Thursday, January 11, 2007

Throw me a freaking bone

I am terrible with dates. Birthdays, anniversaries, you name it and I'll forget it. If it were not inscribed in my wedding ring I would forget my own anniversary. It's true. I always forget if it's the 30th or the 31st. My husband is reconsidering his choice of spouses.

So I suppose it is apropos that here it is, Thursday, and I've almost forgotten to mention that it is De-lurking Week here in the blogosphere. Technically it's National De-lurking Week but I just can't exclude all the lovelies to the North. Besides, if a Toronto baseball team can be part of the American League then I say let's change it to World De-lurking Week.

This time last year I was scratching my head (which is socially preferable to my ass, though not as satisfying) over this phenomenon. A week dedicated to coming out of my safe hiding place in the shadows to tell others that I was reading their most private thoughts? True, private thoughts posted for all the world to read, but it felt a bit like being the new girl who carries her lunch tray over to the cool kids table to ask if she could sit with them.

Fast forward a year. Cool kids table? Bwahahahahahahaha.

Please, dear reader, come out from your safe place and leave a comment. Any comment. I won't bite. Unless you want me to. Rwaawr.

But what should I say? you may be asking yourself. Tell me what you had for dinner last night (and if it was really good be prepared to leave the recipe too, or at least your email address so I can badger you for it until the end of time). Tell me a silly story about yourself, because I loves me some silly. Tell me your pet's names and how you came up with it (good stories may be used on Dog Gone Blog when I revive the sucker). And if you are a brand new commenter go ahead and let me know a little bit about your blog. Because as much as we loves some silly around here, we equally loves us some new friends. Especially if they bring wine.

Mmmm... wine.

There's another thing to comment about! I'm always looking for decent wine recommendations, so if you have one you love let me know about it. So what do you say? Hmmm? Come out, come out, wherever you are.


PunditMom said...

I second the 'MMMM, wine' comment!

I usually don't lurk, but here's my recommendation -- Le Volte -- it's a "baby" Ornellaia, one of the yummy SuperTuscan reds. But, whereas I can't afford a couple hundred bucks on a SuperTuscan, I will sometimes spring $25 for this little baby!

Avalon said...

OK~~ Not a lurker but here goes.
1. Dinner... a pistachio muffin. No time for real dinner because of a schedule screw up

2.Silly story.....none. I am deadly serious. Seriously.

3.Pet's names....Willie, Maisie, Annie, Sadie and Trevor. The first 4 are nicknames for British royalty type names...William, margaret, Anne and Sara. Trevor.....whatever. No one really cares but me.

4. Wine recs..... see #2 above. No drinking because of the deadly serious nature of drunkenness. Not allowed.

Anonymous said...

Delurking becuase I just love to read your blog - you can always make me laugh!

Our dogs are named Robert and Suzie. Suzie came already named when we rescued her but Robert got his name because it is my FIL's middle name. Hubby's first dog was Thornton - FIL's first name.

The dogs have been named after FIL because he told us is we named them after him he would give us free dog food (he works for Hill's Bros). People always try to shorten Robert to Bob but my girls are quick to correct them!

For wine, I really like La Crema Pinot Noir - I think it is the 2001 that is really good but can't remember for sure.

Lawyer Mama said...

I don't usually just lurk here, but how about I give you my pets' names anyway? OK.

I have 2 cats, Sir Hillary and Pandora. The first time I picked up little kitten Sir Hillary at the pound 11 years ago, he climbed up me and sat on top of my head. Plus, being a cat, he seems very proper. Sir Hillary seemed fitting and I thought Sir Edmund Hillary was too long.

Pandora - we got her from the pound when Hilly was 5. She was his own personal Pandora's Box, letting loose the sorrows of the world upon him. LOL! He's still not very fond of her.

Anonymous said...

I don't usually just lurk here, but how about I give you my pets' names anyway? OK.

I have 2 cats, Sir Hillary and Pandora. The first time I picked up little kitten Sir Hillary at the pound 11 years ago, he climbed up me and sat on top of my head. Plus, being a cat, he seems very proper. Sir Hillary seemed fitting and I thought Sir Edmund Hillary was too long.

Pandora - we got her from the pound when Hilly was 5. She was his own personal Pandora's Box, letting loose the sorrows of the world upon him. LOL! He's still not very fond of her.

