Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Old Standby

If those of you who left comments on how to get through my writer's block were here with me I would open up a couple of bottles of champagne for us to share and I'd toast to your wonderfulness (mmmm... champagne). Since you're not I'll raise a virtual glass to you with gratitude. I now have many ideas for what to write about.

Now I just have to get them out of my damn head.

I've got one or two in the works on dog-related topics with many more to come in the future. I think I might make the dog thing a regular feature (Feature? What the hell is this, an online magazine?). I was also thinking about doing an every other week wine recommendation. Would you guys be interested in that? C'mon, dogs and wine. How can I miss with that combination?

I'm trying to think about how to approach a hometown post and one about how I came up with the name of this blog. But believe me, Mom 101, nobody wants to know about my first kiss. Hell, I'd like to forget it ever happened. Let me just say there was lots of saliva and we'll leave it at that.

Most of you gave me very sound advice to just keep writing and stop over-thinking it (Hellooo... Virgo.) and that's what I'm going to do. To keep those juices flowing I'll follow Liberal Banana's advice and do a Meme that Mrs. Fortune came up with.

(btw, Mrs. F, you have a coon hound. There's really not too much you're going to do about the barking. I recommend citronella collars. They work well and there's no nasty electric shock.)


The Three _____s on a Desert Island Meme

If you were stranded on a desert island (without Ginger and the Professor and all those folks to keep you amused), which three _____s would you bring?

1. Drive: Women's True Stories from the Open Road
- When I need to blow off steam I hop in my car and hit the road. I do my best thinking while driving, which may explain the glaring looks and beeping horns that I get while traveling the highways and backroads of Massachusetts. This book spoke to me. I've read it twice... so far.
2. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn - My hands down Favorite with a capital F book from my childhood.
3. I honestly can not think of a third. I can't single out another of my beloved books. Can I say the complete library of People Magazine?

Movies (assuming you had some way to watch them)
1. Grosse Point Blank - Not only do I watch this over and over, but each time I find myself wondering what the hell ever happened to Minnie Driver. Maybe she's on the deserted island.
2. Ocean's Eleven (2001) - Why? Oh, let's see... George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Don Cheadle, Matt Damon. Did I mention George Clooney?
3. Bull Durham - Its got something for everyone - baseball, sex, baseball, one-liners, sex, baseball, and Tim Robbins pitiful attempt at pitching.

Albums (also assuming you had a way to play them)
1. Crash: Dave Matthews Band - I love me some DMB. I spent months trying to convince the owner of the radio station that I was working at that "Crash Into Me" was going to be a huge hit and he had to get over the whole sex thing.
2. Blood Sugar Sex Magik: Red Hot Chili Peppers - I have no explanation for this. I just like this album.
3. Wish: The Cure - Because I need to have something really depressing to listen to when I'm stranded by myself on an island. You didn't think I was going to say "Margaritaville", did you?

People (
And your spouse/partner and children are NOT eligible here, because that goes without saying. Or at least if it doesn't, that's your problem.)
1. Tom Brady - We could populate that island with some purty babies.
2. Hugh Laurie from House - Because if I got sick on that island he would save me just in the nick of time. And then we would get all nasty under a palm tree. Hellooo... Deserted Island.
3. My sister - But we would have to have an understanding that when we started to drive each other crazy that we would go to opposite sides of the island until we didn't want to kill each other anymore.

There you go. Got writer's block? Do a meme.

***Added content***
I really should have tagged people to do this meme. Gotta keep spreading that love. So I tag... MotherGooseMouse (you asked for it!), Kristin, Carr, and Tori.


The Domesticator said...

OK, I hear you on Dave Matthew's, Tom Brady, my sister, and well, whatever else you said... Mrs Chicky, you are the bomb!

OK, I just finished having a glass of red wine with my sister and my husband is at the Red Sox/ Yankees game tonight...the Red Sox will of course kick ass.... do you want to come over ??? :0

Lisa said...

Memes are always great for that.

Stacy said...

Good list! Can't wait for the wine recommendations. Maybe you should do a giveaway!!!

Bea said...

Oooh, I'm watching House right now, and Hugh Laurie is yummy!

Ashley said...

we expect many new posts now that you have all these great ideas! and for the wine idea--of course we'd like advice. as a matter of fact, could we have wine lessons
lesson 1--what the crap do the names mean?
lesson 2--i know what the years mean but what exactly do they mean (how confusing is that)
lesson 3--i know about "legs" but what does that mean
lesson 4--why do you have to spit it back out when you taste it? isn't it a better effect to swallow it (a few times)
lesson 5--what's the best wine?
and finally
lesson 6--why are their white wine glasses and red wine glasses

that should keep you busy for awhile (and in all seriousness, any answers would be appreciated b/c i'm the wine dummy...we don't have culture in the south...just budlight)

Table4Five said...

