Monday, March 16, 2009

We should all be so lucky

I took CC to her 9 month well baby visit last week (And can we just pause for a moment to wonder where the hell the last 9 months went?? <-----> Damn.), a visit I was very much looking forward to. Not because she was going to get a shot and possibly revisit the great doctor's office meltdown of '08, because that sucked ass, but because it's always fun to see how much my babies have grown and changed and also because I can stop the incessant speculative questions from the relatives on the state of her weight and height.

CC has always been on the thin side. Long and lean, that's my girl. It's partly genetic and partly because, while she has a hearty appetite when it comes to solids, she's never been big on nursing.

In the beginning I was thrilled she was so efficient, but now she just can't be bothered most of the time. Places to go, people to see. Small, dangerous toys to swallow. She's a busy little girl. Which is why I wasn't too concerned about this well visit. Developmentally I knew she was doing better than fine; she crawls, cruises, sometimes she even stands unassisted for a few seconds. She uses her walker to run around the living room (Yes, run. She doesn't do anything slowly. Hold me.)

Go, Speed Racer, go.

She's a pretty intelligent baby, if I do say so myself (ahem), and her curiosity is off the charts.

Unfortunately, so is her weight. She is so wee, she is literally not on the chart.

Three years ago this would have thrown me into a fit of self-flagellation. I would have driven home, wringing my hands the whole way (which makes driving difficult, btw), and stuck my head in the oven. Not a great idea when one has an electric oven, trust me. I would have thrown around words like "terrible mother" and "I suck" and "OMG, my BABY. My BAAA-AABY." But last week after the appointment I kind of shrugged and said, "Yep, that's what I thought. She's skinny." I told my husband, I told my in-laws, but I didn't freak out. So this is me, evolving.

Or I'm just numb to it all. Whatever.

Feed me. No, really. FEED. ME.

On the height scale, she's 80th percentile. Head circumference, 50th. Weight, 0. She's 15 pounds and 12 of those are in her cheeks. Hopefully skinny jeans will still be in style when she's ready to wear them.

And speaking of clothing, that is our biggest problem in regard to her size. I have no problem that her arms are thinner than most her age or that her legs aren't as chubby, my problem is that we can't keep a pair of pants on the poor girl. She slides right out of them like a greased pig through... whatever a greased pig slides through. And if they fit, then they're up to her knees.

Do they make baby suspenders? Because that's what she needs. Or maybe duct tape. I don't think that's frowned upon too much if the tape isn't actually touching skin.

Obviously I am a teensy tiny bit worried about her weight or I wouldn't be writing about it so we're doing what we can to bulk her up a little. You know, avocado, formula in her morning cereal, protein shakes and anabolic steroids. Basic stuff like that. The good news is it seems to be working pretty well. The bad news is she's getting a hairy chest. But that was bound to happen anyway, the women in my family are naturally furry.

So she's tiny (and furry), she's freaking adorable and she plays a mean game of peekaboo. It's just too bad she has a babbling idiot for a mom.

Peek A Boo from Chicky Baby on Vimeo.


Laura said...

Ok the pee-a-boo video was killing me with the cuteness!

As far as keeping her pants up...maybe the diaper over the pants? haha or tucking the pants into the top of the diaper.

Creative-Type Dad said...

Just too cute.

Heather B. said...

Get pants with an adjustable waist. I have to buy these for both of my kids who are also skinny! Target has lost of pants or shorts with adjustable waists!

As for peek a boo, ADORABLE!

flutter said...

my heart just exploded from all the cute

Whirlwind said...

That was (and still is) my oldest. Luckily, once she gets a bit bigger, the jeans now come with adjustable waists. Sometimes, they just don't adjust small enough though.

Just throw dresses on her all the time.

SciFi Dad said...

I love the look she gives you around the 20s mark, it's as if she's saying, "Again? Didn't we just do peek-a-boo?"

Also? I've been told that bacon has some fat content that could assist you in the weight gain area. I cannot confirm this, however. The anti-bacon lobbyists are everywhere.

Dorene said...

We have the same problem with pants here. The pants that fit in the waist are not long enough. Summer is easier because you can buy smaller shorts. Otherwise it was a lot of dresses and one piece overall type outfits. The clothes that fit my kids the best are from Hanna Andersson (but can be scary expensive).

Carmen said...

One of my kids was (and still is) this way. Dresses with tights or leggings will be your best bet, and look for adjustable waistbands as she gets older. Shorts are easier too, so pray for warmer weather soon!

Patois42 said...

These kids truly are blessed to not be our firsts, eh?

She's adorable, fur and all.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

To my knowledge they don't make adjustable waist pants for 6-12 mos. After that I have crates full of those because Chicky was/is the same way.

It kills me that I have to buy new clothes for CC when I have hand me downs from Chicky. *shakes fist*

furiousBall said...

how cute was that video... wow!

Cate said...

I like the Carter's one-piece outfits for skinny kids. they go up to size 24 months. Sure, it looks like pajamas, but whatever, better than pants falling off.

for actual pants, I've had good luck with leggings. Go tight. I've found them at Old Navy/Gap, Crazy 8, Gymboree, Lands End, Hanna Andersson.

Also, luckily it's coming up to summer, so you can just put on ones that fit in the waist and call them capri pants.

Anonymous said...

I know it is not the prettiest, but if the shirt is long enough you can always roll the waistband down once. I had to do this with both my kids. I love summer time, because I can put them in shorts or capris (or jeans that fit in the waist, but are too short).

