Saturday, September 30, 2006

We want the funk... Gotta have that funk

Last night I was going through some old pictures of Chicky Baby. Old in comparison to her time on this earth so far, that is, which is to say ones taken maybe 300 days ago. She's beginning to look so much more like a little kid than the wee, snuggly baby I used to rock to sleep...

(who am I kidding, she never went for that whole rocking-to-sleep thing. I had a better chance of teaching her the rumba than getting her to sleep before the age of five months. She was a stubborn little thing. Anyhooo.)

... that I'm beginning to forget the look of her sweet little baby form and her pink baby lips and her soft, downy baby head (which we're seeing a lot more of these days - pictures tomorrow, I promise.). I guess it put me into a bit of a melancholy funk.

Melancholy Funk. Wow. That's a great name for a band. I can see this band covering Nina Simone songs and maybe some Sly and the Family Stone. After this year's Grammys you just know Sly Stone needs a decent gig. Does anyone know if Bootsy Collins is available? To pull off the whole melancholy thing he'd have to leave the Bedazzler at home, so he probably wouldn't go for it.

Uh, where was I?

Oh, yeah. Melancholy funk.

The last couple of days I've gone back and forth between feeling like I'm really in serious love with this new toddler stage and praying to any higher power who will listen to please, for all that is good or unholy, please give me my sweet baby back.

I want my baby back, baby back, baby back.

So I thought I would post one of my favorite pictures from Chicky's infant days. This one never fails to make me smile. If you're having a melancholy funky day I hope it will make you smile as well.

Geez, Ma, can we turn off this Nina Simone now? Maybe we could listen to something from The Cure to lighten the mood?


New at Dog Gone Blog: Kong stuffers (no, not things you'd put in the Christmas stocking of an extra large ape with an attitude) and dog tag silencers. Good times, good times.

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Anonymous said...



Amy said...

Oh, I love this picture! And yes, love-hate toddlerdom. It is a scary, wonderful time.

PS- Is your husband still breathing? Channing and I had a fight about what side to part Emmie's hair on. Men!

Velma said...

Leaving Babyville behind is tough. Too bad there isn't a "pause" button you could press, just to catch your breath, right?

Anonymous said...

The Cure to lighten things up? I'd play love cats - got a good beat for chicky baby to dance to. That picture is absolutely hilarious. She's so adorable.

Christina said...

Yeah, I think most of us feel that way at some point. There are days when I wish Cordy was still a tiny baby who couldn't run away from me.

Of course, this is what drives many people to try for baby #2, so they can have that baby presence in the house again.

metro mama said...

Great pic. I miss my baby some days too.

Radioactive Tori said...

That is exactly how we ended up with four kids...just so you know.

Redneck Mommy said...

Pics like that led to baby #2, which then led to baby #3 and now, of course, we are waiting for baby #4.

She's working her baby mojo magic on you.

Be aware, very aware.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the scrunchy face.

You know, I stopped by my old neighbour's house on the way home this morning and she had a framed picture of Julia from when she was a baby. I looked at it for a few minutes -- and it struck me then how BIG she is, and how much Oliver looked like her when he was a baby (people would tell me that, but I couldn't see it).

Girlplustwo said...

that picture is priceless. and yes, it is hard watching them evolve sometimes...we barely get used to them and then they are becoming someone else..and we are always trying to catch up.


That picture is perfect. Blow that thing up poster size and then join my "baby-missing" club. Sigh...

Major Bedhead said...

So cute!

I wonder if da funk isn't going around. I've been in one for a while now.

Her Bad Mother said...

Now THAT is a face.

Sharing your funk, sistah. Sharing da funk.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of personality in that little face. What a sweet pea!

Kaitlyn isn't even one yet and I can tell she's going to be quite a handful as a toddler.

ms blue said...

Big BIG smiles! She's the cutest little button.

That baby look disappears too quickly. When I see a newborn and forget that they come that small.

Her cheeky personality shines through.

CPA Mom said...

After last week's medical CRAP, I so needed this picture. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great pic. It seems like a lot of my blogging friends are in the whole infant-to-toddler transition. Some of us have actually formed a support group--as it can be quite traumatic.

(email me if you'd like to join.)

P.S. LOVE Nina Simone. Actually, Ella is named after Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone.

petite gourmand said...

what a cute pic...
I'm feeling the same funk.
On one hand I'm thrilled to watch a little person develop and grow.
on the other, I miss that tiny baby to snuggle with.
It totally hit home the other day when putting away summer clothes that are too small...

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