Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Because the next step is barbituates in her apple juice

The kids are kicking my ass.

No, really. Chicky just tried to kick me. Unfortunately for her she's too short to reach my butt and ended up on hers.

You can laugh. It was kind of funny.

That girl has more crazed energy than a Jack Russell Terrier after six double espressos. I'll do just about anything to get a bit of peace. Even... *gasp*...Video Games.

I'm reviewing the VTech V-Motion Active Learning System for PBN (Late, unfortunatley, because the kids are kicking my ass. Oh, I said that already?) over at my review blog today. It looked a bit like a Wii Fit for the preschool set but did it live up to my expectations?

(dun dun duunnnnnn)


Lisa said...

If our children were to ever meet we could introduce them this way, "This Chicky, She's like a Jack Russell Terrier after 6 double expressos. Chicky, meet Seth. He's like a border collie on speed. You two have alot in common. Like you both have blond hair and very tired mothers who need wine to stay sane."

Anonymous said...

dun dun duuuunnnnn... i am cracking five year old uses this for everything.
me: did you brush your teeth
she: (with teeth flashed for me to feel, lovely) dun dun duuuunnn!

we got it from mighty b! on Nick. awesomely watchable & quoteable... "these markers, they smell like candy, but they don't taste like candy."

love your blog. must be going now, kids gnawed through their straps again. duct tape smuct tape.

Anonymous said...

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