Thursday, July 06, 2006

A very hairy topic indeed

Even though there are far more important questions to be answered - stay home or work, one kid or two or more, keep up with the Joneses or downsize and live with less - I've decided to call upon my blogger friends to help me with one of the more simple ones crowding my mind...

To wax or not to wax?

No, not there, or there, and definitely not there. God knows I'm not going to be wearing a thong on the beach anytime soon, unless they're on my feet. I'd like to know your thoughts on facial waxing. If you're a mother I'm sure you have by now realized that you have become a wee bit more woolly than you were before pregnancy. Pregnancy, the gift that keeps on giving. I, myself, have gained a what appears to be a small woodland creature on my face along with the screaming newborn that refused to sleep for the first four months of her life. Its like the hair I lost on my head postpartum got lost while growing back, or got tired and said "Head, chin... What's the difference? Let's just take root here. Whoopee!"

I come from a long line of hairy women. My mother's family is Portuguese so all the females who got the dark hair, brown eyes, and easily tanned skin also got the curse of the five o'clock shadow and Bert unibrow. My sister, for instance, has been seeing an electrolysist since she was 13 (Hi Sis!). But, lucky me, I inherited more of my father's Scottish genes and escaped with smaller amounts of lightly colored facial hair. And better still, it bleached on its own in the summer months. But pregnancy, she is the great equalizer, and now my upper lip is quickly disappearing under the fuzzy, black catepillar that has crawled there and died and when I'm in a pensive mood I quietly stroke my chin hairs. Its sad, but if I stay this way for much longer I will probably end up spending more time shaving my face than my husband does.

Before my kid is old enough to wonder why Mommy looks like Rip Van Winkle I need to start waxing. But where does it end, where do I draw the line? The skin above my upper lip needs it, so does my chin. That's when it gets tricky. Jason Priestly would be envious of my sideburns and I have enough hair around my jaw line that I could conceivable start grooming it into the latest crazy style. Do I wax from nose to throat and from ear to ear? That's a lot of ripping and tearing. But its very necessary because tweezing and trimming just aren't cutting it anymore.

Yeah, pun totally intended.

So, thoughts? What would you do in my situation? Help a woman out here. But if you are not a hairy beast, like me, keep that to yourself. Because if you let it slip that you don't have this problem I'll find out where you live, go to your house and shed all over your carpets.


Marcie said...

I've never waxed so I can't be any help there. But I do have some hair issues and will love to hear how it all turns out for you. If I could afford it I would definitly go for the laser hair removal. How glorious it would be to never have to shave my legs again!

Anonymous said...

How about if I just feed you lots of wine?

Putting myself in your shoes, I'd wax. But I'm weird like that.

Christina said...

Well, I'm not sure myself. I'm also growing more and more hair as I age, and it's not in places I like. I already spend a few minutes every single night plucking hairs from my chin, my neck, and near the mole next to my mouth. (It's not as glamourous as Cindy Crawford would make it look.)

So far the only place I wax on my face are my bushy eyebrows. I'm just too scared of any other facial area growing back thicker or darker or more stubbly. Someday, when I'm rich, maybe I'll consider laser hair removal - it's more permanent, and quick. But expensive.

Mom101 said...

I also let "it" go for many moons postbaby and having got back to the waxing again this summer, it just makes me feel good. Sort of how you wear lacy underwear under jeans and even if it's just you who knows, you walk just a little taller. Or a little sluttier? Well, something good.

As for the facial thing, wax the brows only. Find another method for the rest of you, you hairy beast. Threading? Sugaring? Electrolysis? The way I see it, you wear your face every single day, 24/7. Skimp on shoes or bags or orange juice not from concentrate, but make sure you're putting your best face forward.

Stacy said...

Definitely skip the waxing. I think shaving might make it worse so I'm saying electrolysis. How does your sister like it?

Amy said...

