Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Pass the tums.

That's it. Stick a fork in me, I'm done. This two day weekend has turned into a four day vacation/family reunion/extended national holiday-a-thon and I am cooked like so many of the meat products I have consumed over the past 90-odd hours. My brain is crispy fried from all the visiting, the driving to and fro, and "quality time" with the relatives, and I truly can do little more than stare, slack jawed and drooling, at Twister on Cinemax, but I feel like I owe you guys a post so here's a brief synopsis of life for the Chicky family for the past few days. But first...

"Another cow."
"Actually, I think that was the same one."

- The Hubby's sister (the Doctor), her husband (the Professor), and their two wonderful children came in from Minnesota 10 days ago and we've been trying to cram in as much family time as possible. Chicky Baby is smitten with her cousins, both boys, aged 3 and 7. She is deeply smitten. She is in deep smit. Hero worship does not even begin to describe what my child feels for her cousins. Even though they were staying with my in-laws they still invaded our home a number of times so we could all swim in our pool. I'm telling you, six adults, 2 kids, a toddler, and two dogs can do some substantial damage to a house. Currently there is a mountain of dirty dishes piled on my counter and in my sink, used beach towels hanging from ever vertical surface, toys strewn everywhere and I have no desire to touch any of it. I'm waiting for the magical housekeeping fairy to show up while I sleep. Even after viewing all of the carnage it was very sad to see them go tonight. Tomorrow they hop an early flight home and there is a good chance that the next time we see them my little Chicky will probably be speaking full sentences. Sad, very sad.

- Two important milestones in Chicky's life happened during, or because of, their visit. Number One: Though our nephews tried their best to teach our daughter destructive boy behavior - and they did succeed a bit - they also taught her how to walk. When they first showed up she was walking about 30% of the time and now she's walking about 90% of the time. Overnight she went from sweet baby to rambunctious, independent toddler. She always had the attitude but now she has the physical ability to back it up. World domination will not be far behind.

"But, I want both weapons of destruction. Since when do I have to share?"

- Number Two: With the blessing (urging?) of my Sister-in-law, the Hubby and I decided to get tough about the whole sippy cup thing. My SIL basically enabled us to be hard-asses (oh, she gets plenty of liquids from all the fruit she eats), so after their first night here we packed up all the baby bottles and put them away. Chicky Baby has not had a bottle since. Yay, Team Chicky!

"Ha! Fooled you guys. I knew how to use this thing all along."

- I learned something about my dear Father-in-law this weekend that I didn't realize for the past 7 years that I've known him. He makes The Best Margaritas In The World. Let me repeat that. The. Best. Margaritas. EVER. And now we have the recipe. And I have one next to me right now. Mmm, tasty.

(and, in case you're doubting me, I tended bar for about 4 years. These are not your typical, run of the mill margaritas. These are special. I don't usually like margaritas unless they have extra added fruit in them. There's something about the combination of tequila, lime juice, and sour mix that turns my stomach. But these beauties are the heavenly nectar of the gods. I shit you not.)

"If they would have given me a bit of that 'adult only' beverage I would have learned how to use this thing much sooner."

- We spent Sunday on the Nawth Shaawh (or, the North Shore of Massachusetts, for those of you who don't speak New England-ese) with my husband's family. All 2, 572 of them. Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit, there were only 2, 563. We all came together for his Nana's 92nd birthday. The lady is 92 years old and still going strong. I'm telling you, this woman is phenomenal. She and her 95 year old husband winter in Florida where they live in a community for active seniors (a place that my husband describes as college for the over-65 set because its a party everyday) and play golf almost every day. This woman not only is in better shape than I am but she also has a hipper hair cut and cooler sun glasses. Its just not fair, but its something to aspire to.

"Yeah yeah, we're all impressed with my Great Nana. Can we go home now? I'm tired of being cute."

So, to recap: Walking - good. Sippy cup - good. Margaritas - very good. Living for 92 years - good. Long visit with the in-laws - very, very good and bittersweet all at the same time. Today I reflect, tomorrow I detox.

All in all, a good holiday weekend indeed.


Heather said...

There is truly an art to the perfect margarita, but when done well they're just amazing.

When the housecleaning fairy is done at my house send her/him over here, willya? :P

Anonymous said...

Hahaha on the deep smit. And my FIL? He can drink a mean margarita - but make one? OY!

Her Bad Mother said...

That sounds like the super awesomest weekend. Babies - sorry, toddlers - with WMDs and margaritas!

Happy Fourth!

Mama of 2 said...

Mrs. Chicky....
You have given me hope that I can master the sippy cup (going cold turkey that is) with Girlie Girlie. I have seen her use one so I know she can but I am worried about a dehydrated toddler so I give in to the bottle.

I am going to go tough with her starting the week of my vacation - July 17th (would do it sooner but I know my mom won't be of much help on the days that she babysits so it defeats my effort.)

Thanks for giving me the push I need. I'll keep you posted.

ms blue said...

Yay for Chicky Baby walking!

I would enjoy the pool and a mean margarita while having a holiday long weekendfest. (Ok I admit that should be plural.)

Christina said...

What an amazing weekend for you! Hooray for the walking and sippy cup! Of course, now that she's using the sippy cup, the next battle will be to get her to drink from anything else (we're going through that battle right now). But she's got plenty of time for that.

Those were some mighty cute pictures as well. I love the one of her playing with her cousin. I think I recognize those drumsticks - we have the same toy. :)

Anonymous said...

