Wednesday, March 01, 2006

F*ing templates

This is what I get when I screw around with my blog template. My sidebar is now stuck down at the bottom of my blog page and its PISSING ME OFF! I know just enough about HTML to be dangerous - to myself - and now I don't know how to fix it. God DAMN it.
I'll be re-doing this site very soon (actually I'll have someone else re-do it for me) so if looking at my site is bugging you even a fraction of the amount that its bugging me, it will get better. Not soon enough, though, if you ask me.
Until then, my apologies. This is why I hate it when people drop by my house unannounced (but I still love it when you visit my blog!) - I hate my place looking so unfinished and messy.

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Anonymous said...

Ur grief touched my heart, I lost my father at 17 and had a terrible teenage years. A marriage and a son had healed me so that now I live happily. I feel I know ur sorrow. Take care.