Ooh, "Ocean's Eleven"! Matt Damon=yummy!

And on "House" tonight, Hugh Laurie had a beard and mustache and he looked even hotter, at least to me. He would definitely be good for doing the nasty under a palm tree.

Now a shocking confession from me, lover of all books-I have never read
A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. Why yes, I have been living under a rock, why do you ask?!

Anonymous said...

I can't just DO a meme. I have to be TAGGED. Geez. But can I live on your island too?

And I'd like to hear about a first kiss that DIDN'T involve gallons of saliva. Now that would be blog-worthy.

Gina said...

You are soooo entertaining... really, I could read you ramble on about your carpet...

Mom101 said...

I'm with Gina. Go ahead and write about your bellybutton lint. I'll still be here.

Meanwhile, fellow Virgo--I knew I liked ya.

Debbie said...

Minnie Driver - yeahhh! What the heck happened to that girl? My theory is that she got too much exposure from that whole affair with Matt Damon and Oprah and being dumped on tv before it happened in private, or whatever, and seeming overly bitter (b/c god forbid the woman be bitter about a break-up like that).


Also, The Cure - Wish - excellent pick, my friend. Nothin' like Mr. Smith and those ridiculously crooked, red lips. His voice gives me chills - he's like the human equivalent of a cat who can sing in english.

(some of my favorite lyrics were penned by that fella; see track four on Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me - divine.)

carrie said...

Did you know that Dave Matthews is my boyfriend? I only share him with Julia Roberts, umm, and, er, his wife! He would be ALL I'd take on a desert island because he can sing, write, cook, entertain me and rub suntan lotion all over my *****!! It would be heaven.

Sorry, I am a bit of a lunatic when it comes to Dave, and the band too, of course!!

I love your blog! How do you feel about invisible fence training?

Mamacita Tina said...

I have to admit, I'm a Grosse Point fan too. It cracks me up! And of course Dave Matthews!

Sandra said...

Ooooh I missed the post with your solicitation of writing topics but I am loving the wine reco idea and I bet you have a ton of good dog stories. But I have to say I am with Mom 101 - dishing a little dirt about your first kiss is what inquiring minds want to know :)

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Chicky, I was DRUNK when I wrote that!

But I never diss a meme. Thanks for the tag.

Carolyn S. said...

Thanks for tagging me! With MACs, blogger forces you to manually type in the html codes for links. ARGGH. They really need to fix that. It was fun doing the meme though.

I love the idea of the dog blog topics! With our plans for procreation, I'll have to file away your wine choices, but don't think I won't be printing out that list seconds after delivery. (No I'm not pg yet, at least not that I'm aware of)

Anonymous said...

Fellow Virgo here too---it all makes sense now. ;)
And OMG, how much do I *heart* Hugh Laurie?!
(not counting him as the Dad in the Stuart Little movies...that just disturbs me to no end!)

carrie said...

I'm back to drool over DMB, just kiddin'

To answer your ? on my blog, that dog is my parents newly-adopted 6 yr. old Golden. They share him with us and he lives with us when they leave town (frequently). He is sooo good and only goes potty in a 4x4 foot area and only when you tell him too! I can't even get my 2 year old to do that! We love him.

j.sterling said...

lmfao @ do a meme.. i still hate the name MEME. HATE IT! lol

Christina_the_wench said...

*See my Friday post for answers*

MrsFortune said...

Oh, Mrs. C, I love ya! And thanks for the tip about the dog. I don't think I'll ever convince my hubz that a citronella collar is okay to use. Oh well.

Tom Brady? Hugh Laurie? Um, I'm gonna come and crash your island. Deserted my ass.

Cristina said...

I'm all for hearing wine recommendations. I like that idea! Especially since I don't know much about wine myself. I think I could learn something from ya.

Liberal Banana said...

Lots of posts about dogs and wine? I think I love you.

Glad the meme thing worked for you! I was going to do it today and then I totally forgot because I needed to post about how I got to open a bottle of wine all by myself last night. All for ME. No one I had to share it with. Good stuff.

Kristin said...

Mrs. Chicky, I am all washed up on my island... quite frankly, I am thinking I might stay there... maybe Tom Brady and George Clooney could swim back and forth between out islands when we were in the mood for something new...

Anonymous said...

"A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" was also my hands-down favcorite when I was kid and I still read it about once a year.

Miguelita said...

that was me, Michele, not anonymous

ms blue said...

That sounds like a rocking deserted island! If the coconut trees are swinging, don't come a knocking!

I'd love to read your wine recommendations. It'll give me an opportunity to run out to buy some more bottles and when I drink them, I'll think of you!