Friday, March 17, 2006

11 months... Already?

Chicky Baby,

My dear, darling child... why must you grow so quickly? You're 11 months today and, since you're getting older at an alarming rate, I've decided that we need (okay, Mama needs) to toast the occasion with a couple of Guinness. It is St. Patty's day, after all. That's two for me, none for you. You can have beer when you're 21, or when one of our weird relatives sneaks it to you when I'm not looking. Or when you're 17 and you sneak off to party in the woods with your friends, just like your Mom did. Just don't tell me about it until you're 28. Which will be any day now. At least that's what it feels like.

I see you changing now where I didn't see it before. Sometimes when we see someone everyday its hard to see the subtle differences in their faces. But you're starting to take on some "kid" physical characteristics and you're looking less "babyish". You're longer, and your hair is starting to grow. Don't get me wrong - you're still a baby. You haven't figured out how to change your own diaper yet, but because you're a baby I'm letting you get away with that. You really need to step it up in the coffee making department, though. If I'm expected to feed you breakfast, lunch and dinner the least you can do is get me my morning cup of joe after you've woken me at an un-Godly hour.

In the last month you've become so much more aware of your surroundings. You love staring out the window at the cars and people going by. This usually happens when I'm trying to shove carrots down your throat. Its very frustrating for Mama. I can teach my dogs to pay attention to me when I ask, but I can't get my daughter's attention. Maybe I should start using liver treats with you too.

Speaking of that, this month I've trained you to perform a bunch of tricks... Ahem... I mean I've taught you important games that will help your cognitive development. Last month you learned pat-a-cake and "So Big", this month you've gotten really good at your stacking rings, blocks, and basketball hoop thingie. But my favorite is how you give "Big Loves". If I ask for Big Loves you'll rest your head on my shoulder, give me a gigantic hug and go "Aaahhhhwww". I can't even describe how much this makes my heart want to burst. You love to love everything...

You love your toys...

...You love Daddy...

...You're not quite sure how you feel about being loved in return...

But until you're 18 and/or out of my house you are not allowed to love George W. Bush...

You can, however, chew on his head

You even initiate games. You're favorite goes something like this. You look at me, very pointedly, with a big smile and say "Da Da!". Then you wait for me to say "Very Good! Now say Ma Ma". To which you happily say "Da Da!"

Me: "Maaa MA?"

You: "Daaa DA!"

Me: "MA MA?"

You: "DA DA!!"

Throw me a bone, kid. Say Mama for something other than when you're hungry, tired, or unhappy. I'm begging.




Anonymous said...

She is so so so adorable. I just love the shot of her eating GWB's head. That is priceless!

puppytoes said...

you could sell t-shirts with that picture of her chewing on dubya's head... lovelovelove it!!! and, oh my god how adorable is she, anyway?

lovely post... thank you for sharing! (even tho' it totally makes me yearn for those wonderful "good ole days"--the good news is that you'll never ever forget 'em... even when she's grown and calling you way worse things than MaaaMa!)

: D

Anonymous said...

Oh, the Da Da thing!

Both my girls refused to say Mama for the longest time. Now, I hear it all day long, and when my husband gets home from work I'm begging them, "Can't you ask daddy for anything?


Happy 11 months! Keep eating Dubya's face! Wooooo!

Anonymous said...

Hey ~

I love the bush head eating pictures... Very nice. Are you getting her a bush head cake for #1?? LOL

Stacy said...

awww - i love the doggie pic. Is he licking her ear??

Christina said...

LOL at chewing on Bush's head!

Bad news - my daughter is almost 18 months and still won't say mama, but says da-dee clear as day. The only title given to me is "aaaahhhh!" when she's mad or upset.

Chaotic Mom said...

Can't say I love or hate George Bush, but your pictures and captions are hilarious! Made me smile, for sure.

Happy 11 months, Chicky Baby!

ms blue said...
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ms blue said...

Whooops, sorry that was me... I hate my spelling.

There is no nutritional value but it's likely to taste like hot air. Being Canadian, I shouldn't comment on your President but I couldn't resist. We don't have it better here anyway, but there are no Stephen Harper dolls yet.

Your darling is so sweet! One more month to the gifts.

MrsFortune said...

Awww ... she's so cute! And the dog! A lab, how precocious. I mean precious.

Happy birthday baby! Just think in one month she'll be a year old. And hopefully have lots of cake to smash her fists into. :)

ms blue said...

When dada is the only word, it comes in handy...

1) at poopy diaper time. "Who do you want to change your bum?"
Da da

2) at four A.M. "Honey she's calling for you."

Anonymous said...

Damn you for making me cry.


Chicky Chicky Baby said...

I'm so glad I got a chance to share those GWB pictures. I have to admit, though, I don't know if I was more disgusted by her wanting to kiss that damn thing or the fact that its a dirty, nasty dog chew toy that she was sticking in her mouth. I guess I wasn't disgusted enough to put down the camera and take it from her!

One more month to cake and ice cream in her hair and up her nose... and, yes Kristen, I think it should be a George W. cake!!

Hey, Aunt Chicky makes her first appearance! Darling, its not difficult to make you cry. :)

Bobita said...

I absolutely love your blog!!

Your baby is adorable!

After having read several of your earlier posts, I just wanted to say...Chicago was also my first concert...and 80's music...I might qualify for "cheesy" for having been a member of the Cult of Kasey Kasum!! And I loved Duran Duran to the point of...well, I might have to blog about that!! Yes, inspired by your blog, I might have to take a stroll down memory lane...filled with references to "hungry like the wolves" and "her name is Rio!"

Wonderful blog!! I hope you don't mind that I blogroll you (I love finding opportunities in which I can work the word "blogroll" into a sentance!!)

IzzyMom said...

lolol...cute pix. But you really need to get the Dick Cheney companion chewy head :-)

Anonymous said...

Haha great letter. She is a beauty!

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