Friday, January 09, 2009

December ROFLs - The last of '08 edition

Happy happy, joy joy.

Okay, she's the Joy and you brought the happy, right? Right? It is the ROFLs, after all.

The post that had me peeing my pants - in a good way, not in that icky, wet feeling and then you don't have a fresh pair of undies so you grab a new pair of pants and have to go commando but the pants are this rough denim and it's really uncomfortable and you walk around for the rest of the day like you have a stick up your arse way...


My nomination for this month is by a dear friend who just happens to wear the occasional mumu, which is hilarious if you knew how wee she was and the thought of her wearing that much fabric makes me laugh and laugh and laugh...


I nominate Motherbumper and her post You'll See That Life is a Frolic and Laughter is Calling for You...


Not only is it funny but now we all have the Three's Company theme song in our heads. Oh happy happy.

Here's the rest of this month's nominees!

Queen of the Shake Shake awarded Marinka from Motherhood in NYC

Whee All The Way Home awarded Not Calm

Oh, The Joys awarded The Blogess

Holly awarded Friday Play Date
Major Bedhead awarded Movin Down the Road

Fairly Odd Mother awarded Dysfunctional Housewife

Mama Bub awarded Swistle

Assertagirl awarded Jonniker

Let the Dog In awarded Whopping Cornbread

Can't Remember Diddley awarded Irregularly Periodic Ruminations

Rimarama awarded Halushki


As always, if you want to know the rules (the rules, the RULES) GO HERE.


motherbumper said...

I FINALLY HAVE A ROLF - FINALLY (did you know this is a blogging life long dream to have one? YES IT IS). First I'd like to thank the Dream Academy for making my life in a Northern Town funny enough to make others laugh... FREE BEER FOR EVERYONE - should arrive in the mail in six to eight years.

Elle Dubya said...

mumus rock!

furiousBall said...

mumus are what Mickey Rorke would wear every day if he was still alive.

what's that?

I'm not sure why he isn't wearing them everyday.

Anonymous said...

isn't micky rourke still alive?
yes, he is.
I'm not sure why he isn't wearing mumus WITH a fedora.

Heather said...

Don't let Jenny see that you gave that Beotch the Blogess an award. She gets ticked off about that stuff! ;)

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Not only is it funny but now we all have the Three's Company theme song in our heads. Oh happy happy.
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