Saturday, April 08, 2006

Call me Narcissus

I have been tagged by the always charming Jana with a Meme, and because it is always polite to acknowledge a person's questions (even if you are full of shit most of the time) I humbly put before you...


Mrs. Chicky's List of 4's

*lame rimshot*

4 Jobs I've had in my life:

a. Purveyor of tasty beverages at various local watering holes and country clubs.
b. Underpaid and overworked morning DJ (thankfully, not at WOLD-d-d-d) at a local radio station where I languished in obscurity waiting for my big break that never came.
c. Corporate whore and cubicle dweller.
d. The one where I got paid to play with dogs (I still can't believe someone paid me to do that).

4 Movies I can watch over and over (and over):

a. Ocean's Eleven (the George Clooney one - no offense Frank and Dean)
b. Sister Act 2 - ooh, I feel another cheesy post coming.
c. Grosse Point Blank
d. Beautiful Girls - what? You didn't read my last post? Shame on you!

4 Websites I visit regularly

a. The Boston Globe
b. Obscure Store
c. iTunes (can that be consider a website?)
d. Have you seen my blogroll?

4 Favorite Foods

a. French Rolls from Priscilla's Candy Shop - Its this log, for lack of a better word, of chocolate-y, fudge-y goodness rolled in crushed nuts. Heaven on waxed paper.
b. Crab Cakes
c. A good steak with a side of Tuscan white beans.
d. Is gelatto a "food"?

4 Places I would rather be right now

a. Pelago, Italy (in Tuscany) at this fantastic inn the Hubby and I have stayed at a couple of times.
b. A warm beach with my toes in the sand.
c. A little, out of the way winery in Napa Valley "tasting" some wines.
d. (if I could fast forward a couple of months) Sitting in my in-laws Fenway seats behind first base watching a Red Sox game, teaching Chicky Baby the finer points of baseball and sneaking her pieces of a Fenway Frank.

4 Books I could read over and over.

a. "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" by Betty Smith
b. "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" by Dave Eggers
c. "Snuggle Puppy" by Sandra Boynton
d. "A People's History of the United States: 1492 - present" by Howard Zinn.
(giggling behind my hand)

4 Songs I can Listen to over and over again.

a. #41 - Dave Matthews Band
b. Allison - Elvis Costello
c. Everlong - Foo Fighters
d. My Funny Valentine - Chet Baker

4 Reasons why I blog.

a. Cheap Therapy
b. To help me remember Chicky Baby's childhood.
c. Because I've got so much extra time on my hands (Ha!)
d. Penance for doing so poorly in Mrs. R's 10th grade English class.

I was never very good at tag, I would often flail about wildly hoping to hit someone.

This is me flailing...


Her Bad Mother said...

Is that photo of your Tuscan inn. Gah. Drool.

Need. a. vacation.

ms blue said...

Sorry for putting you through that, but it was worth your answers. (I struggled with my list for hours!)

The morning DJ is the coveted spot. No?

I'm on my way to Priscilla's Candy Shop! YUM. Then I think I'll head on over to Tuscany. I'm so envious.

Anonymous said...

Um. Hello. Can we have blogher at that Inn next year?

And Ocean's 11 - I call it a round movie - starts, goes, ends well - perfect circle and very watchable...

MrsFortune said...

Whaaa!!! A Harry Chapin reference! I adore you. Hello, honey it's me ... That is one of my all time favorite sing while I'm walking the dog/in the shower/in the car songs. And your list contains at least 1 film that I worked on ... can you guess which one?

Anonymous said...

I luuve Grosse Point Blank! Mrs Fortune, please tell me you worked on Grosse Point Blank...please?

Mom101 said...

If gelato is not a food, then I have to entirely rethink everything about my life. I'm having an existential crisis over a tasty frozen treat!

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

2Bad - That patio is outside the room we stayed in the second time we visited Pelago. It was our last hurrah (Hurrah!) before we got pregnant.

Jana - No sweat, I looove to talk about me. (haa!) The morning drive-time is very coveted - if you're working in a market where people actually listen.

Kristen - That's it! I'm contacting the women at Blogher right now.

Mrs. Fortune - Spill it! Tell us which movie (and I hope its Grosse Point Blank, but I'll be impressed with any of them) or RH and I am coming out there to rough you up.

Mom 101 - I was so excited about some gelato that I misspelled it. I guess its tasty no matter how its spelled.

Jess Riley said...

That picture is fantastic! It makes me want to go to Tuscany.

Cristina said...

i'm currently a cubicle dweller. Working with dogs sounds waaaaaay better.

Sandra said...

Loved reading your list. Your song list is almost as manic as mine :)

Morning DJ!?! Too cool

And Gelatto is most certainly a food. In fact it might have its own food group (at least in my world it does).

The Domesticator said...

Great list!
#41 by Dave Matthews, Italy and are a girl after my own heart.
My sister in law was a morning DJ as well... for years. She made her money doing side jobs introducing job. She gave it up, too.Corporate took over.

mo-wo said...

Crab cakes, mmmmmmm. I am getting my preggo lady craving.. Gelato is air NOT food.

Chet Baker, mmmmmmm. And, btw, very popular with the kidlets. Chicky baby like Chet, yet?

Anonymous said...

great answers to great questions. i don't know if i could even come up with 4 for each!