Mommy-Like Days said...

Hey--I've kind of been a lurker so there you go. I haven't wanted to comment my since my own blog, thought started, hmm, seven months ago, was never active. Severe time contraints due to non-sleeping children etc. But I'm trying to change that!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've commented a few times before, but thought I'd play along anyway. I had Subway for dinner. The recipe goes like this: white bread, american cheese, turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, mild peppers, lotsa mayo. Mmmm.

Anonymous said...

Not really a lurker, but whatevs.

Dogs names - Moxie (which means active and peppy...which TOTALLY doesn't fit her since she got faaaat) and Boomer (brother went to Univ of Oklahoma...Boomer Sooners!)

Wine recommendation - Banfi Rosa Regale...a very sweet wine that makes you want to eat tons of chocolate covered strawberries.

What I had for dinner last night - Tacos! From Taco Bueno!

Anonymous said...

Wine good.

I'm sort of a lurker. I wish I commented more, because I truly think your blog is awesome and CCB is gorgeous.

Had a samurai salmon bowl from world wraps last night. Yum.

Redneck Mommy said...

Do you really want your Yeti friend to delurk???

And Mrs. Chicky, really, you make it too easy for me to poke fun at you. Really.

I'm sure Mr. Chicky began reconsidering his choice for a spouse the moment he realized you would shed just as much as your lovely dogs. Being that you are part wooly mammal and all. (Note that I did not say MAMMOTH...I'm saving the big guns for later...wink, wink.)

As for a good wine, well a friend brought over a bottle of Francis Coppola (which I was hesitant to try, because I don't like his movies, why would I like his wine?) Diamond Collection,Silver Label,Pinot Noir,2005 edition.

It was fabulously yummy.

I drank the whole bottle myself and didn't share.

But dammit, I earned it.

Unknown said...

Definately not a lurker. We only have one 'pet' and his name is Ringo. He came with the name, which kinda sucked since our previous cat was named Bingo (after Bingo Little in the Jeeves books..he was a tuxedo cat and looked like a butler) and it is all so confusing.

But I call him DingDong because he is a moron, and Worthless Pet on my blog because...well he is.

Amie Adams said...

Have totally had to check my ring to confirm my anniversary!

The cool kids table?? Though I don't lurk, some of you more established bloggers are a bit intimidating. When you just start, it feels like everyone knows everyone and has all kinds of readers. I never feel like what I have to say is as funny/insightful as anyone else, etc. But I SO love the community that I'll soldier on and bask in the cast-off glory of the cool kids.

Amie Adams said...

PS--as one of the "cool kids" how did you go about personalizing the look of your blog. As a non-designer, I'm stuck with the blogger-given templates.

Last night for dinner, btw, Ben & Jerry's Everything But the Kitchen sink (you can ask them for the recipe) and Pizza Combos--at 12:30 a.m. Oh it was one of those days!!!

Anonymous said...

Officially de-lurking on all my fave blogs this week...yours is definitely one of them!

I'm a relatively new mommy blogger. Come visit me at (In the Trenches of Mommyhood)!

I drink wine heavily to numb the noise of 3 little boyz...hey, I'm a poet.

Bertolli frozen pasta meal for dinner last night--dontcha love those??

Anonymous said...

I've commented once or twice before but I'm one of the numbers, as I lurk here often.

We had spaghetti and meat sauce last night, but after the Beans slept because I'm just too lazy to bathe them every day.

My dogs' names: Maximus Decimus (after the movie "Gladiator") but we either call him Da Poo or Poopy Butt. Don't ask. And Avery, after a scrappy little hockey player that used to play for the Red Wings.

C'mon over to Momma Bean. I'm not nearly as entertaining as you are, but I'm learning...

Jenifer said...

Hey Chicky, you should know me now, I comment often and nominated you for perfect post Dec. Well, I as for pets I have a hairless cat (think Mr Bigglesworth) and as for wine I'm not much of a wine drinker. I can tell you howeve rthat I LOVE Buttery Nipples.......ummm....the drink, cough, ahem,.... anyways it's ButterShots and Bailey's and it's much yummier when you use the new Caramel flavored Bailey's :) :)

Love the blog, keep writing!

Carrie said...

Yum, red wine is good for the soul. I love just about every thing from Paso Robles, specially Dover Canyon. Hic!

