the word "and".)

My dear Nana is fond of saying "You go to bed on Monday and you wake up on Friday". It's her way of saying the weeks go by too quickly. I guess from the viewpoint of a 70-something grandmother life moves along too fast. I never agreed with her until I had my own child. Now the days fly by. True there are times when I'm changing yet another poopy diaper (Ha! Suck it mommyblog haters! I snuck in a line about poop! And I'm overusing exclamation points! Ha! Bite my left one!) that I wish that bit of time would go by just a bit quicker, but for the most part I'd like things to slow down. Just a wee bit.

Since I haven't had time to have a coherent thought, never mind write an interesting post, I'll share some things that have been going on in the past few days. And to keep my crazy, bouncing-off-the-wall mind in check I'll will organize them - Yes organize my thoughts! With bullets! Hooray! Hooray for bullets! And exclamation points! Hooray for exclamation points!!

Okay, I'm done. On with the randomness! (Ha! You believed me when I said I was done! Double Ha!!)

  • Yesterday was my 4th wedding anniversary. That should explain why my head has been elsewhere for the past few days. I had started something sappy to post for the occasion but I never got a chance to finish it. Sorry, Mr. C. Here's a portion of it just for you, honey:
Four years doesn't seem like such a long time when viewed on a calendar yet it seems like an eternity to me. The first time I told you that you took it the wrong way, misunderstanding my meaning. When I said it feels as if we've been together forever I meant that I felt like we've always been like this, together, and it's easy to forget the years before you. I hardly remember a time when you weren't there next to me, holding my hand, carrying the heavy bags and burdens, offering comfort and shelter and love.
Happy Anniversary, my husband. I love you.
  • For our anniversary we had a fantastic dinner at a top-rated local Italian restaurant. We ate too much, drank too much and today I have a tummy ache. Good times.
  • While undergoing my most recent bloglift some of you mentioned that you were going to miss my former tagline "Why must I always repeat myself". I'm willing to take votes on this: Keep the new tagline "Loosely based in my own reality" or go back to the original one. Voting can begin at the end of the show and, please, remember that these are 888 numbers, not 800 numbers. And certainly not 900 numbers. That's a different Chicky Baby entirely.
  • This week I had three classes graduate. I'm always sad to see my students go - to send them out on their own with nothing but a leash, some hot dogs and a prayer - but this round I was very happy to see one class walk out the door, never to return again. Those of you who are "real" teachers, could you please tell me that you have classes like this? Classes that you count the days until end of quarter or graduation so you never have to deal with them again? I nearly pushed them toward the exit, I was that desperate to be done with them. I'm going to hell, I know.
  • On the subject of dogs - in response MotherGooseMouse's request on my last dog-related post to write an entry about introducing children to dogs... It's in the works. This is something I'm very passionate about, for obvious reasons, and I want to take care with writing it. I hope to have it for you all sometime next week.
  • And last, but not least, the lovely Jana at Something Baby Blue, she of the amazingly gorgeous tresses (seriously, have you seen the pictures of her hair? Sheesh.), saw fit to nominate me for a Perfect Post award.

    A Perfect Post

    There are some posts that you know, before you even finish them, that you're going to be proud of. I've only had, maybe, two or three posts like that. I'm incredibly hard on everything I write. After I hit 'Publish Post' I usually cringe and wish I could take everything back to re-write it or, often times, delete it. It's not false modesty, it's lack of confidence. However, I loved that post. I would have been happy if it would have resonated with just one person, so I was thrilled when so many of you commented that you related to it. I am over the moon that Jana thought it deserved a Perfect Post award. Thank you, Jana! Now let's crack open that bottle of wine.


Binky said...

--Happy Anniversary

--Go with your new tag line

--Bad, bad doggies


The Domesticator said...

Congrats on the 4th anniversary and the Perfect Post award! BOTH are well deserved celebrations!

I like "Why must I always repeat myself"....after all, this becomes SO apparent when the kid gets me on that one.
I'll be happy to crack open a beautiful 94 Cab Reserve for you...only if I can have a glass of course yeah, I am greedy like that.....*cheers* :)

Blog Antagonist said...

