Thursday, May 28, 2009


My head is full.

My head is full of phlegm and to-do lists and firing synapses of lightning and thunder. But right now, mostly phlegm.

My head is full of memories I try to beat back with metaphorical witch brooms and fabulous high heeled shoes I wish I owned.

My head is full of "There's no place like home".

My head is full of home.

My head is full of things I need to teach my children - be kind, be respectful, be courteous, be yourself. Just be.

My head is full of "Just Be's". Busy, busy, busy Be's.

My head is full of random trivia. Trivial nothings and sweet trivia's and whispered chocolate covered, candy coated, misty water colored trivia.

My head is full of need. The need for speed. Also, the need for chocolate. I wish my head was full of chocolate.

My head is full of nonsense, nonsensical non sequiturs.

But my head is not full of words to make sentences. Words to string together in coherent ways in which to convey messages. My head is full of words that float around my head, like someone shook a dictionary into my open skull and the words are now suspended in the gelatinous mass of my brain. Like pineapple chunks in a Jell-O mold. But more delicate. And more beautiful.

My head is full of beautiful Jell-O/word dessert.

Anyone got a spoon?


mo-wo said...

I gotta fork. Seems a bit better for words that are so to the point,. ; >

Amy Sue Nathan said...

I think you done good. Even with mama brain. :)

Amo said...

So I guess it's kinda like the thick jello the served in elementary school with the oversize fruit chunks suspended inside.

That kinda makes me want to hurl...

Good luck with the words though!

SciFi Dad said...

Theoretically, if your head is "full of words" then, if you blow your nose you'll get a blog post.

Oh wait... you just did that, didn't you?

TwoBusy said...

I was going to say something (allegedly) witty, but there's no way I can top SciFi Dad.

Nancy said...

Jello sounds pretty good to me. My brain is full of crap. ;-)

(hang in there! sounds to me like you've still got lots of good words.)

p.s., I mentioned you in my latest post. It's about dog training, in a way...

Anonymous said...

I'm still hopeful that I'll move passed this phase. I don't think you wanna know how long it has lasted. Probably you get over it before me... you're a better writer! =)


Heather said...


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