Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Screwin' Around

Don't mind me, I'm just messing around with my site. If I spent one more day looking at the pink dots I was going to have to go on a bender. Which, incidentally, would have made me see more pink dots. But at least I would have had a good excuse.

Kind words and suggestions are always welcome.


Anonymous said...

I love the banner!!! EXCELLENT!!

metro mama said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

Always a huge fan of the white background meself. :)

Damselfly said...

Ooh, you look so athletic. Punchy.

moplans said...

hey I just linked over from TO mamas and read your bit below.
It seems like common sense so it is sad to hear people will not take the time to train animals properly.

Ruth Dynamite said...

I like it! (Maybe you need to add a very well-behaved dog?)

Mama of 2 said...

Love the new look and the banner is great. Everyone's blog needs a sprucing up now and again.

Great Job.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Ruth, I wanted to put a dog or two in but 1) I couldn't find any good pictures and 2) they would have covered up my alter-ego's great legs!

Debbie said...

I think it's adorable, and I'm such a fan of the header. SUPER cute. and very you. :)

ms blue said...

Wow! It's mighty pretty around here! Looking very snazzy.

LOL at my word verification bfiesta. I think it's a sign to go on a bender.

Sandra said...

Purteey. I love the banner and the whole site is clean and easy to read! Yay for you!

The Domesticator said...

You've done a beautiful interior decorating job here, Mrs. Chicky. Oh, and you are looking quite fit in that pic pushing Chicky baby...Woo Hoo! :)

Anonymous said...

love it --- keep it --- don't let it get away!!

Pendullum said...

Love the banner...
The only difficulty is with the white back ground as I can not see your highlighted fax in the baby blue...
I can barely see ME LIKEY THE BLOGS for example...

and by the way I really found your last entry very informative.
I have a cockapoo. Trained him myself. He is one of the most obedient dogs...
And I always have said to kids, that he is a dog... No more no less...
I will never allow unsupervised play with him.He has no signs of aggression. I just do not want to ever take a chance.
Your story of yor friend sent shivers down my spine.
You told it well and empoweredme with somuch information!
I hope that they listen to you and get it to a rescue pronto.

Velma said...

I like it! The light blue is a little hard for me to see, as well, but I lurve the banner - so cute!

Irreverent Antisocial Intellectual said...

We all know how I feel about pink so this new look makes me so very happy! Hey - does that even matter?

Bea said...

Like everybody else, I love the new look. I do want to shed a tear, though, for the "Why must I always repeat myself?" which has always been one of my very favourite tag lines.

Radioactive Tori said...

I love the new looks, but I do have to agree that I loved the "Why must I always repeat myself". It totally cracked me up the first time I read it!

Chaotic Mom said...

I'm sick of pink, too. Been thinking about redoing my site. You go, girl! ;)

Christina said...

Must be something going around out here, because I'm thinking of changing things around on my blog as well.

I like the new look! Did you make the banner? If so, where did you get the "parts"?

carrie said...

This looks fabulous!! Love it!


Anonymous said...

I love the banner and I love the white background...although I am totally biased; a white background is my absolute fave. Just looks so crisp and clean looking.

Anonymous said...

Me likey likey the screwin' around.

Seriously - looks great.

Anonymous said...

I like it! Crisp and clean, kinda like fabric softner... Er, anyhow, I give it a thumbs up!

Mom101 said...

Five stars! Two thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

Looks great-Love the banner!

BlondeBrony said...

Boy I really need to figure all of this out. I really don't like the template I picked.

Oh well, all in good time I suppose. It's been so long since I've had to use any of my web training, I'm almost embarrassed to say that I have any.

I love the look, not that I saw it before.

SUEB0B said...

It's pretty. The dots used to give me fits because much of the time on my machine, the text would appear OVER the dots...so this is cooler. Mrs. Chicky's boobs need to be a hair lower, though. They look lighter than air. If your breasts actually look like this, please forgive me.

Cristina said...

I like it a lot! Did you do that yourself? You are one talented, Chicky!

Will said...

Tres cute! I didn't mind the pink...then again I've got blue wallpaper for my background.

Apparently white is much easier on the eyes. Either way...looks loverly.

Anonymous said...


Totally fabulous.

Major Bedhead said...

I like it a lot. Very crisp. I didn't mind the pink dots, mainly because it was interspersed with nice tans and browns. But I like this better.

Now I'm starting to think I may need to change my template. I like it, but it's so...in your face, maybe. I don't know. I love the monkey, but I'd like to change the background colour. Gotta figure out how to do that....

Lisa said...

I LOVE the banner. Very cute! I like clean designs with lots of white space. I'm thinking about tinkering with my own too!

Anonymous said...

I'm calling bullshit on that woman in the banner wearing the athletic miniskirt. The sister I know and harass on a daily basis would never wear any such item of clothing, even in an alternative reality. It's not practical. (I love you!)

Kimi said...

Looks great!

Mamacita Tina said...

I really like it. I keep thinking I need a change to.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Dear Sister of Mine,
You clearly didn't look closely. The woman in the picture is wearing baggy, yet oh-so-chic, athletic shorts. Shorts that I currently own, if I might add.

Her legs may be slimmer and her stomach trimmer, but she could be me.

Stop laughing. I could have boobs like that. And hair that is long and flowing. It could happen.

Anonymous said...

I love it! It looks great! Very clean, sophisticated and chic!

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome. Very clean design, and I love the header.

Anonymous said...

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