I bow down to you and your hardass no-bottle, sippie-only ways. My (nearly) 18 month-old child had her bottle at the July 4th barbecue today, and I didn't care. She wasn't screaming "Ba! Ba! Ba!" so I could drink my margaritas in peace.

(Jose Cuervo Golden Margaritas - the usual ingredients plus Grand Marnier.)

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Congrats to Chicky Baby on the walking and the sipping and the bonding with the cousins. Love the adorable pics, as always. Especially that smug look on her face as she holds the sippie.

Cristina said...

Wow, what a weekend! Walking AND onto the big girl cup! Yay for Chicky Baby. You should hang with the relatives more often!

carrie said...

Yaaaaay to Chicky baby for walking!! Yaaaaaay for giving up the bottle! Sounds like a you all had a wonderful time with the fam!

Are you really "detoxing" tomorrow? Wonder how that goes, I tried some herbal detox thing last week and seriously, I don't know how I could follow through with the whole 7 day program (the texture of the drink, and taste were undescribable). Anyway, if you're seriously doing that, I want to know how it goes!!! Sorry :)


Anonymous said...

So much to comment on.

First, the walking. YAY! Oliver just started last weekend and it's a whole new level of baby proofing. And the weaning of the bottle -- way to go! That's awesome.

You know, I've never had a Margarita. What am I missing? Is there Tequila in a Margarita? 'Cause I just can't drink Tequila, because of a long and puke-filled night in high school in which I ate the worm.

And Nana. 92, hip hair and active. And still married. DANG. Props to Nana.

Radioactive Tori said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! My kids never learned to drink from sippy cups, only used the straw cups. I kept thinking there was something wrong with them (my kids) but they seem pretty normal...you know for being kids. Such beautiful pictures!

kittenpie said...

oooh, I love the pics, especially the sippy cup one. Cutie cuteness.
We spent plenty of family time over the weekend trying to fit in a moment with various people including a date (!) for misterpie and I. And cleaning the place, which had been left to its own devices for too long. Feels good to be back on top.

Irreverent Antisocial Intellectual said...

I, too, was a bartender while in school. I've had to have a decent Margarita that wasn't frozen ... and face it, that's just not the same. I envy you on finding the perfect Maragarita ... and one made by family, no less!

Great news on the walking and the loss of the bottle! Genius Child never really walked, she went to straight to running like a bat out of hell - have fun chasing Chicky Baby! (And load up on the 'ritas ... chasing a toddler requires more alcohol consumption, trust me!)

Gina said...

I am going to have to use the "smit" bit later on... that is hilarious! Kids just LUUUV kids!

Great summary of your holiday. I can't get over your great grandparents... amazing!

Chicky baby gets cuter by the day. I love it when you post photos of her. She is just so beautiful!

Ashley said...

so do we get the recipe?

Anonymous said...

Grandpa Chicky's Margaritas

5 parts Tequila
5 parts Lime juice
3 parts Cointreau
3 parts simple syrup*

Put all indrediants in a shaker or blender for large batches and mix thoroughly. Pour over ice and serve.

We made batches in 32 ounce quantities (10 oz Tequila, 10 oz Lime juice, 6 oz Cointreau, 6 oz simple syrup) It serves 4 tall glasses filled with ice.

*(Simple syrup is 2 parts sugar to one part water. Bring it to a boil so that all of the sugar dissolves and then chill)

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

The secret to that recipe is the lime juice (use the good stuff, or if you're in the mood, use the real stuff and squeeze it yourself) and the simple syrup. Don't scrimp and use pre-packaged sour mix! It doesn't taste nearly as good. Trust me on this. Take the extra time to make the simple syrup. You'll thank me later.

After you've sobered up.

Stacy said...

great pictures, so glad to hear chicky baby is walking more, and thank god this holiday weekend is over. and that's all I have to say about that.

Kevin Charnas said...

she. is. so. frickin'. CUTE!!! CUTE! CUTE!!! I CAN'T STAND IT!!! AAAHHHHH!!!!

Jess Riley said...

I just showed these pictures to my husband and we're smitten with your little cutie. :)

And yes, family get-togethers can be so draining! This is why all of ours come with copious amounts of alcohol.

Lisa said...

Yeay on the walking Chicky baby. You are so beautiful.

Kristin said...

Great photos and congrats to Chicky Baby and her first steps towards ruling the Earth.

Ask FIL if you can share the Margarita goodness.

Unknown said...

I love a good margarita- and wish I could taste the PERFECT rita- jealous much over here! And the picures (specially the weapon of mass destruction one) are SO CUTE!

Anonymous said...

Can I just tell you how much I HATE those drumsticks from the bumblebee drum band thingy? HATE THEM!

But I swear I had nothing to do with their mysterious disappearance. Really. I swear.

Sandra said...

I just wrote out your margarita recipe. Yum!

Sound like a busy weekend and YAY for Chicky Baby.

Debbie said...

oh, yum. margaritas. oh, how I love them. I can't stand the pre-made shite, either. I always cook 'em up from scratch. but the simple syrup - that sounds veddddy interesting. I'll have to try it out.

and your child - your CHILD. your holy, delicious, sparkly, effervescent babe. who is a sippy-cup afficianado. and, apparently, brilliant. oh, but she's some kinda cute.

p.s. may your recuperation time be swift and easy. and may your dishes do themselves.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pics. That last one, the pouty one, is too adorable. I want to kiss those little cheeks and make the pout go away.