Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Minor Miracle

I almost feel like I should knock wood before writing this... After almost 9 months of life, Julia seems to be a little more accepting of having someone else watch her while I leave the house.

Waiting for lightning to strike...


Nothing yet. Phew.

Last night I had to leave the Child with my Mother-In-Law so I could go to work. Aaron is out of town on business (Las Vegas - Damn Him) and I can't take her to class with me. (I have thought about it though. Can you imagine taking your dog to training class and your instructor has her 8 month old baby strapped to her chest in a Baby Bjorn? Treat for doggie, treat for baby. It kind of makes me giggle thinking about it.) Julia is famous for having major meltdowns when people she doesn't know intimately (in other words, me) try to hold her, never mind sit for her while Mama leaves the house. Last night, though, I actually walked out the door while she was on the floor playing with her Grandma and SHE DIDN'T FREAK OUT. She didn't even notice. And, apparently, she didn't fuss at all until it was time to go to bed and she does that anyway.

Ah, progress. I guess that time in Florida with the fam-damily helped.

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