Happy Anniversary! Four years is something to be proud of. I know what you mean about "always been like this". And congrats on your Perfect Post award. I remember nodding my head when reading doesn't change I'm afraid.

kittenpie said...

I totally get the time suckage - the last month has whipped by in about two sleeps.

Happy anniversary to you and Mr. Chicky!

Oh and, um, I always laughed about the old line, I liked it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary. My 3rd was on August 30 (my b-day too). LOL. I hope you are your SO share many more happy years.

Heather said...

Love the new look, and congrats on the nomination! Happy anniversary!

Self-Proclaimed Supermom said...

Happy Anniversary.

Happy new blog design.

Happy being busy.

I haven't been around much and I am sorry.

I am back :) said...

Oh, Happy Anniversary! That was so sweet! If I were your husband, I'd be out buying you chocolate right now.

And I'm digging the new look. As for the tag line, I like 'em both. I'm very indecisive. I think.

ms blue said...

Congrats to you and Mr. C.

I like both taglines. It's nice to change things up occasionally.

I picked up a couple bottles of wine yesterday and I can't help but wonder why the some of the nice vintages are now screw tops. That seems so wrong.

Your writing deserves many shout outs. Hooray, Hooray!

Anonymous said...

Happy happy happy anniversary!

And thanks for indulging me and writing a post in answer to my request. I look forward to it!

carrie said...

Happy Anniversary Chicky Baby and congratulations on the award!!!

Oh, and yes, there are teachers out there who feel like that, "real" teachers, just like you. So, don't feel bad! :)


Sandra said...

I'm not sure the appropriate order for this but....

Congrats on the Perfect Post!

Happy Anniversary!!

Love the new tagline!!!

mo-wo said...

I am disappointed not to be "THE" person this post resonated with.. but I suppose I can share, after all. Well deserved.

like your new look, yessiree

Cristina said...

Yay, Mrs. Chicky!! Congrats on the perfect post award. Well-deserved.

Re. the tag line, I do like both. I know what it's like to want something new though so I say go with the new one.

And finally, happy anniversary to you and Mr. Chicky. Here's to four-ty more years together.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary and congratulations on your perfect post award!

You totally deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Here's to 4 x 4 x 4 more happy years together! (of course that might make you all really old...)

Looking forward to the post on introducing children to dogs. I am sure it will be excellent.

Kristin said...

Happy Anniversary!

Love the new tag line... change is good.

& congratulations on a well deserved perfect post!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary. I like the new tag line best. :)

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I thought the why must I always repeat myself was brilliant, but it's your blog baby!(exclamtion point!)

Her Bad Mother said...

Happy anniversary!

And, I'm partial to the old tag, but then, I'm curmudgeonly like that. I like the new one too.


Anonymous said...

1) I agree - having kids makes the time go by way faster. Especially the time between "I've got to go to the bathroom" and "It's an emergency."

2) Happy Anniversary!

3) Congratulations on your Perfect Post award!

Waya said...

Happy Anniversary! Ours 9th year is coming up and it does feel like an eternity too, in a great way!

The time doesn't go fast enough when you're driving for 4-hours to visit the in-laws with 3 cranky kids and Mommy's the entertainer THE WHOLE WAY DOWN!

Congrats on the PPA!!

Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary. Yeay you!

And I think its so cool that you are a pup whisperer. I took our dog to classes while pregnant. And Abbeydog loved her teacher so much, she'd whine until Karen (her teach) would stop and pet her. Then she'd pee a little on the floor.) And still after 4 YEARS, whenever we go to PetSmart, Abbey freaks out and keeps looking for Karen. Sigh. Actually my hubs and I miss Karen too.

Oh and I do like the original subtitle you had on your blog!

Miguelita said...

Love the new digs and really love the new tagline.

And a very Happy Anniversary!!

Mamacita Tina said...

Congratulations on the Perfect Post! I remember and loved that post.

I taught elementary school for 11 years before becoming a SAHM. There definitely were years on the last day of school when I almost kicked the group out the door and cheered. I know, terrible. Fortunately, the last year I taught had an angel of a class, so I want to go back to teaching once my own kiddos are school aged.