Thursday, December 31, 2009

I totally should have put a Furnunculus curse on that bee-yotch.

I know, I know, it's another link post.

But I would be selfish if I didn't tell you about how I almost got into a fight at the Harry Potter exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science - and how to avoid almost getting into a fight at the Harry Potter exhibition. Because fist fights in front of the kids is just wrong. Deserved, but wrong.

Wand fights are way better.

Regardless, if you were planning on going while it's in Boston or when it comes to your area (Canadians, I'm looking at you. I guess it's headed your way next.) I did all the hard stuff so you wouldn't have to. You're welcome.

And if you're a New Englander and you haven't checked it out yet (Ahem) we have this huge roundup of First Night celebrations from all around New England guaranteed to satisfy all your First Night celebrating needs. Well, not those needs. Sicko.

I do this for you, because I love. I love hard. Not that hard. Sicko.

Seriously? Wow. I'm very disappointed in you. Petrificus Totalus, and stuff.


Heather said...

Miss C.C. is scrumptious. Very nearly as cute as Ms. D. :)

flutter said...

you? kill me.

Baby Names said...

i love love love love a lot this baby... he is so cute. lovely picture thanks for sharing this cutty picture with us...

the new girl said...

She looks JUST LIKE YOU. Holy smokes.

She's a DOLL.

Fun & Fact said...

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BOSSY said...

Is Bossy exempt because of distance? Because you really seem like you could kick some arse. Fer chrissake.

karengreeners said...

Oy, that face.

Just catching up on all hundred-gazillion posts sitting in my bloglines, so it's been a while. Happy new year, and I gotta tell you, I'm taking, 'You get what you get, and you don't get upset.'

karengreeners said...

p.s. *he* is cute. again, oy.

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