Friday, November 03, 2006


It's time to post the links from the "Blog Lovefest - Fall '06" tour. Like any good touring festival there has to be a "Thank you and Goodnight!" but I don't want this blogger tribute to end like the original Woodstock, never to be heard from again until corporate sponsors take it over many years later and bastardize the original idea for profit instead of peace, love, happiness, and spontaneous nudity. No, I'd like to think of "Blog Lovefest" like a touring summer music festival, sort of like Lollapalooza back in the day when you could see Jane's Addiction and Living Colour or Soundgarden and The Breeders performing at their peak (we're going to pretend that whole thing with Prodigy and Snoop Dogg never happened. M'kay?). We'll pack up our guitars and side show oddities and our Voter's Rights tables and head off to the next venue.

Keep the tour alive and the love will never die.

See you in Cleveland!

So, please, if you didn't get a chance to write an ode to the one (or ones, I'm flexible, just try to narrow it down to a manageable number) you love take a minute and dash off a few kind words. I will happily include you in this living, breathing, growing list of adoration. Think of it as a gift. Just because you missed someone's birthday doesn't mean you can't give them a belated present. Hey, a present is a present even if it arrives a few days late and reverence and affection are still important even if you missed some silly meaningless deadline. So keep spreading the love!


Before I get to the links I need to profess my everlasting adoration and admiration for one particular friend. Ironically - and unfortunately - enough, though she was at the top of my list from the very beginning of this project, this woman has had a rough time of it lately and deserves some love. It seems fitting that Sandra of Sunshine Scribe is the one who should be applying for a restraining order. Not only do I think she's a talented writer, a fantastic humanitarian, a doting mother of a gifted son whom she has written eloquently about on many occasions, and a smokin' hot mama but she has also inspired me in many ways that I'm sure she has no idea about. For instance, because of her I have seriously cut down on the amount of meat (specifically red meat) my family eats. Getting myself and my husband to eat more healthy foods is no small feat and I thank Sandra and her posts on vegetarianism for that. Her Flashback Fridays never fail to amaze me or make me think. And she had the ability to make me laugh. How can you beat that combination? So, Sandra, my hat is off to you. At the risk of sounding incredibly corny:

You are my Sunshine,
my only Sunshine

You make me happy when skies are gray

You'll never know dear how much I love you

Please don't take my Sunshine away.

Ouch, I think I just got a cavity.

Much love to you, Sandra. Mmmmwaaaah.


Onto the links!

(If I missed your post please send me an email with "Hey Moron" in the title)

Bub and Pie:

Binky (ECR) of 24/7:

Elizabeth of Table for Five:

Kristi of Here In Idaho:

Dodo of Voodooesque:

Mo-Wo of Mother-Woman:

Tabba of Mrs. Incredible:

Tori of Radioactive Girl:

Mert of Almost Somewhat Positive:

Lillithmother of From Maiden to Mother:

Kari of Life: The Ongoing Education:

Mommy Off The Record:

Crunchy Carpets:

Krista of The Silent K:


Dana of The Dana Files

T of Redneck Mommy:

Cinnamon Girl of Write About Here:

Jen of One Plus Two:

Mad Hatter of Under a Mad Hat:

Janet aka "Wonder Mom" of Princess Stinkfoot:


And because she asked, and it's a fabulous idea, Her Bad Mother's Great Mommyblogger Love-In list:
And love for da Daddies:


I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did. And to you, yeah you, I see you over there, who hasn't gotten around to writing your's yet...

What the hell are you waiting for? An invitation? Get off your ass and show some love.


Girlplustwo said...

woman. i bow in deference to your accomplishment in linking all of the posts, and again, am so very glad you came up with this most lovely idea. Much gratitude.

Anonymous said...

So how weird is it that I saw the first Lollapalooza - the one with Living Colour and Jane's Addiction (and Henry Rollins...drool) - in Cleveland?

Anyway. I never did write one like I said I would. I will though, because I've got a whole month's worth of days that need posts.

Anonymous said...

You know what's funny, or perhaps not so much? Is that many posts of mine are directly inspired by the posts of others, but I always think it's trite to mention it. Many times other bloggers give me the courage to write something, even if it's not directly related. Maybe I should add a little addendum to the bottom of my posts if that is the case. Kristen of Motherhood Uncensored who mentioned she wanted to go back to therapy --- that's what gave me the push to share the same info. on my own blog. So there. Does that count? I loves me some M.U.

Anonymous said...

I loved this idea and I'm so glad to have been a part of it. It's fantastic!

Thanks Mrs. Chicky!

Crunchy Carpets said...

It has been fun reading everyone's posts and finding new blogs too!

Nice bit of positive karma

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you I'm having a BLOG EXPLOSION over at here-in-idaho. (Four referrals is a BLOG EXPLOSION for me.)

Thanks for the great idea and thanks for showin' some love. I'm going to spend my Saturday afternoon visiting the lovely sites listed here.

Happy weekend :).

ms blue said...

Oh how I love thee Sunshine Scribe!

Thanks Mrs. Chicky for doing this love round up. You are the best!!!
I will hand in my blog assignment late. Please don't deduct marks because my baby ate my homework.

Sandra said...

Oh. My. God.

This is my first day in 2 weeks checking my bloglines and when I came over to read about all the love my friend Mrs. Chicky was spreading and read my name you made me cry. But the good kind of tears. The first good tears in a while. Wow.

Thanks so very much for the kind words and the cavity and all. It is amazing you are doing this ... I am sorry I bailed on the assignment.

You rock Mrs. Chicky. You really, really do. And you totally made my day.

Her Bad Mother said...

I'm totally on it - I've been going back and forth on who to 'do' and have been stuck - but I will get it up! Gotta keep the love up!

(And? Best call on Sunshine. Ditto.)

(And thanks for linking back to the spring Lovestock.)

motherbumper said...

Sunshine Scribe is the coolest momma - you are awesome Mrs. Chicky.

I have so got to work on my post so thanks for the reminder and extension.

Scribbit said...

What a wonderful list! Thanks for taking the time.

karengreeners said...

i suck, but i will do it, i will.
glad to read the shoutout to sunshine. she definitely deserves the love.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being so inspiring and organized. I can't wait to read all the posts and gather up some new daily reads! Thanks!

Lara said...

i second the common sentiment of gratitutde to you, mrs. chicky, for putting this together. i'm so glad to have been a part, not to mention to have had the opportunity to learn about so many other cool bloggers! between this list and the nablopomo randomizer, i'm swamped with new blogs to read. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Gotta go explore all these links now.

so much little time...

Ruth Dynamite said...

Yes. Gotta get off my ass and show some love.

And I will!

Bea said...

I did one! (Though it is inappropriately titled, and stuck at the end of a meme.) Here's the link:

Sunshine Scribe - what a fabulous choice.

ms blue said...

I've attempted to write my post on this.

Thanks again Mrs. Chicky!