Friday, May 04, 2007

April ROFL Awards

It's the first Friday of the month and you know what that means, right?

No, it's not trash day.

Well, it is in my neighborhood... But that's not the point.* It's time for the ROFL Awards!

(please, hold your applause until the end.)

My nomination for this month goes to a man after my own heart. A man who understands me, who gets me where I live. A man who knows that the R's at the end of some words are totally optional. I can respect that in a person, which is why I'm nominating Piglet of Fire and his post about Massachusetts slang - which was impressive in its amount of great Boston speak as well as in its length. Another trait I can admire in a man.


Congratulations to Piglet of Fire and the rest of this month's nominees!

Crank Mama awarded Redneck Mommy

The Kids are Alright awarded Mama Tulip

Polliwog awarded Bobbarama

J.D.’s Daze awarded Ambulance Driver

Kyla awarded Mad Hatter

Bub and Pie awarded Write About Here

Ali Martell awarded Redneck Mommy

*I promise I will post a list of guidelines for the ROFLs and link to them from my sidebar really soon. Unfortunately, I seem to have caught the procrastination bug. I think I caught it back in 1981 but it's a pesky little bugger and I can't seem to shake it.

If you'd like to be included on the email list for the ROFLs please send an email to Chicky Chicky Baby 2 at Yahoo dot com. If you sent me an email already please resend it to the above address. I'm trying to get better organized so I'm carrying separate emails with the hope that I'll finally stop burying things. Not that you care, but I know people have sent me emails about the ROFLs and now I can't find them and it's really making me cranky. It's the ROFLs for chrissake. I should be laughing, not throwing a whiny hissy fit. I could do both but not only do I procrastinate but I also can't multi-task.


And before I have to send out (another) belated birthday card I have to wish Mr. Big Dubya a happy, and hopefully not incontinent, 40th birthday.

I thought long and hard about what virtual present I would give to the big guy. A package of Depends? Nah, I'm sure he has plenty already. I hear he buys in bulk.

When I was watching House the other night I thought, "A walker! With painted flames!" Then
I thought it might be too showy for the birthday boy. People might think he was trying to, uh, compensate for other areas. Then again, he does refer to himself as Mr. BIG Dubya.

Then I came across this. True, it's from the women's department but I hear the Big Dub has maintained his girlish figure quite well. He can bring his sexy back and show his support for the greatest team ever.
Happy Birthday, Mr. Big Dubya!


Anonymous said...

ROTF awards! How neat! I'll have to check those out!

OhTheJoys said...

Doh! I totally missed the ROFL awards? I love handing out the blog buttons. Ack.

mr. big dubya said...

I'll be sporting those on Revere Beach this summer.

Please...come talk to me.

Binky said...

Thanks for pointing us in the direction of the Massachusetts slang post. It was funny. Er, I mean, it's a wicked pissah. I only lived in Worcester for three years, what do you want from me?!?

Sandra said...

Oh I love that my first day back blog reading is ROLF day ... off for some funny.

Then back to catch up on all I missed from my friend Mrs. Chicky!

motherbumper said...

I love me a good laugh. And that gift you got for Mr. Dubya... well that made me laugh and then shudder.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! I spaced again this month! Next month I will be fully prepared to nominate. In the meantime, I have to check out the posts awarded by all those other organized people!

Great job!

Anonymous said...

I also forgot my award this month.

Warren would look hot in those.

Ruth Dynamite said...

Very funny links! Thanks for sharing. Thanks for organizing all this.

Bones said...

Thanks Mrs. Chicky - the award is wicked pissa and I'll wayuh it with pride.

FENICLE said...

Damn, I missed it this time around!!! I feel like I've been on a merry-go-round.

I'm so glad Ali nominated Redneck Mommy for that post because it would have been my nomination as well!! It is TOOOO funny. Go read it!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ROFL shoutout. Very cool of you. I'll be checking out all the other posts later today. Can't wait. This is always fun.

Unknown said...

whoo hoo! ROTL time again.

(and Mrs CHicky. Big Cheer for all the work. I hear your pain.

But it's all appreciated, honest.

Nanette said...

Tag! I hope you don't mind. It's an easy meme this time. :-)

Mom101 said...

The Bosox and Jock Itch.

A perfect pair.

ewe are here said...

The Massachusetts post is extremely funny. Great nom!

As for the blue spandexy things... hmmmm... I'm a little afraid!


Anonymous said...

Ex7RSf The best blog you have!

Anonymous said...

InJEfK Wonderful blog.

Anonymous said...

actually, that's brilliant. Thank you. I'm going to pass that on to a couple of people.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog.