Friday, February 01, 2008

We interupt this trip down memory lane...

... So that I can bitch and whine.

(Ooh boy!)

But I promise you'll find out who the mystery man was soon. Very soon. But not now.

- I just spent a half an hour on the phone to my prescription drug insurance company - which sounds exactly like Medco - only to have them tell me my doctor's office answered a question incorrectly on Medco's stupid questionnaire requesting more pills for me, and now I'll have to go the weekend (on top of the two days I just went) without my anti-nausea medication. Please remind me why I switched doctors. Right now I'm really second guessing that decision. But only because they're closer and more familiar to me and I can put a name and face with my anger versus the anonymous drug company with the man with the accent who I had to ask to repeat everything he said FIVE TIMES.

- I miss my husband and I'm sick of all this traveling of his but what do you want to bet within two hours of his arrival tonight I'll be pushing him and his suitcase back out the door because he dirtied up my nice clean house? Seriously. The house is so much cleaner and more orderly when he's gone.

- Just played on my iPod while on shuffle:

All the Way Down - Glen Hansard from the Once Soundtrack
Still Fighting It - Ben Folds
Anna Begins - Counting Crows
My One True Friend - Bette Midler

And I will now go slit my wrists.

- Michael Vick's dogs are getting their own reality show and some celebutard (Could be Paris? Could be Britney?)is making headlines because she's a puppy killer. Allegedly. I have so many posts on these subjects floating around in my head it's giving me a migraine. But I'll have to write about my views on rehabilitating dogs, no-kill shelters and the whole Dog Town on the National Geographic television show, and buying dogs from pet stores soon or I might burst.

- This isn't bitching but if you're not a Patriots fan, hell, if you downright hate them, we're chatting about their inevitable Super Bowl win over at New England Mamas. And if you are a Pats fan come tell me how you feel about the possible (ahem) Rolling Rally interfering with Super Tuesday. I'm taking a poll. It is campaign season after all.

- Speaking of polls, you may have noticed that there hasn't been any ROFL Awards around these parts lately. Or maybe you haven't. But that's my point. Before I bring them back or decide to bury them for good I'd like to know how you feel about the ROFLs, so I made this handy poll to help me decide.

Can't see it, can you? Why the hell can't I get a poll to work in Blogger or Typepad today? It's really pissing me off. If you can help me with this problem please let me know because I'm about to tear my hair out and glue it to my dog's ass. Just for fun.

In the meantime follow this link and answer it that way, will ya? T'anks.

Don't mind that last bit. Except for me ripping my hair out and gluing it to my dog's ass. I might do that anyway, just to stop the deadly smell from coming out of her rear end.

Now if you don't mind I'm going to make myself pancakes and bacon - lots and lots of bacon - before the morning sickness really sets in again and I can't eat anything but Saltines.


motherbumper said...

Oh please don't get rid of the ROLF's - I've been trying to get some ROLF bling to add to my sidebar but every month I get passed over. I feel like the Susan Lucci of the blogosphere. Well that and the fact that I married the a set of identical twins, one sweet and simple, the other evil and conniving and we live in a huge room with just one winding staircase to nowhere in a city that seems to have everything but no one can place on a map.

Somebody give me a g*dd*mn ROLF so they can be retired, already!

carrie said...

I'm sorry you have to deal with that prescription bs again -- I'll cross all my fingers that it ends up in your favor!

Amy Urquhart said...

Yes! I have a ROFL post to recommend.

I heard about the Michael Vick dog rescue show yesterday on the Stern show and felt vaguely nauseated myself. So weird.

Also: BACON. Mmmm.


Lara said...

i agree with motherbumper - receiving a ROFL award has been one of my goals for at least a year! don't get rid of them! in fact, i'll promise to start nominating posts instead of just hiding at my place and crossing my fingers. please?

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your post, only because I've been about as patient as my 2-year-old since I was 12 weeks pregnant and at 31 weeks, I'm still giving daily warnings to those around me to stay back if they don't want to lose their heads. Also, I wish for you that your toddler is not a 35-pound defensive end like mine - lifting him at this stage of pregnancy is a muscle-pull every time! (Don't get me wrong, I love everyone and everything, but they really piss me off sometimes!)

Amy said...

MMMMMMM, bacon.

karengreeners said...

I love ROFL! If you keep them I will nominate one for January. It's a goooood one.

