Saturday, June 02, 2007

My dog ate my homework... and my shoes, and my couch, and my landscaping, and my...

I could go on forever about all the reasons your dog might dig or chew but the bottom line is this: They're dogs. They dig. They chew. Sorry, but it's part of their inherent dogness. But those behaviors don't fit in with our lifestyles so we need to learn how to correct them. Or better yet, stop them before they begin. [Read More...]


Magpie said...

Maybe you need one of these - as a cautionary tale (tail?):

Julie Pippert said...

I agree: at the end of the day they are dogs and will do doggy things.

So we worked hard to teach our doggy okay and not okay things, such as "chew bone=good" and "chew my shoes=bad."

Everyone said, "Oh you have a LAB...what has he eaten in your house?"

Answer: nothing. He never chewed a single thing other than okay things. And those he chewed to death, spit out, and chewed up again. ;)

Is your doggy blog back on the grid? Do I need to add it to my favorites?

(I'm so in love with these Technorati favorites. Geek. ;) )

Kevin Charnas said...

Our dogs eat kleenex and fabric. That's always fun to be pulling out of their asses when waving to the neighbors driving by.

And the taste is not something I'm fond of either.