Monday, March 13, 2006 our Italian Restaurant.

Alert the Media. News at Eleven. The Hubby and I had a date this weekend!

We haven't had a chance to go on a date since last November when we snuck away for a few hours to see a movie. Our date on Saturday wasn't any more exciting, since we just went out for dinner. (I mean, we were home by 9pm - look up "exciting" in the dictionary and you'll see a picture of the Hubby and me, yawning at the table after having a glass of wine.) But it was sooo nice to sit at a table, with a tablecloth and silverware and everything, and enjoy a dinner and conversation without being interrupted every other minute to provide more Cheerios or pick a toy up off of the floor.

Some highlights from our crazy night out on the town:

To kick off this momentous occasion I spent 20 minutes trying on every pair of pants in my closet - workout pants or jeans that have remnants of Chicky Baby's breakfast on them just weren't appropriate - and none of my pants fit. Not one pair. Its been so long since I was required to wear anything but my mommy uniform (see above description of the jeans) that I had no idea how different my body was now compared to BB - Before Baby. Some of the pants had been in there so long there was dust on them. This was not a good way to start a romantic evening out. "Oh yes! Now that it has been made painfully apparent how big my ass and thighs have gotten lets go to that cute, little Italian trattoria we've been dying to try and load up on carbs and Italian pastries!"

I finally settled on the "safe" outfit... Dark, skinny jeans - and I use the word "skinny" very loosely here - black turtleneck cashmere sweater (the one that sits on the shelf, hardly ever worn, because cashmere is a bitch to clean after oatmeal and applesauce has been thrown at you), and high heeled boots. Tres chic. And I only had to spend 5 minutes brushing the dog hair off of the sweater. Not bad.

When we got to the restaurant we found two seats at the bar where we could wait for a table to free up. And thank God we did because those damn boots were killing me. We ordered a couple of glasses of Chianti and decided to split one of the rissoto dishes while we waited (mmmm, Chianti and carbs, my old friends and nemesis). Lovely wine, lovely risotto. I felt all warm and sleepy and it wasn't even 7:30pm.

Why do restaurants have to turn the lights so low that you have to squint to see the food in front of you? I think I ordered the veal piccata, but I'm not sure.

The dinner was wonderful, and I had the best date in the whole joint. Do you know why he was the "best"? Because when we left the restaurant, full to the point of popping, he understood my need to unbutton my pants on the car ride home. I'm a lucky gal.

Like I said before, we were home by 9pm. My sister, who was babysitting for Chicky Baby, gave us loads of shit for being home so early. Oh, just you wait until you have a baby of your own, kiddo. We helped her polish off another bottle of wine while we all zoned out to "Lady and the Tramp".

Are you still with me, Dear Reader? Because I fell asleep while rereading this entry. How did I get so boring?

What's your best (or worst) date story after you had your first - or second, or third - baby?


Chaotic Mom said...

Oh, man, we're depressingly boring now. We tire the kids out, put them to bed early, then watch a movie on the big screen. No kids bugging us, snacks and drinks at hand. That's about it, we have three little boys. The darn babysitters are $10-15/hr here, so if we get out it's usually something for Hubby's job.

We DO need to get out more, we really do.

MrsFortune said...

Well, I'm not there yet but I'll bookmark this post and come back to it in a year, when hopefully I'll have had at least ONE post baby date. And I'm sure it will pretty much mimic yours!! This is pretty much what we do NOW and my son won't be born for another 2 months.

Anonymous said...

Chianti and rissoto is certainly not boring.

Now if you had said two glasses of bud and a platter of hot wings, I would have rolled my eyes.

Stacy said...

Well it wasn't the best or the worst but my hubby and i went out this weekend too with a friend we hadn't seen in a while. we met his new girlfriend and it was very nice. good food, good conversation, even better wine. i say it wasn't the best because i drank too much combined with the fact that I was up at 5 with J and I was out cold at 10:00. still it feels so good to get out and feel like an adult again!

IzzyMom said...

The old black's always a winner (unless you're in Florida in the summer) and as a bonus, they make you look skinny. And just so you know, I've done the empty-my-closet for something that:

a) fits
b) is clean
c) is seasonally appropriate
d) still in style

and it always ends with me wearing something black lol

Glad you got to go out and have some adult time. I wish I had a sister here to sit for us. You're LUCKY!

J said...

Nice to read your blog. :) My daughter is almost 10 now, so the dates are better, and mostly happen when she goes to a sleepover or something like that.

I remember our *First* post baby date. We went to dinner to celebrate my husband's birthday. I cried about leaving the baby. We lived on the 16th floor of an apt. building in Philly, but by the time we got to the first floor, I was thrilled to be going out. :)

Often, though, our dates were just like yours. Home early. esp now, husband gets up at 4AM for work, and I get up at 5, so we poop out pretty early.