I also battle the whole hairy thing. Ugh.
I wax lip and brow regularly, and I do it once a month professionally and if I need a "clean-up" in between I use Sally Hansen wax strips.

My chin is a problem for me. Sometimes I wax but mostly I tweeze. I'm thinking about laser hair removal.

I'm also contemplating bikini wax, but still fearful of that.

Good luck!

Ashley said...

i feel like i got in line early at the movie theatre b/c only a few people have posted before me (that never happens). i have the SAME FREAKIN' PROBLEM and would love to know how you solve it! i just trim and pluck for now but i'm seriously considering saving up my money for electrolosis. i think it'd be worth it! this is really probably tmi but when i was pregnant my "happy trail" underneath my belly button grew more hair. it has since fallen out (thank God) but my husband got the biggest kick out of that!

Lena said...

Ooooh. If only you were in my bathroom ever. Then you wouldn't feel alone. Goatee, moustache, snail trail, ass hair. Good times.

Wax it all. Professionally for the lip and brows. Sally Hansen no heat wax for the rest.

Don't say I never get you anything. ;)

Anonymous said...

I sware I was not so hairy before the baby - I mean, we have hair - however, the upper lip wax hurts like an MFer but it's totally worth it. IN fact, it kind of scares me when I get it cuz I realize I'm a little hairy there.

If you go to the CMP archives under beauty products, you'll find a cool waxy thing that I hear is quite faboo.

mo-wo said...

I live very near the Punjabi Market area of Vancouver... anyone who is anyone around here uses threading.

I'll add.. I went to elementary and high school with Jason Priestley... even acted with him. He never used threading, though.

Unknown said...

Waxing doesn't work well on facial hairs. YOu have to let the hair grow out for several days, and because the facial hair is SO much thicker than leg hair, it's not all gonna come out. Plus it gets no thinner with repeated waxing.

Shaving doesn't make it thicker, it just shows the stubble more.

Electrolysis... it's expensive and you'll be doing it for years and you'll STILL have hair. Take it from one who has BTDT.

The only thing that really works is laser hair removal and it is very pricy. VERY VERY pricy. But it works. I guess it depends on how old you are and how much you absolutely can't tolerate your facial hair. What I've learned about this subject is:

Menopause is your friend. If you're like me, you'll lose hair all over your body. Underarms: bald. Legs: bald. Arms: bald. Hair on head: markedly thinner (which for me isn't a huge loss as I had enough hair for 3 people on my head). Facial Hair: um, it's thinner and much of it is now gray so you can't see it as much, but nothing has ever worked and I've tried everything. Everything. I shave daily for those hairs that are still left. Because so much is gray, it's not horribly stubbly looking anymore. I've given up hating it. It's just who I am, and it's my heritage, just like yours.

At least I don't have a hairy chest! Things could be worse!

Debbie said...

a) I'm sort of sorry to laugh, because I know how frustrated you are. but you're FLIPPING HILARIOUS. when pensive, you stroke your chin hairs.

*tries to quit laughing; takes deeeep breath*

b) I have been, among other things in my long, odd list of careers, an esthetician. I say, dig around through word-of-mouth and get the best, the very best, waxer in town to take a gander at the fu manchu. she's gonna have a more assist-ready opinion than anyone. hopefully you end up with someone who has a swarthy complexion; she'll comprehend your needs that much better (obviously).

c) this post *almost* killed me. I could kiss you for giving me such a much-needed laugh.


Cristina said...

The only thing I wax on my face is my eyebrows. However, I am in total denial about the fact that I have bushy sideburns going on. I also come from a hairy family (Italian) and have WAY more hair on my body than my husband. In fact, there's a pretty good chance that my a*s is hairier than my husband's. Scary, I know. (but shhh. don't tell).

Anyway, sorry, I don't really have any advice for you as I don't wax really. But it sounds like you're getting good advice from others.

carrie said...