My pooches are Lucy Lou, shes a mutt.(named so I could say "Hey Lucy! I'm Hooome!") and Mr. Potato Head (Tater) he's a jack russel, I am not responsible for that one, my hubby named him that before I met him.

Tasha said...

Just found your site a couple of days ago. I really enjoy it. I am a recently new blogger over at
You little one is adorable, I have 2, 1 is still cute, the older one not so cute anymore with her 6 year old attitude.

Happy "national" De-Lurking week!

Whirlwind said...

koI am a mostly lurker.

Lets see, dinner last night was homemade pizza and garlic bread.

My dog's name is Cedar because when we picked her up from the pound, she smelled like cedar chips.

And wine, I am on a "Ballet of Angels" kick lately.

Erin said...

YUK - I am so not a wine drinker - but I am a lurker ;)

Have a great day!

Rob Barron said...

I'm not really lurking, just a new reader; sent here by Cry It Out.

My blog is How About Two? A New Daddy Tell-All Blog. (Although the name is something of a misnomer - the twins haven't been born yet)

If I'm drinking red, I'm partial to Curtis Winery's Heritage Cuvee - big & bold, with LOTS of earth all over the tongue.

If I'm drinking white, I'm fond of oaky chards. Just about anything from Cali will do.

carrie said...

I wish people would leave wine reccommendations on my blog!!! That might help with the pms...

But, I do 2nd the nod above to the Coppola Pinot Noir....delish!


Heather said...

1. Dinner? Red curry shrimp with veggies. $6.95 special, came with a spring roll, ordered mango sticky rice for desert. Still drool thinking about it. mmmmm

2.Silly story? too many to recount.

3.Pet's names.... Cats are Scarlett and Rhett (she is a total fiddle-dee-dee princess, he should have been named Gilligan). Dogs are Daedalus and Prometheus... large white russian dogs with greek names. Blame husband.

4. Wine? Yes please, and lots. Try Goats do roam, a South African red I actually crave.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I guess I qualify as a lurker, since I have nothing of real interest to add.

The only pet we have is a fish named #18. I got tired of naming fish I would kill within days of arrival. Once he dies, the tank is gone gone gone...

Last night's dinner was reheated treasures from the tinfoil cavern we call a fridge.

Wine good. Any wine.

SJINCO said...

Hola! Commenting in honor of de-lurking week, although I've commented before. Love your blog, and your little one is precious.

Let's see, wine. I'm hooked on YellowTail - all varieties. It's a cheap wine, but good.

And my dogs. I have 3 Brittany's - Fargo, Dakota and McKinnley. We used a good old trusty map to name them, can you tell?

And we have an African Gray parrot too - she talks. Her name is Emma. And if you visit my blog (And All the Jones Men) I have two boys. Three including my husband!


Anonymous said...

See here, Mrs. Chicky - I read entirely too many blogs to do this "de-lurking" of which you speak! I won't have it! I won't!

But then I saw something about wine and silliness and thought maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

Dinner - homemade tacos. homemade guacamole. 1 out of 3 kids says it was delish. The other 2 enjoyed their Uncrustibles.
Pets - Sarge the Dog and Fat Lucy the Ki-kitty. Both are in time out right now. Sarge was named by one of my neighbors, because we couldn't agree on anything. Lucy, now that I think about it, was also named by a neighbor. We really suck at naming pets. It's a wonder we managed to name the children on our own.
And finally, wine - Hazlitt Vineyards Red Cat. A friend visited some local wineries, and brought this back - and, it's the number one hot tub wine! Anything with a picture of a cat in a hot tub on it has GOT to be yummy, you know?
I don't have a blog -yet- but since this is de-lurking week, maybe I'll go all out and finally start one. But there's that pesky naming problem again. Crap.

Keep up the bloggin, it's great! I'll just be right over here, lurking.....

Anonymous said...

1. Dinner: Eeny weeny beef tenderloin steaks butterflied and broiled with garlic and butter, then eaten on toasted baguette, accompanied by the best spinach salad in the world, no lie - bagged baby spinach, crumbled goat cheese, Trader Joe's spicy candied pecans and Cindy's Rasberry Nectar dressing.

2. NOT a lurker, but never hurts to leave a shoutout so you know we are still coming around, even if we don't have much to add.

