Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What's next? Brimstone?

Hi there.


So, how was your Memorial Day weekend?

Oh, mine? Thanks for asking (my readers are so considerate). It wasn't bad. A cookout with friends, planted some herbs, shoveled some ice. You know, typical end-of-May activities.

What? Yeah, I said "shoveled some ice". Did you catch that? Let me repeat it then.


Let me back up.

On Sunday there were weather reports of a storm coming. Nothing major, just some thunder and lightning, a few late day showers. No biggie. Mr. C and I had cleaned up the yard that morning and planted all those herbs that were sitting in little pots in the driveway forever and we had no plans for that evening other than soaking our sore muscles, so I decided to run out to the market before the threatening dark clouds opened and soaked my Twinkies healthy organic fruits and vegetables before I could stuff them down my throat serve them to my family.

On the ride home I could see impressive bolts of lightning rip through the sky. Cool, I thought, I love summer storms. I would have driven around a little to get the best view of the light show but I had all that ice cream healthy organic food in the back of my car.

Ten seconds after pulling into the garage, this happened:

(click the pictures for full effect.)

That's where we were planning on soaking aforementioned sore muscles. Yeah, that didn't happen.

And this is where we were thinking of eating our hot dogs healthy organic fruits and vegetables. *sigh*

Not the biggest of the hail balls, but impressive anyway.
Heh, "hail balls". Balls. Heh.

Watch your step, it's a squidge slippery there.

Can you see the herbs I planted? Me neither.

Oh dear. Basil? Can you hear me? Are you under there somewhere?

Ah! I can't feel my toes!

Aaand that's why we let our kid walk out there with no shoes on. Who's Mom of the Year? Right here, baby.
Eh, it helped her to forget the thunder and lightning, the house being pelted with ice balls (heh) and the screaming. I couldn't help myself.

It also helped her forget that I had left this outside. It's my Mother's Day present. She planted the flower and painted the flower pot just for me. Mother. Of. The. YEAR.

I thought the ice storm of '08 was bad but there's nothing like a good old fashioned hail storm to make you feel this big [middle and index finger centimeter apart, maybe less]. But I can happily say that most of the herbs made it through, there were no bad dreams that night and, best of all, no major damage to our home. I wish I could say the same for my back but I can't because we spent the next day cleaning everything up again.

F*ck you, Mother Nature. Grab a rake, will ya?


kristi said...

DAMN! That is some major ice!

SciFi Dad said...


I can't believe my eyes.

An American used the metric system.

I think I need to lie down now.

TwoBusy said...

A centimeter is about a foot and a half, right?

Heather said...

Huh. Did you call Mother Nature fat or something? I heard that pisses her off.

karengreeners said...

Ice in May and the metric system? I knew you were a Canuck at heart.

(damn, others have already said that. whoops. I meant, sorry 'bout your hail storm.)

Sarahviz said...

We were driving home from NY and were on 146 in Millbury after it hit. It looked like a natural disaster had hit!

furiousBall said...

jeebus! that's some serious hail!

Auds at Barking Mad said...

Cheeses of Nazareth! Up here in Maine we didn't get anything like that. Just a few rain drops but not much else. I'll stop bitching now about the weather...considering the fact that I wasn't out there shoveling ICE over Memorial Day weekend!

moosh in indy. said...

Dear Chicky's Hometown,
Lay off the balls.
the midwest.

Mom101 said...

You know you've got a problem when the midwest is dissing your weather. Get with the program Mass!

Amo said...

My husband says that a centimeter is the equivalent of 6 inches.

Is he lying again?

If not, you better get the hell out of there. We have nice weather in NC. ;)

tracey said...

now that is some major hail. i am sure chicky was impressed.

Life As I Know It said...

I remember the same thing happening here last spring. So not right after an especially long winter.

hey - are you starting up the New England Mama's blog again? Would love to keep writing for it...

Julie @ The Mom Slant said...

Apocalyptic, I'll tell you. Sheesh.

Ericka said...

it's pouring rain in nc... and so humid that the water vaper is just hanging in the air. it's not fog. it's rain that got stuck halfway down.

but at least you got your car under cover before it really came down!

BOSSY said...

Your flip-flops made Bossy laugh up a lung. Where does she send her doctor's bill? Fer christsake.

Suburb Sierra said...

I know we've never met, but I read about this severe weather, on a laptop, lounging next to an indoor pool, on the side of a lush mountain, in Puerto Rico. So sad I missed being in New England for it...

Pregnancy said...

love the little girl who wearing pink :D

Al_Pal said...

OMFG, yo! That is some GNARLY stuff!
Wow, sympathies!

Hope you've been able to enjoy the hot tub since!

capacity said...

Wow! That hail stone is kinda big. if im hit by that, surely there will be blood running down my face.