This is funny, as I was just at a friend's house with a bunch of gals and the "hair" topic came up! Someone reccommended a method called "planing" which I've never heard of, but want to get more info on. The general concensus is that we all wax and tweeze the facial hair, either professionally or on our own at home (I fall into the later category). I tweeze various hairs on my chin, neck and sides almost daily. It sucks. If I could afford laser, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I do my brows about once a month with Zip wax that you heat up in the microwave and tweeze the straglers in between. It helps to draw the shape you want with an eyeliner pencil before you wax, you'll get what you want that way!

I am sorry that we're hairy. It is not fair, not fair at all.


The Domesticator said...

Shed all over my are so funny!! I laughed outloud at that one! :)

I never had a hair problem, until after my third baby. I am not sure why. What I can say is this...I have had my eyebrows waxed. That is the only facial waxing I have had done. It hurts a little bit, but I love the results.It is a clean look and it lasts for about 6 weeks.

I know someone else who did laser hair removal on her face. It is expensive, but it worked for her.

Mama of 2 said...

The only place wax has touched my facial regions so far have been my eyebrows. I have been waxing thoughs for at least 18 years. For me the 5 seconds of pain is far better than the agony of pluking the hairs out one by one.

So I vote for waxing if you feel the need to remove those stubborn facial hairs.

Pendullum said...

I'm so sorry I could not stop laughing at the pic of and early Chubacca
I'm with mothergoose...
a big honking bottle of wine and the jar of wax...and a soundproof washroom...

Kristin said...

My girlfriend has that "thread" technique done by a couple of elderly Egyptian ladies... she is a hairy monkey but they keep her smooth!!

MrsFortune said...

Laser hair removal, all the way. what could be easier! And it will hurt, but only once or twice, unlike the waxing, the hurt that keeps on hurting.

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Not realy sure what you should do about the hair problems, but I share your problems and I laughed so hard I think some of my hair fell out!!! YOU are freaking hilarious!!!

Irreverent Antisocial Intellectual said...

I was belly laughing until I got to the Jason Priestly picture and I seriously had to stop reading for a moment to get my breathing under control. Too friggin' funny!

Anyway, I'm scared of wax - any wax, floor wax, shoe wax, ear wax ... nasty shit. I'd be terrified to put any type of wax on my face and then pull.

I like Sally Hansen's cream hair remover - I have an aversion to any facial hair, no matter the color, and religiously remove any and all blonde peach fuzz with the stuff once a week. I know, I'm a freak. I also shave my arms. What can I say? Hair is icky to me.

kittenpie said...

I have one friend who went the bleach route, and if you were happy leaving it when it was blonde, that might be all you need.

Another friend really liked the result she got from threading. I have heard that waxing on the face is not bnecessarily great in the long run because of the pulling on the skin, but on the jawline this in prolly not such a big issue as by your eyes. but if there is a good threading practitioner in your area, I've heard good things about that.

Nichole said...

I come from a Mediterranean heritage, giving me the complete package of dark body hair, dark hair, and bushy eyebrows.

I developed my mustache at a very young age, and when it bothers me I bleach it. I haven't bleached in a long time though...mostly because I'm lazy and don't care too much about it anymore.

Anonymous said...

OMFG you are KILLING ME. I know you're looking for serious advice but my god woman, you are some funny.

This is my dirty little secret...I too am a hairy woman. Honestly, if you're going to do anything, I'd get it done by professionals. I wouldn't attempt to do anything myself (perhaps that has to do with my past fuck-ups with my face and a bottle of Nair...), I'd have someone trained wax me or electrolisize (is that a word?) me.

Good luck. And when you do decide what to do, let us (or me) know, okay?

Ruth Dynamite said...

Have you considered growing it and donating 10-inches or so to Locks for Love?

Seriously though, consult the experts about electrolysis or laser hair removal.

Kevin Charnas said...