And btw, if you don't like buying a dog from a petstore, how do you feel about buying a dog from a FLEA MARKET? Happened in Toronto but only made headlines because the dog HAD RABIES. I shit you not. All caps for real.

Blog Antagonist said...

I'm truly sorry, Chickee. Drug companies are EVIL. I spent a ridiculous amount of money yesterday for 3 prescriptions, and it just made me mad all over again, even though I knew what it was going to cost me.

Maybe the morning sickness won't come back? Here's hoping.

A. Nonny Mouse said...

Yeah, I just had a LOT of fun with Medco tonight, too.

Sent in a prescription for my 6-month-old to Medco. Get a phone call that "there was a problem and we'll send you a letter to explain what the problem is." Call Medco (the only good thing I can say about them right now is they have 24x7 customer service) and they tell me that the drug isn't covered. Wait, no, it is covered, but I need prior authorization from my insurance company.

What's that? My insurance company gets to decide whether or not my daughter needs a medication that her pediatrician prescribed?! Isn't that the doctor's decision? GAAA! And the helpful CSR said they'll send the script back to me. Great, except once I get the prior authorization, I'll be sending it right back to you, so can you hold on to it until I get the permission? Answer: yes, unless they have already sent it back.

Excuse me while I rip out MY hair and glue it to my dog, cause I totally agree: it might be fun.

Hope the insurance thing works out for you.

PS: Sorry for the novel.

Manic Mommy said...

Damn, your threats work. Can you show me how to do that with my kids?

kittenpie said...

Oh god, I feel for you on the meds not only because it's incredibly frustrating, but also because man, your sickness is worse than mine, and it's killing me, but you have serious reason to complain. Poor thing.

ewe are here said...

Keep the ROLFs!

And Go Pats!

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't have to suffer because of someone else's mistake. I am sorry about that!

You know how I feel about the Pats!

And I second everyone else's comments about the ROFL awards. You can never have too much cheer in the blogosphere!

Fairly Odd Mother said...

That story about looking dogs in closets and letting them die is really bumming me out. I think you need to keep the ROFL awards just to spread some cheer in this sick, sick world.

Feel well. Enjoy the bacon.

Anonymous said...

dude. anna begins is in my top five favorite songs of forever and all time.

but i'm not ready for this sort of thing...

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I'm getting ready to go to a Super Bowl party right now. I'm rooting for Bud Light.

Anonymous said...

Pancakes. and bacon. yum.

Don Mills Diva said...

Mmmmm bacon. That is all.

Julie Pippert said...

And this post is my first pick for the revived ROFLs!

Write the dog post.

In fact, write one defending dog owner's rights to treat their sick animal.

PHHHBBBTT to messing up doctors and insurers without hearts.

My house fares better in my husband's absence too.

Sorry about the SuperBowl. We went to a fun party to watch but had to leave early. Why? Oh I'll tell you why:

It's probably my Persistence who is the "cruel to dogs" celebutard. We left early when she found a stick and heaved it up over her head.

The kids were running outside in the back yard playing (in shorts and tee-shirts, if anyone who experiences actual winter cares). We were in the living room, with adults taking turns popping out there. I turned my head just in time to see her lift that stick and aim for their cute little schnauzer.

I gasped so loud and flew up from the sofa so fast the whole party fell silent and someone muted the game. Then five of us raced out there to save the dog, relieve her of the stick, catch me as I fainted in relief, comfort the dog, and then carry the kid out to the car to leave in shame.

Bad. Bad bad bad bad.

I hate three. HATE THREE.

Oh yeah and something for you at my blog.

Life As I Know It said...

I hope you made it through the weekend without the drugs. Blech. I can still remember every moment of both my sick pregnancies. No fun.

Anna Begins. One of my all time favorite songs.

Fratzels said...

At least your doc will prescribe medication - mine just let me suffer and lose 15 pounds (not that I couldn't stand to lose 15 pounds, but c'mon!)

Bacon - I loved salty salty food during the nausea - especially sunflower seeds!

the new girl said...

Oh, baby.
I hope you feel better after that vent. You sound like you NEEDED it. I am thinking of you and hoping you get loads of the ever-so-mildly-at-best-effective-nausea-medication soon.

ps. I loved the poll and I love the ROFL AND PUPPIES.

Anonymous said...

I like that image of you ripping your hair out and gluing it to your dog's arse.

Lovely visual as I'm eating dinner.

Good thing I love you. Big love.