Friday, July 27, 2007

What is sure to be a disappointment to my male readers

I don't have pictures of asses or vaginas (Wow, the Google pervs will be coming out in droves after these last two posts) and I am deeply sorry. I do have some interesting fondling/groping pictures but the parties involved would not let me post them. Party poopers.

Now, lest you think from my last post physical impropriety is to Blogher what heavy petting was to Sodom and Gomorrah and that's all there is, let me assure you there is quite a bit more to this conference then the occasional boob grab.

Well, there is that - plenty, in fact - but there is more.

Blogher has been an overwhelming, fascinating, dizzying experience. I can't quite get it all straight in my muddled mind right now - mainly because I've had a few drinks in me - but I will say that every woman blogger should attend this conference at least once if they are at all serious about blogging, if only just to meet your favorite writers in person.

I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow. I'm still playing catch-up with sleep, not to mention the fact that my missing baggage just caught up with me today (long story), so perhaps I should get some rest and blog when my head isn't so fuzzy.

Sorry again about the pictures. You can blame Jen.


flutter said...

so no picture of Jen's ass either? She's wicked cute though, huh?

Anonymous said...

Everyone should go to blogher at least once just to meet Chicky Chicky Baby. For reals.

mamatulip said...

Sounds like fun! Good ol' fashioned gropey fun. ;)

metro mama said...

I have such a hot pic of Jen and RNM and I can't use it!

Missed you last night.

ms blue said...

I too am completely overwhelmed and very thankful for coffee and Advil.

Girlplustwo said...

dude, i thought it was higher than my ass in that picture.

Kyla said...

It was fun, wasn't it? Those Canadians are amazing.

Lawyer Mama said...

Ooh - I have a picture of Jen's ass. I'll have to post it later if she's ok with the backside of her floating around the internet!

It was great to meet you, T! God knows when I'll actually get around to posting about BlogHer because I'm so damn tired now, but I will spread the word that you are a snarky bitch!