Oh man...I'd wax and have it zapped out of there. I'm half-Greek and when I look at my relatives pics back in Greece, I'm like, "Okay Dad, is that my aunt? Or my uncle?" And then he just gets pissed at me like he doesn't notice that they're covered in fur.

Anonymous said...

Get it professionally waxed. It really doesn't hurt that bad. The place I go to is very relaxing. I've been getting my brows and lip done for years, sometime in the last year she said "Would you like me to start waxing your chin?"

Well, I suppose if you're asking, I probably should now, doncha think?

Anonymous said...

Ouch. The waxing freakin HURTS. I say go with the Michael Jackson face-mask thing for the time being. Or use a bandana and play 'bandit' for awhile. I know that my post-pregnancy hirsuteness was temporary, and got back to normal after awhile.

Suburban Turmoil said...

You've got tons of advice, but I would probably just go in to a nice salon and ask an expert what she advises. And if you don't like her advice, I'd go somewhere else the next time, until you find someone you like. Facial waxing isn't very expensive, I've noticed.

Good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

Let us know what you decide. I don't know anything about waxing except for rare occasions on my upper lip. I'm mostly hairless BUT that means I don't pay that close of attention. Then once in awhile, Mother Nature plays a joke and lands a big black hair on my chin that grows quite long before I've noticed it. My Hubby loves to laugh about it.

Anonymous said...

I use Nair for face Hair remover on my upper lip, and I pluck the chin hairs. I have made my husband promise that when I am too old to pluck with a steady hand that he will hire someone to do it for me. Otherwise I will be the bearded granny for sure.

Lisa said...

You are SO funny. I don't know what to tell ya there.

Bobita said...

(Please forgive the verbose screaming, but....)


Seriously, what is the deal?! We have been shaving, waxing and ripping the shit out for generations...why do we still have the hair???!!! Why haven't we adapted, yet??!!!!

And I have one recommendation...laser hair removal! Lasers, I love you so very much!!

Anonymous said...

I wax my eyebrows. So far I haven't had to do anything about the rest of my face.

I'm actually thinking what Kittenpie suggested -- bleaching the upper lip -- I'd be concerned that waxing might make the hairs grow in darker, and you'd end up with stubble in between waxes (since the hair has to be a certain length to wax.)

That said, for long term you might look into laser removal. I'm actually this close (imagine fingers pinched together) to pricing it for legs and underarms. I know it's pricey, but I'm so damn tired of shaving.

kittenpie said...

for those worrying about waxing making hairs grown in darker - no, don't worry - in fact, I've been waxing the same spot for a few years now and hardly any hairs grow back at all now. my aeshetician tells me I am "smoothe like baby" now. Hmmm.

A friend of a friend calls this business "brushes with androgyny."

Anonymous said...

I wax...and for the most part...i wax my bikini area and my eyebrows have definitely not come back darker or heavier...they've actually started to just not come back at all. Of course...I'm a redhead and my hair on my legs comes in I don't have that problem....but I think waxing is the way to go! (Unless you can afford friend had it done on her eyebrows when she was 16 and she's 26 now and they STILL look perfect.)

motherbumper said...

OK I haven't read what everyone else has said but my solution has been threading. Get a good salon threading. Less redness and swelling then waxing (I've done both) and it seems to last longer (illusion? I'm not sure). Find thee a threader and thee be happy.

Nap Queen said...

I'm a little late coming into this one, but I agree with Mother Bumper. I had my eyebrows threaded and it was AWESOME.

I am very hairy and have also done laser hair removal on my bikini line and abdomen. It's the best money I've ever spent. I highly recommend it especially since I hated waxing and it always irritated my skin.

Carolyn S. said...

Threading works great. my best friend is an aesthetician and she did it to my eyebrows. I've never been waxed anywhere but my face. But with my pending beach vacation, I'm considering a bikini and stomach wax. It's gross how hairy my stomach gets when I'm pg.

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