3. This post is brought to you by more than one glasses of Avalon (Napa Valley) Cabernet Sauvignon 2004. Quite nice - the local good wine shop lists this as a "$15 cab that drinks like a $30 cab."

Anonymous said...

I've never been a real lurker. I always thought it was creepy for someone to read your thoughts then not tell you they were there....So I always post when I visit a site, especially a new site. Then, if it's someone I have been reading a while and I can't say something worth their time, I just leave...knowing I'll be back again with something witty to say...;)

Major Bedhead said...

1. Dinner last night was lamb stew and it was yummy.

2. Silly stories? Most of them involve me falling down. Not falling down drunk, just falling down. Or tripping over something. Or generally being a total klutz.

3. Wine - Osborne Tempranillo Cabernet from Spain. Yummy, yummy, yummy stuff and under $15 a bottle.

Heather Noel said...

Greeting from Georgia!
I had pizza for dinner last night, too many silly stories to tell, (I have a 2 year old), and I really dont like wine. :)

OhTheJoys said...

Now you have me scratching my ass, oops, head thinking, "Der, what should I say?"

Anonymous said...

Always your blog. We all need some laughs or tears now and again!
I love any kind of wine...sounds good right about now, end of the day and all.
Had PF Changs for cooking tonight for this little lady.....Sorry, don't know the recipe.
Thanks again for letting all of us into your little world.
Enjoying it.

metro mama said...

If you're looking for cheap wine, I love Yellow Tail (Australian Shiraz). For whites, Cave Springs Riesling is very nice (Ontario). Another good cheap red is Brindisi.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Delaware Mrs. Chicky,

Per your requests:
Delurking and brand spanking new blogger In a Pickle at
3 small children, crafty-ish, former Kindergarten teacher, reader person reflecting on daily life.

Pets: 2 cats: Molly (age 9 and slowly grooming all the fur off her body- she has a naked belly and is working on the rear legs as I type) and Gus (who was named after Agustus Gloop from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by my 3 and 5 year old boys).

Dinner last night: mini penne with butter and parmesean, with raspberries and 3 clementines for dessert. 1 LARGE glass of white wine.

Wine Rec's: Fat Bastard Chardonnay (love the name, too); Liberty School Merlot, both reasonably priced. There was once this white burgundy that I am still dreaming of....

Sparky Duck said...

Wine:Australian Riesling

more wine:mommy I want a pony, are we there yet? can I have McDonalds? why does Timmy get the red one, I want the red one, Mooommmmy!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've been a lurker. Sorry!! That's especially bad for me since I'm practially a Professional Commenter. Except today. I did a guest post at Mama Drama. Sorta feelin' like one of the cool kids today, myself!! I'll go back to the nerd table tomorrow.

Oh, my cat: Phydeaux Pheline. 'Cause he has to be reminded he's a cat.

mo-wo said...

You know I do skulk sometimes... And vino? I like the Bonny Doon stuff from CA, since I drink alone here the screw top is pretty useful. I used to be afraid of screw tops but this is a really decent wine.

Lena said...

Any Syrah from Australia. Seriously.

Creative-Type Dad said...

1. Any wine goes well with KFC.

2. $2-buck-Chuck (Traders Joes) makes their cole-slaw taste better.

Girlplustwo said...

i mean, if you really need to hear my whiney voice yet be it.

i am a fan of wild horse merlot.

Radioactive Tori said...

I don't lurk here, I almost always comment, but I will tell you our new pets names anyway. My daughters got guinea pigs and named one Fluff, and the other Nut. It just dawned on them that if you put their names together, you get something like the fluffernutter sandwich, so now when they say their names they get hungry and ask for one. Probably much funnier in real life though.

moosh in indy. said...

I'm a freshly outed lurker who woke up this morning to a high pitched, curly haired person begging for dinosaurs.

Anonymous said...

What I had for dinner... sounds like an easy place to start: Picante in Berkeley, crazy Mexican food in an atmosphere of noisy chaotic kids, and mine was first among them.

Too bad I didn't think to de-lurk on a morning after cooking a balanced meal of whole grains and whatnot. Ha ha.

Amy W said...

Totally delurking...
I agree with CPA Mom, Virginia wines are yummy, Chateau Morrisette Winery is excellent.

Anonymous said...

You mentioned wine. At the McDad house, we might as well make our ouwn. Just spent $300 at the wine shop.

