Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thoughts while wondering why Paul Potts singing Nessun Dorma makes me so happy

Yes, that guy. He makes me happy (the sappy Aerosmith song at the end of that clip, however, DOES NOT make me happy). If you laugh I'll slug you.

Try me.

The other day, my friend Jen was in a mood. I'm not going to say a bad mood or a sad mood, I'll leave it to her to decide what type of mood it was. But she was in need of reminding that good things still existed in this fecked up world.

I know how she's feeling.

I didn't read all the comments to that post because I didn't have the time (Time. Now that is a good thing that makes me happy) so I thought I'd make my own list here because I need to remind myself that there are people and experiences - and ice cream - that makes me happy. Happy begets happy. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Here's my list, feel free to add your own:

-Paul Potts (shaddup)
-Watching my cat napping peacefully in a sunbeam (OMG, gag. But true. She's doing it right now and she looks so freaking peaceful)
-A napping toddler
-Naps, in general
-A bottle of good red wine
-The wild boar over pasta in Tuscany (I think it was at Osteria del Cianghale Bianco. Service = eh. Food = really good. I can still taste it). Preferably with a bottle of good red wine.
-Foot rubs
-Being near the ocean
-Mint Oreo cookies
-This song (if there is such a thing as angels, they sound like Alison Krauss)
-Stepping on the scale and finding myself three pounds lighter than the last time I checked. Although, I can't remember the last time that happened.
-Ice cream. With jimmies.
-Puppies (Duh)
-This picture:

-New shoes. Not to be confused with Nu Shooz, they never did it for me.

There's many more but I'm having a hard time thinking right now. I'm sure I'll add more later.

After reviewing this list I've decided it's a lot like when you get a fortune cookie and you add "In bed" to the end of your fortune. In this case you can add "with a bottle of good red wine" to the end of pretty much all those items above. Except napping. I don't recommend napping with a bottle of good red wine. Maybe after but not during. That gets messy when you fall asleep and spill your wine.


BOSSY said...

Eh fer chrissake - the first commenter. Naps make Bossy happy too. Also sleeping, lounging, and resting with her eyes closed.

Anonymous said...

I'm all about the naps, the wine and the sunshine.

I'd have to add that pic to my list too though, cuz it makes me smile.

Thanks for reminding me to smile. I seem to need a bit of that these days.

Namito said...

I'll third the naps (which I am not, for whatever self destructive reason, actually taking right now) and add the smell of the ocean, a good old single malt scotch, and eating cheese-steaks at one in the morning.

Jen said...

Oh I LOVE Paul Potts! I posted a YouTube link to him a while back. It gave me full body chills.

Love your list - I'll substitute double stuffed oreos with a glass of nearly frozen skim milk.

Laughing babies, the sound of water, Aspen leaves rustling in a breeze while I'm reading a book, floating weightlessly in water, and an extra $20 bill falling out of the dryer. Those are some of mine.

Greens and Pinks said...

Oooh, I saw Paul Potts on Ellen this morning. Wow. He makes me happy as well.

Let's see. Yes, red wine, check. Actually, red wine and sushi on Friday nights at home with my husband? Check. New highlights, a pedicure, my house when it's clean, an empty laundry basket (meaning there's no laundry to do which never ever EVER is the case), fall scented candles burning in my kitchen, nag champa incense - and most of all, sitting on my ass on the couch reading magazines.

Girlplustwo said...

i love you.

Crazed Nitwit said...

laughing babies. One cannot help giggling along once a baby gets that cute belly laugh. On the other hand laughing teenagers can be very, very scarey. Trust me.

Naps work too. Days where no one asks me to do anything, no school, no picking up 16yo and associated pals, no dishes or laundry:I can sleep or read a book for pleasure instead of grades.

I hope you feel in a better mood soon. Not that I mind(since my mood was totally sucky for 4 weeks until last week).

ewe are here said...

Naps for everyone! Woohoo, that always makes me happy.

And new shoes, of course.


ewe are here said...

P.S. For happiness personified, I happened to post a picture that makes me happy for Wordless WEdnesday today...

Anonymous said...

I'm happy you're a little less "funky."

This is what makes me happy:

I dare you not to smile.

Kyla said...

Oh, I LOVE that photo!!

Major Bedhead said...

Who doesn't like bacon, really? It makes just about anything better. Except maybe cupcakes.

Lawyer Mama said...

Adorable photo!

Oh & bacon? Now I'm hungry.

