Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Chicky's take Minnesota (part one of a needlessly long series)

What is it about traveling that makes you feel like you just went on a 10 day bender? You'd think that after spending so much time sitting on my ass in airports, airplanes and cars that I'd be fairly rested. But nooo.

Wake me when it's time for me to leave for Chicago.

I have to give credit to Chicky, however, because that girl traveled like a champ. Sure, she had a few meltdowns on the airplane there and back but for the most part she took to life at her Aunt's house and our rental in Wisconsin like a duck to water. I wonder what part of my soul will be collected for that windfall, 'cause I may have mentioned something about selling it to the devil before we left.

The first leg of our trip was in Saint Paul with my Mr. C's sister, her husband and their two boys (ages 4 and 8). Let me tell you, Chicky has some serious hero worship going on for her cousins. Even though they weren't that close in age the three of them got along really well and the 8 year old was called upon more than once to keep an eye on Chicky so we could throw back a few get a break from toddler watching. It's times like that when I really wish they lived closer. Or that we lived closer to them. They tried to convince us to move there by telling us that living in Minnesota wasn't really that much different from living in Mass.; cold climate in the winter, humid in the summer, and Great Lakes that could pass for the ocean if you squint a bit. Given the housing prices, it's tempting. But I think I'd feel claustrophobic being that land locked. And from being that close to Canada*.

The highlight of our time in Saint Paul - other than spending quality time with family - was our trip to the Minnesota Zoo. We would have really enjoyed it if it wasn't as hot as it was. Because when it's 90 degrees toddlers tend to get cranky, especially when searching in vain for some shy tiger that wouldn't show his face. Damn cat, so finicky.

Mommies get cranky too when they find out that the Minnesota Trail, the part of the zoo which supposedly has a number of the incredibly beautiful and noble Northern Gray Wolf, is closed but will be re-opening in two days. When we're not there. God hates me.

Thankfully there was a big petting farm (sponsored by Hormel! Those poor animals just don't know what's in for them)...

With goats:

She kept calling it "baby goat" but I'm pretty sure she thought it was a dog.

Two day old baby pigs:

In order from left to right: Bacon, Spam and Little Sizzler

And this:

You have no idea what it took to get her to stick her head through the opening, but I think it was worth it.

Oh, and ice cream:

You scream, I scream, then we stop screaming when there's ice cream.

I don't know what it is about the Minnesota accent but I couldn't stop giggling every time I heard someone say a word with an "oh" sound. I'm sure I offended half of Saint Paul and parts of Minneapolis too, but I just couldn't help myself. It's so cute. And Chicky came back with that accent. I swear on a case of expensive wine (because, to me, that's holier than the Bible) that it's true.

On the drive home -

Chicky: "Where's Auntie?"

Me: "She's home. In Minnesota."

Chicky: "Oh, yeah. MinneSOHDA. Yeah."

I might move there just to pick up that accent. It's THAT good.

So that was part one of our trip. You'll have to wait until tomorrow - or the next day, or the day after that - for part two. Not because it's super interesting or anything but because I'm just sick of writing. A whole week away from the blog and I'm out of practice. Gotta pace myself or I could pull something.

Until then here's a few more pictures of our time in Minnesota because, hell, why not?

They have hot dogs at the zoo, too? Cool. Hey, you don't think I just ate the uncle of one of those animals I just met, do you?

S'up, betches? I's on dis rock, watchin' your camera.

Word. S'up?

*I knew I'd get at least one nasty comment or a question as to why I could possibly hate the fair country of Canada. I don't. I love Canada. It was a joke. Get it? Funny ha ha?


Sarahviz said...

Her face in the rooster! I laughed out loud. It's her expression that's killing me!

Major Bedhead said...

She's too cute. The expression on her face with the ice cream - cat and canaries come to mind.

kittenpie said...

Her face in the cutout... oh, geez. It makes her look like a ballchinian. (ref MIB) I am totally amusing myself with that one.

But the other shots? Adorable.

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with Canada?

flutter said...

She is SO freakin' cute

Jenifer said...

