Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Responsible dog owners make good neighbors (a good fence doesn't hurt either)

Neighbor problems are not my favorite thing to tackle, on my blog or in my life offline, but tackle them we must. Julie has a neighbor problem of the worst sort - a neighbor who won't, either by choice or incompetence, control her dog. The dog suffers, the neighborhood residents suffer, and, most importantly to me, the neighborhood kids could be in danger. [Read More...]


Blog Antagonist said...

UGH. We had a similar problem with our neighbors. We tried to talk to them about it, in a nice, non-confrontational, neighborly fashion. It sparked a war that lasted almost 8 years. It was a nightmare. The dog died, and they moved away and thank the stars above that the new neighbors have no pets. Neighbor pet problems REALLY blow.

Julie Pippert said...

OMG, C, you are really freaking me out now LOL. An 8 year nightmare.

Well, the part I didn't 'fess up to is how I totally blew it by booing them right after we moved in. I meant it *nicely* as in, hey I'm your new neighbor and we are booing people so here's a lovely pumpkin full of candy for you and your family...enjoy!

And they are Pentecostal.

I'm afraid I might have fallen into the "from the devil" column in their book.

That kinda complicates the communication channels, although to be fair they have always been very pleasant and polite.

It's me, my problem. I'm so worried I'll trample another belief or something in my hamfootedness, as well meaning as it might be.

BOSSY said...

Bossy is five seconds from hurling a Stink Bomb through her neighbor's window. Her two anorexic Whippets don't just bark. They moan and howl and wail, then bark.

flutter said...

Sorry I am too busy laughing at Bossy....

Lisa said...

Hey, nice to know others have problems with dogs.

OUr neighbor dog who is out ALOT recently "found" our cordless while we were in the garage and took it. We found it the next day EIGHT houses down near the side of the road.

She also took a big ole poop on our patio last week Saturday right as Seths' friends were coming for his birthday party.

Its not the dogs' fault really -- its her owners. They are lazy and clueless and always blame their autistic child for letting the dog out. Yeah, interesting how the dog is roaming the 'hood while no one is home. Grrrr.

So I can feel for Julie.

Lisa said...

Oh to clear up -- the phone was in the garage while we were cleaning it. The garage door open. Didn't mean to insinuate the dog got into the house. Course she has before. And left us some PILES of presents there as well as in our garage. That would be why we call her "Sneak-a-shit."

FENICLE said...

Anytime kids are in danger is time to intervene.

Girlplustwo said...

kick the dog. dude, kidding. i think the dog needs therapy. or a vacation. or a scotch.

yes, i am useless.