Having a stack of new books to read
The smell of chlorine
Gerbera daisies
Red velvet cake
A steamy pot of gumbo

Phoenix said...

yum bacon and cupcakes....sounds good.

How about the clean smell after a night of rain. Dark Chocolate, the good kind. The first sip of coffee. A clean house. Leaves changing colors. New shows on TV. Also, comments on blogs. :)

Blog Antagonist said...

Oh my God, Paul Potts totally does it for me too. So does Connie. I dunno...there's a purity and a sincerity to him that's just amazingly rare.

I'm going to share one of my biggest guilty pleasures. This is going to totally ruin my reputation as a "thinker", but....

I love make-up. When I'm feeling down, new make-up does it for me every time. Any product really. I'm a complete product whore. It doesn't even have to be good product. I love me some Sephora, but I can also totally get my groove on in Walgreens.

It's a sickness, really.

Julie Pippert said...

That's a great list.

And yes, they are JIMMIES!

But, why aren't you playing Hump Day Hmm today with this post???? Eh???

Using My Words

PunditMom said...

Osteria del Cianghale Bianco? Yeah, we've been there! Next time, it's a girl's outing, my friend! Let's figure out which red wine we're going to have when we see each other next time! ;)

And the photo, of course, is priceless.

Jenifer said...

Naps... ooohhhh I would LOVE a nap, THAT would make me super happy!

Let's see... a few off the top of my head.

~ My children's laughter
~ My blog comments
~ My hairless cats climbing under the covers with me at night and snuggling up against me
~ Reading a good book
~ chocolate
~ Hugs and kisses from my kids.

kittenpie said...

That picture makes me happy, too. That picture would make Jean-Paul Sartre and Marilyn Manson happy. Dance a jig happy. Maybe even together, holding hands. With Moaning Myrtle playing the fiddle for them.

But in case you need more lists:

kgirl, who just lost her father, had the same need.

and me, I did it for a celebration instead, but still, there are things on there that are worth a smile, too.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add cheesecake and watermelon margaritas on the rocks to the list. For me, those two things just barely beat out a nice, long nap.

Magpie said...

Bacon in bed with red wine.

And yes, that Paul Potts thing is divine. Truly.

Kara said...

Paul Potts= the reason stage names were created (This next son'g from the new album "Come Ye Back When Summer's in the Killing Fields").

and a bottle of red wine... in bed.

See? That totally works.

Amy said...

Dude, I am ALL about bacon.

Tania said...

I've noticed your recent fixation on bacon and cupcakes. Hmmmmm.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

I don't frickin' even eat meat, and yet bacon gets me every time.

BTW, that photo is so cute, it would put me in a good mood everytime too!

Alex Elliot said...

You and the bacon crack me up! I love naps, wine and good chocolate. Alright, I'll admit it; even bad chocolate.

Mom101 said...

I like your list. I'll just see that and raise you one fettucini Alfredo.

I would just say that that red wine won't taste so good after the mint oreo cookies.

mo-wo said...

Yeah didn't get the cupcakes until quite recently. But the whole cake to icing ratio is like a bliss factory.

karengreeners said...

thanks for sharin' the love. those things make me happy too. that picture would do it on it's own :)

Sarahviz said...

I loved reading all the comments! I would add:
the beach
coming home to an immaculate house (I'm still waiting for that one)
and weight loss.
Oh, and chocolate. Any day, any kind. Kinda negates that weight loss one.

Avalon said...

Even as bad as my week has been, that picture made me happy too. Thanks for that!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that cupcakes just always seems to make everybody happy.

Except maybe toddlers. I slaved to produce cupcakes yesterday for Crabtot's third birthday but the toddlers mostly didn't really eat them. Why this great mystery o' the world...this non-digesting and mostly-just-crumbling of cupcakes by small people?

Makes me happy:
eating my tot's bribe-stash of Gummi worms

These are a few of my favorite things over at Crabmommy.

mamatulip said...

That picture makes me happy too.

Anonymous said...

My one and only roommate (besides Kyle) hated bacon. Other than that significant fault, she was great.

Changing leaves against wide deep blue skies make me unbelievably happy. It'll be even better once the mountains in the distance have snow on them.

Anonymous said...

I second the bacon. Beer. Wine. Hugs from kids. Football season.

EE said...

I love naps, too!
Naps with cupcakes and bacon...the best!!!

Damselfly said...

That picture sure made me smile.