Thursday, January 19, 2006

Angelina Jolie's future adopted children are starving all over the world, Dammit!

Julia has had some sort of a stomach bug for the past few days. Besides the puking, which really only happened twice, I haven't had to change this many poopy diapers since she was a newborn. And, yes, I did just use the word poopy. Used it twice, in fact.

I can handle the sickness, what I can't handle is the not eating. Every morning for the past 3 days I have tried giving her cereal, fruit, yogurt. I have tried all of her favorite morning foods and she won't eat any of them. The same thing happens at lunch and dinner. I can slide a spoonful or two past her lips while she's not paying attention, but for the most part she just slaps the spoon away from her face and gives me a really pissed off look. You know what she will eat? Cheerios. That's it, just Cheerios. She will shovel great handfuls in her mouth, choking herself in the process. Then she will finally force them down her throat and start again. I try to explain to her that Baby can not live on O-shaped cereal alone. That mama worked hard to cook, puree, and spoon the yummy yams into sterilized ice cube trays then thaw them in the microwave to just the right temperature as to not scorch her precious pink tongue. She blew me a raspberry, splattering all over me the small spoonful of yummy yam that I snuck into her mouth between Cheerios.

And if that wasn't bad enough she won't drink much either. If I can get 3 ounces into her at a time I start doing cartwheels. And I really suck at cartwheels. We saw the doctor yesterday and she didn't seem too concerned about it at the time. I'm really trying not to stress about it because I'm sure once she starts to feel better things will go back to normal. But isn't she too young to stage a hunger strike?

If this is what she's like now, we're in deep poopy when she hits the teen years.

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