We may need an intervention.

Ericka said...

but i like to lurk! it's almost as much fun as skulking.

dinner last night? very drawn out process. snarfed down some of those pretzel nuggets with the peanut butter in them while my frozen veggie lasanga was in the microwave. washed it all down with mike's hard lemonade.

pets? 2 cats - sophia and the peanut. the peanut is a kitten that is destroying my house and my sanity.

wine? my favorite is ferrante's white catawba. yummy! it's an ohio wine, but you can order it online.

silly stories? lord. too many to list, although most are just ridiculous verging on absurd. who else would glue themselves (accidently, of course) to a freaking table and need rescuing??

Tuesday Girl said...

I am a lurker and I am proud to out myself!

Christina said...

I'm a pretty regular commenter here, but that counts too, right?

Don't have much to say at the moment, except that I got to sleep in this morning, and it was soooooo nice!

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Been reading for a while, but I don't know if I've ever commented, so I'm saying 'hi.' Bummed to not figure out until Friday that's it's National De-Lurking Week, but such is life.

But I DID just happen to post a recipe this week for Butternut Squash Soup, so c'mon over and try it out!

And wine, *sigh*, is something I have to avoid for a while as I'm expecting in May, so I skipped reading all the good recommendations in the other comments 'cuz they were making me thirsty.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well...I already know you don't want my wine recommendations because when it comes to wine, I am trailer trash.

But all I can say is that you had better be at BlogHer next year, because you are so totally one of the cool kids.

joker the lurcher said...

hi from the lurking lurcher! i love your dog and bone pic!

kittenpie said...

Well, not delurking, but...
I find Rosemount's shiraz and shiraz blends consistently good (and often award-winning, too), and I'm liking the Little Penguin too.

And my cats came with the names Ginger and Blackie. Ginger we could live with - not original, but not awful, either. Blackie, though... seemed to respong to most words with "ee" on the end, so now he's named Henry.

Kris said...

I can't remember if I've delurked before here or not, but I do lurk often. *hangs head in shame* We appeared in that same local parenting magazine last year, remember? I've been reading you ever since.

ewe are here said...

Not delurking; just saying 'hi'.

And confessing that I buy wines for the labels. I've found some interesting stuff that way. For our Anniversary last month, I bought my husband a bottle of 'Lost Sheep' Chardonnary, an Australian label. We're saving it until after I have Baby Boo.

Mom101 said...

I'm not generally much of a lurker but I thought I'd throw you another bone. I owe you - I've been so out of the blogloop the past few weeks.

Anonymous said...

I didn't delurk yet?

I like Steel Creek Pinot Noir, Neiderberg (I am probably spelling that all wrong) Pinotage, Neyers Granache (if you can find it) or Chardonnay.

Sixth Sense Syrah, Earthquake Cabarnet, or Seven Deadly Zins.

For under $10 I like Castle Rock Pinot Noir or Smoking Loon Cabernet.

I really could keep going.

ms blue said...

I bought a delicious sweet potato burrito. It was so good.

Now I must run because my cat Monty is crying so loud to be fed that he might wake up the girls.

Sandra said...

I try to never miss one of your delicious posts dear Mrs. Chicky. What would I do without my daily fix.

But the past 2 weeks I have been a lurker ... ironic that I have chosen delurking week to lurk. I get a to read a snippet via bloglines and then back to bed for clumbsy old me. Finally I felt well enough to peek in and say hi ... and look how popular you are girlfriend!! Holy comments!

Kristi said...

Late to the party, but I'm not officially de-lurking since I've commented before.

Anonymous said...

Not a lurker, but I'm delurking anyway. Because I'm so damn far behind in my blog reading you might think I have been lurking. ;-)

Last night I had really bad Chinese food for dinner (this place is usually good, but they were off their game I guess).

Silly story: not really silly, but you might like it -- Rosie LOVES Chicky Baby. When I have a picture of her on the screen she will point, say "Baby," and go "Awwww."

My cats' names are Casi and Chika. The former we did not name ourselves, but it suits her.

Wine: I love Rosemount Estates' Shiraz Grenache. It's the wine I keep coming back to again and again in between trying new ones. Oh, and if you like sweet dessert wines -- I had an excellent New Zealand ice wine at Christmas -- forget the name, but I found it at Trader Joe's.

Unknown said...

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