Monday, December 31, 2007

If you don't want to see me whine...

...Then you can come see what I wrote about over at the New England Mamas today. But come only if you're a real sports fan. Only if you love at least one team, I don't care what sport, so much you're willing to bleed their team colors.

Or come over if you hate the Patriots and you want to have a good shot at me. Whatever. I'm ready for it.

Or you could just stay here and find out why I'm not too happy with my Dad. Your call.


Chris said...

Great post! I hate bandwagon fans.

The Domesticator said...

Patriots??? You know I am to read your post.

P.S. Hubby and I are life long fans, even during the lean years


Ali said...

i'm off to read your post...but wanted to wish you a happy new year!