Thursday, November 06, 2008

October ROFL Awards

It's funny time again!

(Is it wrong that we need to schedule funny time? Yes, yes it is. It should happen every day, like Tea Time. Ooh, look! It's 3 o'clock. It's Tea Time.)


My nomination for this month was not only funny but damn clever too. And the writer did it all while dealing with three kids. How anyone even wipes their own ass while dealing with three children, I'll never know. But writing an entire song parody/ode to tampons? Wow.

Oct '08 ROFL

So I'm nominating Mothergoosemouse and her post "The Cost of Tampons". Trust me, you won't listen to Simon and Garfunkle quite the same way ever again.

Congratulations to this month's nominees:

Little Nut Tree awarded Suburban Mum

SJ awarded What Ladder?

As always, don't forget to get your nomination in for November's ROFLs. Send them either to me at Chicky Chicky Baby [at] Hotmail [dot] com or Oh, the Joys, my partner in crime and funnyness (shut up, it could be a word) at OhTheJoys [at] Gmail [dot] com.


Her Bad Mother said...

Am honored to FINALLY get my first ROFL award. *BEAMS WITH PRIDE*

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Totally made my whole damn day.

And now I have 15 other posts to read. Bonus!

Julie Marsh said...

I'm pretty good at making my kids laugh, but when I can make bloggers laugh, especially one who's much funnier than me? Now that's an honor.

Thank you, Mrs. Chicky.

motherbumper said...

When the f**k am I going to win one of these things? Ever since I started blogging I wanted one and EVERY SINGLE TIME I GET BUTTKISS - NADA - NOTHING. Oh I'm not gracious at all, I'm totally nominating myself next month, f**k all this waiting around to have that bling thing. I'm a funny legend in my own mind - seriously... I AM. Oh I'm so bitter, just ignore me.

MARY G said...

You lot are heros for doing this -- thank you!

Anonymous said...

What? What?

My insanity one an award?

*runs around the room squealing*

really should put a bra on first.


Thanks. said...

Ah POO! I keep forgetting to award these and I've read so much funny last month!

Well, at least I have more funny to read today. Thanks for doing this!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

SWEET!! I've got my entertainment for the night laid out! Thanks!

büyücü said...

SWEET!! I've got my entertainment for the night laid out! Thanks!