Wednesday, August 11, 2010

An un-recap of BlogHer '10

(I tried really hard to add some pictures to this post but Blogger is being a complete douche canoe so for now think of this as one of those old school, photo-less posts.)

I sat down to write my BlogHer recap post, I put aside time, put the kids down for a nap and everything, but I found that I... can’t. I can’t write about it. I tried, I really did. But... no.

I want to write in depth about the love and community and sisterhood (okay, there were some brothers there too) I felt at the conference this year. And the lack of drama! Hooray!

I wanted to write about getting my groove back, at least for a few days. About high heels and pretty dresses and statement necklaces (!) (some of those sparkly gems deserve extra exclamation points) and getting my hair done up in rollers while in the midst of a hundred people and the stylist’s shock at how well my hair took a curl. (*brush, brush, brush some more, now brush it that way and back again, flat iron, brush brush brush*. Damn.)

I wanted to write about how I had planned to hang it up once I got back - give up blogging, no more conferences, maybe even shutting down my Twitter account (*cue collective gasps*) - but how being surrounded by so many influential women who have created so much from “just” a blog... Well, at least I’m inspired to get off my couch more, if not fully bitten by the writing bug yet.

I wanted to write about how I acted like a five year old during my first trip to NYC since I was little girl and spent most of my time outside the hotel looking around like I had never seen a tall building before, and Wow! All the people in New York are so beautiful! (“No Tania, just the ones on Park Avenue.”) And how I would totally move there if only I could take just a half acre of my land with me. I could be convinced to lower that to a third. A quarter?

I wanted to talk about dancing (except for those Amish types) and dinner at midnight with people I love and people I had just met (whom I now love) and meeting kindred spirits who are gracious when they have to let you into your hotel room at 2am because you thought you lost your I.D., credit card and room key but - Surprise! - you didn’t. It was in the lining of your bag the whole time. Oops. (I swear I was sober.)

But I just can’t. The full extent of the conference has not hit me yet. When I think of it, BlogHer ’10 is all one big pink glow and, honestly, I think I’d like to keep it that way.

So to you and you and you and definitely you (you know who you are), thank you for the conversations, the hugs, the meals out, the jokes, and for holding my hand and convincing me that everything was going to be okay even when you had no idea that’s what you were doing. I’d link to every one of you but I’m afraid the sheer magnitude of blogs I’d have to call out to would prohibit me from finishing and publishing this post. And I don’t want that to happen. It would be a disservice.

So just, thank you. I think I’ll stick around a bit longer.


Lara said...

YAY! I'm so glad, because I love you. No, not love. I LURVE you. :)

Issa said...

I spent more time outside the hotel than inside. I had an absolute blast.

Me too dude, look TALL BUILDINGS!!! Ha.

Wish more than anything that I'd had more time to hang out with you. It goes by so dang quick. Seriously. I felt so ADHD. Look, something pretty...But am glad to have gotten to see you a couple times.

I have one thing to tell you. When you said that to me on Sunday, that because of this weekend, you may not be done? I wanted to cry. Because it made me so happy. I am not sure I can imagine you not in this community and I know I don't want to try. You telling me that? is even on my list of reasons that I will be in San Diego next year. Seriously. Added it into my post...didn't name you though. Just in case.

Redneck Mommy said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful time.

I will never EVER be able to attend Blogher and not think of you. You are a core part of my blogging community and you will be sorely missed if you hang up your hat.

So keep it on, above those ears. And plan on squeezing in one more conference. Cuz I'm not done teasing you in person, quite yet.

Boston Mamas said...

Do NOT hang up those spurs. Because completely selfishly, I love reading you when you write and every time I hang with you I basically want to hang with you lots more.

And this is all about me, right? :-)

xoxo Christine

ClumberKim said...

You.Can't.Leave! I would not only miss you, I would use my stalker skills to find your house. (Not sent me your address once upon a time. Don't you wish you had a PO Box right now?)

I'm still pretty close to done but your telling me that second BlogHers are so much better than first ones is keeping me going.

TwoBusy said...

You are not allowed to walk away. Nope. Not now. Not ever. Keep plugging away. Keep typing, damn you. (launching into full Daniel Day-Lewis-in-Last-of-the-Mohicans-voice) No matter how long it takes... no matter how far... I WILL READ YOU.

(cue dramatic music)

jodifur said...

It was so awesome to see and hang out with you again. You are always one of my faves.

So, mom 2.o?

A Vapid Blonde said...

I am very glad you are sticking around a bit longer or else I would totally think it was my fault, seeing as though I JUST MET YOU IRL!

Thank you for finding me.

Anonymous said...

Nooooo! You can't leave! You're stuck with me, lady.

Julie @ The Mom Slant said...

No. I refuse to allow it. Especially after this past weekend when I finally got to see you again for the first time since 2007 and share a cab downtown (it's true about the Park Ave people, right?) and snuggle together on a cheeseburger.

I promise to do a better job of keeping in touch. Because you're really important to me.

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