Friday, July 27, 2007

Well, you wanted updates

So sorry, can't post now. Supposed to be listening to a panel but Redneck Mommy keeps talking about her vagina. Very frustrating. How the hell am I supposed to listen with her breathing down my neck? Jeez.

And, no, I don't have a picture of it. Yet. Come back again tonight around midnight after she gets liquored up. I'll at least have a picture of her ass.

Sandra's too.

Maybe even Kittenpie's, Metro Mama's and MotherBumper's as well.

You'll be back tonight, won't you? I can tell.


flutter said...

Oh say hello to her vagina, will you?

Sarahviz said...

Can't wait to hear all about it! Green with jealousy stuck here in MA.

metro mama said...

I KNOW, she's distracting me too!

Is it time for cocktails yet?

motherbumper said...

I started drinking right after breakfast (had to - I'm sleeping with Something Baby Blue and I'm thinking of leaving SB - she's way better to spoon). Blogging babes are so f**kin' hot... but yes, they talk too much about their vaginas.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like I made the right decision on not attending this year...

very boring, it sounds.

Good thing.

I hate drinking

and meeting cool bloggers,

and va-jay-jay's.

Yup, hate it all...

good thing I'm here with a non-napping three year old,

doing finances.

Now that's the life.

:-) (Have a GREAT TIME!!)

Jonathon Morgan said...

makes me almost feel like i'm there with ya. ;)

Cristina said...

I'll definitely be back to see the ass picture.

Now that you've promised it, you best deliver! :)

karengreeners said...

snatch some good pics, won't you?
heh heh

Anonymous said...

Her vagina is very loud. I agree.


Anonymous said...

All the vagina action must have been on your side of the room!

kittenpie said...

You know, she is very reserved, that Redneck Mommy. I only got to see her nipple rings a few dozen times, she kept her beaver all to herself. How very, very dull.