Currently my 6.5 yr old daughter is wearing size 3T capris and my 3 yr old son just graduate to a size 2T short, which are still too big. He should really be wearing 18 mos, but I am going to use these shorts next year. Last year he was in 12 mos shorts at 2 yrs old. Now, if we can just slow down the growth of their feet.

Jen said...

OMG I could literally just eat her up...she is so cute, I love the pink tutu.

I agree with Cate try some leggings.


The cuteness of that video is too much!

I predict that she will rally soon and her weight will catch up. I've been through this with 2 out of my 3 as well. Leggings and tutus are the perfect solution!

b*babbler said...

Oh, the cuteness!

Eh... weight. Eating? Check. Healthy? Check. Hitting developmental milestones? Check... no worries then. Seriously, what did people do before scales?

As for clothes, Peanut was *always* crawling out of her pants. We gave up and headed straight for dresses and tights. If you can make them work, leggings and tunics or leggings with skirts work great as well.

Right now we're about to potty train and its a huge problem. The diapers are what have been holding the (fully cinched) adjustable-waist pants on and with panties the whole thing falls apart. Thank goodness spring is almost here and we can head back to dresses for the next six months.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

She's FINE (and gorgeous, by the way). Jilly was 17 pounds at a year and has never cracked much higher than the 5th percentile (she also walked at 9 mos. and is a 2nd born, so we have kindred spirits). And, yet my girl just turned 6, eats everything you put in front of her, is strong, healthy as an ox and has lungs that can peel wallpaper off walls.

Comfy dresses and leggings (or Baby Legs which don't have a waist band to worry about)---that's my reco for clothes.

Heather said...

Another mom with a teeny baby. The Chicken was 95th percentile for height and once she stopped moving she was in the 5th percentile for weight. Leggings worked well for us. And around home she wore a t & diaper most of the time. But then again it was Florida so we didn't have to contend with the cold.

I had to buy all new clothes for The Chicken as Giggles is built totally different. I was bummed, but I never hear about how The Chicken never get gets new clothes...LOL.

a li'l bit squishy said...

My four year old was the same (except for the height thing) She simply wasn't on the charts from about six months onward. At one year our family doctor had me take her to the pediatrician who laughed because it's so obvious that she is healthy and just simply small. She's still on the small side and still obviously healthy. Who cares? Could be worse, she could be a giant child who reaches normal developmental milestones only to have others think she is slow because she looks so much older. This way, people think she is brilliant. And I don't argue, because she is perfect.
And so is CC. Perfect. Beautiful. And wow, I could eat those cheeks for breakfast!

Katy said...

As the mother of toothpick shaped twin boys let me just tell you, overalls are your friends.

Anonymous said...

She's too cute. Add butter to everything!

kittenpie said...

Geez, my Bun weighed in at 20 lbs at his 6 month - 92% for weight, down from 97% at 4 months! He's also 87% for height, so he's just freaking huge. And I have a little post for you tomorrow...

Issa said...

Overalls. Or just be glad for dresses. My girls are like that. So freaking skinny and tall. WHich in little kid clothing is like a death sentence. We have yet to make it above 9th percent weight on either girl. Truly they both tend to hover at about 4 percent. Literally my seven year old just hit 45 pounds.

Babies in overalls...priceless. :)

She's beautiful. Somehow I can't believe she's nine months already.

Heather said...

Ms. D is petite too. Just under 16 lbs but they said she was at the 6th percentile for still on the chart, but barely. I tried the avocado, but she wasn't a fan. She's just not much of an eater and she's also very busy! D is not as tall as CC though.

Amo said...

Okay, first I hate you because now I want a little girl.

I think I just puked glitter after seeing that video.

(I don't really hate you. But I do want a little girl now but am terrified it would be another boy and I'm already raising 3 of those - a 3yr old, 5 yr old and 40 yr old.)

I loved Cate's idea about the leggings. Dude, if I had a girl it would be all tights and pigtails.

On me.

I would probably dress the girl in the boys old clothes cause I'm too cheap.

Sarahviz said...

Same here. 3 boyz. All runts. Only their head circumference has been 50th percentile. Heights and weights? 10th percentile and below. My own little Lollipop Guild. Heh.

Drinkie poo? Soon?

motherbumper said...

Raising a skinny tall one here too, I feel for you, pants are the bane of my existence. ANYHOW, she is totally tutuolicious.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the video melted me. She's adorable!

the new girl said...

That second picture of her GRIPPING the high chair with the WIDE OPEN MOUTH?

Could win a cute contest. For realz.

My kid is tiny, too. I'm a little luckier, in that she's tiny BOTH ways, and so the clothes usually fit, they're just smaller clothes. But I'm with you on the not freaking. If she's happy and healthy? WHATEVAH.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to wait until I'm home to watch the video, but she looks so happy and healthy that I can't help but think it's a good thing you've evolved.

Also, I can't help but think that if you keep posting pictures of such a happy, cute baby then I will have to come over there and nibble on a cheek and then kiss a nose and then just gobble her down. CUTE!

Anonymous said...

This is my first visit to your blog. You are hilarious. Seriously.

I am still chuckling from this post.

Yarasawat (BatGirl!) said...

Maya and Maizey both had that issue, Maya more so. Stretch pants were our answer, also I used cloth diapers with her, so they were huge. That's weird, though, I don't remember their weight being off the chart, although neither of them hit 15 pounds til age 1.

Anyway, those charts were all based on formula-fed white babies in a few counties in Ohio over a period of about 15 years. They just don't relate to most people.

Maizey's head just made the 5th percentile, after being 0 since birth. Ace!

Run ANC said...

She's healthy and beautiful. Weight is just a number. (It's funny how easy-going we get with the second child, huh? My "Little G" has the opposite "problem".)