Ummmm.... a petting zoo sponsored by Hormel? That's priceless....

karengreeners said...

oh my god - i JUST GOT the whole 'chicky in the chicky' thing. i just thought it was a super cute picture.

maybe you really don't want to move closer to canada.

Anonymous said...

I friggin' love the waddle!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes. Whatever you did for the chicken picture = worth it. Thank you.

Girlplustwo said...

damn, she's priceless. and it sounds amazing and wonderful. am glad you are having a good time, trail or no.

Redsy (formerly CrankMama) said...

Those pictures!! That face!! Your girl has some serious spirit, friend.

Look forward to seeing you at Blogher

meeting you, i should say

Jacquie said...

Ok Chicky in the Chicken ROTF. Awesome picture.

My 6yr old developed an accent and not even from tavelling just the way she says mayonnaise it kind comes out Mah-Yooo-Naise it's hilarious.

mod*mom said...

your little chicken is THE CUTEST!
she is so adorable!

Hannah said...

Hey, as a Canadian, I knew you were kidding. It's cool.

Nothing like a petting zoo followed by ice cream to keep a toddler happy.

Unknown said...

Great pictures! Looks like a lot of fun!

Heather Hartwig said...

We don't have accents in Minnesota. I have no idea what you are talking about *wink*.

I've always found the Hormel zoo exhibit to be a tad ironic, but since my FIL works for Hormel I let it slide!

Anonymous said...

It's okay darling.

We Canucks know you were just teasing. We know you secretly follow our politics and pray to God every night to become one of us.

Besides, us Canadians don't really want you too close to us either.

Something about a chicken smell, and sightings of a hairy-yeti like woman...

We've got to keep the border safe you know.

Avalon said...

That Rooster picture was worth the cost of the entire trip. I think. Actually, I don't really know because no one lets me travel.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you had to do to get Chicky to pose in the chicky cut out was worth completely adorable :)

Julie Marsh said...

Did you make a side trip to Colorado to take the prairie dog shot? Those crazy pups are all over the place out here.

Chicky is a DOLL. Love the cut-out, love the ice cream, love the shades. Am quite envious that your gifted toddler can affect an accent.

motherbumper said...

Pictures.. gah... eyes melting in cute overload... help me...

Got the joke but joke aside: You don't want to move closer to us, we are a very very bad influence and our gravitational pull is strong. But we'd love it if you did.

ewe are here said...

Fantastic pictures, especially of her little face in the rooster.

Julie Pippert said...

Oh my kids would have been in ALT!

Here's a funny: Persistence insists strongly that goats are dogs. Maybe it's lab kids?


Glad the kiddo traveled well (Not a goat ref...meant your daughter, sorry).

And hero worship of older cousins is great. Mine do that with older cousins and speaking as the elder cousin, LOVE IT. LOL

Nice cute girl ending photo.

P.S. Trying to get my friend to email you her dog question.

Bon said...

damn, she's cute. so are the piggies.

i'm glad all went well. my minions will be over for your soul shortly, but - fear not - all we want to do with it is leach the good wine you may have been spoiling yourself with from it. :)

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Hormel sponsoring the petting zoo?!?! Yikes! I love your caption under the little pigs!

Chicky as a chicken is adorable!

carrie said...

She is so cute, and getting so big!

Glad the trip wasn't all bad. The accents crack me up! I always think about the movie "Fargo" . . .


Her Bad Mother said...

'S'okay. We Canadians are accustomed to being made fun of. We get it. We really do. We spawned Pamela Anderson and Celine Dion. We take full responsibility.


wayabetty said...

All I can think of is Fargo and the accent. Welcome back and the pix of Chicky Baby are precious! She's going to hate you with that rooster picture of her face.

mommiebear2 said...

Your daughter is a cutie patootie!!

mo-wo said...

's me? iz supposed to be me.. all why are you slagging your Canadian readership?? We are like .175% of your demographic or something right?

Really Canadians just like it when Canada is mentioned on American blogs.


thanks a lot

Ruth Dynamite said...

That chicken pic is priceless!