Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Julia Update - 9 months

The child is 9 months today. I can't believe we've actually made it 9 whole months without some serious mental breakdown, but we have.

Here's some highlights from the past few weeks:

Once Julia figured out how to crawl, at around 8 months, there was no stopping her. I take that back, baby gates work wonders in stopping a crawling baby from, say, falling down the basement steps or smacking a dog in the face. I have them all over my house. Gates not dogs, although it does feel like that from time to time. Because of all the barriers I think we now qualify as a gated community.

As soon as she figured out how to become independently mobile it only took a few days after that to figure out that she could pull herself up into a standing position on things like the couch and the laundry basket. Observe...

Here I go!

Assuming the position...

Steady now...

Ta Daa!

Now that she can stand up Julia is starting to understand fear and pain. She knows that if she tries to get down from her standing position that she could potential hurt herself. So she just stands there until she can't stand it anymore then she cries until someone comes and puts her back down on the floor. Fun for the whole family.

The hubby is enjoying this age because the child can now play interactive games (simplistic ones, but still). For example, he found out last night that if he rolled a ball to her she would pick it up, hand it to him, and wait until he rolled it again. I don't know who enjoyed the game more, hubby or Julia.

I'm enjoying this age because she's learning how to communicate. The other day I put Julia in her high chair and went to prepare dinner. After she sat there, oh so patiently, for about 3 SECONDS she started crying. When I gave her my full attention she looked me straight in the eye then looked at the Cheerios box on the counter and pointed at it! Then she gave me a look, ooh you know the look, the look that say "Dammit, woman! Give me what I want and nobody gets hurt." Friday we attend a sign language class for babies... Can't wait.

Happy 9 months, kid. You crack me up.


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Janice @ Mom On The Run said...

Awww... I CAN'T wait until Sierra figures out how to crawl! That's so adorable!